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We’ve spent the past year interviewing expert travelers.  During these crazy COVID times, most of us haven’t been in a position to travel in the way we normally would.  But the time hasn’t been wasted.

We’ve used this time to interview as many travel experts as we can.  We talked to frequent travelers, slow travelers, and digital nomads to gather insights as we reflect back on past travel experiences, what we look forward to most:

– Experience-focused travel, with an emphasis on food + wine
– Quality coffee shops ground us with a morning ritual in the neighborhoods we visit
– Stylish accommodations provide a comfortable base for exploration

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Who is the Modern Traveler?

One thing we know for sure – the Modern Traveler approaches travel differently, not in search of selfies in front of landmarks, but of memorable experiences. We’ve gathered a lot of ideas from our interviews and our own travelers, but we would love to hear from you, the modern traveler community. Send us a note and share what you look for in travel.

About Modern Traveler

Modern Traveler is a community of travel experts, digital nomads, and local travel guides. We are an experience-focused travel resource, passionate about great food and wine, coffee, and comfortable bases for exploration. We feature stylish accommodations for modern travelers, as well as culinary adventures focused on unique food, coffee, and wine experiences. You can learn more about us here.

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