The Best Time to Visit Tulum

Located along Mexico’s Caribbean coast, Tulum is the ideal spot for enjoying warm weather all year round. This beach town in the Riviera Maya is gaining attention for its gorgeous beach and inviting climate. Compared to its neighbor Cancun, Tulum is more laid-back. This part of the Yucatán Peninsula has plenty to offer, though. This town is, in fact, home to the UNESCO Heritage Site Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve.

So what’s the best time to go to Tulum? It actually depends on what you’re going there for. Read on to see the best times to visit based on your preferences.

Palm trees and ocean at Tulum beach with Palapa, image by modern traveler

The Best Weather in Tulum

Tourists visit Tulum for its tropical climate. The weather can range from 70s to 80s Fahrenheit and go up to 90° in the summer. Bring extra sunscreen when you’re visiting in May, July, and August. With an average of 82°F, these months are the hottest. The high temperature can be quite uncomfortable and have you sweating profusely. The months right before and after summer are not ideal, either. It rains a lot in June, September, and October. In fact, October is the peak of hurricane season.

If you want to enjoy clear skies and temperate weather without the scorching heat, book your trip around the winter months of November to January. Don’t let the word ‘winter’ scare you, though. Temperature here rarely falls below 60°F.

High and Low Seasons

High season is from December through February. Tourists from North America flock to Tulum to escape the winter. Late March to early April can also be busy because of Easter and Spring Break. Although the heat can be oppressive this time, August can also be a peak month. This is when Europeans travel to Mexico for vacation. Book your tickets in advance if you’re planning to visit Tulum during these months. 


Low season is during the rainy months of June, September, and October. Aside from being the hurricane month, October also is when sargassums are aplenty. Sargassum is a smelly seaweed that makes beaches unswimmable. May is also an idle month, as the heat can be too harsh this time. Accommodations are cheaper and the places are less crowded during these months.

A Season-by-Season Guide to Visiting Tulum

Spring: March to May

Spring months in Tulum are generally pleasant but can get extremely hot towards May. Crowds from the peak season start to thin out, making it a good time to revel in the island’s beauty in peace. The weather in March is warm and humid, perfect for those who want to get a good tan. You can also expect clear skies and sunny days in April. The heat isn’t too harsh, so you can explore tourist attractions during the day.


As the weather heats up in May, prices of tickets and accommodations drop. The temperature during this month is a bit too hot, so you’ll see fewer tourists. The hot weather makes it ideal to go snorkeling, diving, and watching nesting sea turtles.

Key Events:

  • Alborada Maya – a feast unique to Tulum held every March to celebrate the mix of Mayan and Catholic traditions.
  • Semana Santa (Holy Week) and Easter – a time of religious observances commemorating the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and an opportunity for a lot of Mexicans to go to the beach.

(Note: Although some bars offer great deals on this day, Cinco de Mayo is sadly not a huge thing in Tulum.)

Summer: June to August


Summer months are not the most ideal for a Tulum trip. It rains a lot in June and the weather is too hot in July and August. Sargassums also appear during this season. But if you prefer a quiet holiday, this season is a good time to visit. Fewer visitors mean you can have more time and take more pictures in attractions that would’ve been normally packed. Since June is one of the rainiest months, hotel rates are also lowest during this time.

If you’re interested in marine life, you’ll enjoy summers in Tulum. You can witness whale sharks migrate and sea turtles mate and nest in August. Baby sea turtles are ready to hatch in July, while June is whale shark season. So don’t miss the opportunity to swim and perhaps take a selfie with them!

Key Events:

  • Celebration of the Talking Cross – held in July to commemorate the founding of a mahogany cross in a cenote in Chan Santa Cruz in the 1800s.
  • Fête de la Musique – an annual music festival celebrated every June 21 in more than a hundred countries around the world.

Fall: September-November


Visiting in the early part of the season guarantees good deals. Fall begins with warmer weather but gets colder in mid-September. Temperature can drop to as low as 60°F toward the end of the season. September and October are the wettest months of the year. These months see plenty of rain, which may ruin some of your plans. Thus, we recommend you to carry them out as flexibly as you can. Although you can expect rain showers about half of the time, they commonly come and go. This means you can still explore the town without getting drenched in the rain all the time. November is one of the best months to go to Tulum. The weather this time is great – cooler than the summer months and drier than the preceding wet months. This is also the best time to enjoy the beach before the crowds arrive for the winter.

Key Events:

  • Mexican Independence Day – celebrated on the 15th of September, Independence Day promises lots of music, dancing, food. 
  • Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) – a holiday held on November 1 and 2 to commemorate the dead.
  • Riviera Maya Jazz Festival – an annual music festival held in November featuring renowned jazz musicians.

Winter: December to February


The winter months offer the best weather on the island. With clear blue skies and pleasant weather, Tulum is sure to be busy during this season. Securing a good deal during these months will be quite challenging. Plan and book your trip ahead of time if you’re planning to see Tulum at its best. Rates are pricier and accommodations are packed. You can also expect the beach, The Ruins, and Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve to be crowded. Tulum’s nightlife is also at its peak during these months. The beginning of December is ideal for those who want to enjoy the favorable weather of Tulum without the massive crowds. It’s still a bit more packed than usual, but manageable. January is the height of the peak season. February remains to have favorable weather with temperate and dry weather.

Key Events:

  • Christmas Eve and Christmas Day
  • New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day
  • Día de Los Reyes (King’s Day or Epiphany) – a celebration held every January 6 in honor of the Three Wise Men; kids receive and exchange gifts.

Conclusion: The Best Time To Go To Tulum

The best time to visit Tulum is from November to early December.

We already know that the best weather in Tulum is during winter. The skies have cleared. The temperature has dropped. The weather is still humid. But, sadly, this season is also when hordes of tourists arrive. Going to Tulum in November and early December will let you enjoy the dry and temperate weather without the waves of tourists that typically peak in January. Just plan and book your flight and accommodation early, so you can avail of early bird promos.

Tulum has some incredible hotels, so be sure to check out the best hotels on the beach in Tulum.

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