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Modern Traveler is a community of seasoned travelers, digital nomads, and local guides. All of us have spent way too much time researching and traveling and learned too much along the way to keep it to ourselves. We use Modern Traveler as a way to give back to the travel community and to support and contribute to the amazing local cultures that bring us so much joy in our journeys.

At our core, we believe food, wine, and coffee connect us to people and places. We also value ritual and comfort, and when all of these elements are woven together, they produce the richest experiences, no matter where you are in the world.

Our hope is to build an inclusive travel community that combines different perspectives. One thing we know for sure though – the Modern Traveler approaches travel differently, not in search of selfies with landmarks, but of memorable and meaningful experiences.

Modern-Traveler.com is an experience-focused travel resource, providing travel recommendations that highlight stylish destinations, unique activities and ways to make travelers feel at home in new places. It features stylish luxury hotels for modern travelers, as well as culinary adventures focused on unique food, coffee, and wine experiences. Our food and wine coverage is devoted to bringing foodies a deeper understanding of the food and drink scene in each destination, with food-related travel tips on where travelers can find amazing adventures to expand their culinary horizons. We feature unique activities like food tours, cooking classes, wine tastings, farm stays, and more.

Coffee is a ritual many in our community share. As frequent travelers and digital nomads, we have learned that maintaining a ritual helps ground us in our travels, providing a level of comfort in unfamiliar places. We care as deeply about great coffee as we do food and wine, and will always consider a quality coffee shop as the anchor for deciding best locations for hotels in every destination where it is possible.

With travel, there is always a level of uncertainty, which is why comfort is extremely important. We believe comfort is essential to the perfect trip. Our experts hand-pick luxury hotels and unique boutique properties that go above and beyond to provide a luxurious and comfortable home base to experience a new destination, and in many cases, are destinations in and of themselves.

Every month, we share travel ideas and tips with our readers, from luxury resorts to under the radar villages, and culinary destinations that will captivate the taste buds and bring back memories for a lifetime.

The travel information that we share focuses on the tried-and-true luxury destinations, hotels, and activities that provide a luxury experience. However, we always strive to assist travelers in achieving luxury experiences within their means. Our readers have an appreciation for the finer things in life but recognize the value of destinations that enable great experiences at a lower price point, when possible. Luxury is relative and the modern traveler appreciates experiences regardless of price.

By subscribing to Modern Traveler, not only do you get free travel tips but you’ll get access to destination guides from local experts that provide in-depth hotel research, restaurant and activity guides for the destination. We focus on blending the experience of local guides with experienced travelers to ensure you have the opportunity to experience your destination from multiple angles.

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