Best Hotels in Paris for Families 

Best Hotels in Paris for Families Featured Photo

While these family hotels love kids— they love our dear parents more. They have resources and amenities to keep the children happy while giving the parents a chance to spend their own time in the City of Lights. 


La Pavillon de la Reine, Le Marais

La Pavillon de la Reine, Le Marais Paris

• Address: 28 Pl. des Vosges, 75003
• Booking: Rooms & Suites Information Page
• Contact: +33 1 40 29 19 19 /

This accommodation offers an intimate atmosphere with royal service.  This is one of the best not only family hotels in Paris, but one of the best hotels in Paris in general. It’s also home to a bunch of specialty coffee shops – something many parents value.

Pavillon de la Reine Official Site. Pavillon de la Reine Outside View

Its boutique-like, Parisian design— and not to mention its renowned spa— makes it a real parent pleaser. In fact, it’s home to one of the most well-respected spas in all of Paris. 

Also within its spa, you’ll find a luxury gym. If you travel with a family but hope to get some workout sessions in, this is definitely a convenience for you. 

Esprit Saint Germain Hotel Paris

You’ll also be pleased to know that it has a Michelin-rated restaurant within it, a currency exchange center, and bicycle rentals. 

If you or anyone in your family enjoy shopping, then you can rest assured that you’ll be in perhaps the best shopping areas in Paris. 

Great Small Hotels

Besides its shopping scene, Le Marais is known for its art galleries. 

These small conveniences really add up when you have a family and lots of needs to juggle. 

Pavillon de la Reine Biking

Here are the highlights & main features of Le Pavillon de la Reine

  • Average-sized rooms for Paris
  • Bicycle rentals available
  • Fitness center 
  • Renowned spa 
  • Michelin-rated, on-site restaurant
  • Located in the neighborhood known for shopping & art galleries 
Le Pavillon de la Reine…

What’s Around the Corner of Le Pavillon de la Reine…

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Corner of Le Pavillon de la Reine

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For Art: Check out the Galerie de Medici and the Picasso Museum

Villa Madame

Villa Madame Hotel

• Address: 44 rue Madame, 75006
• Booking: Hop to the “Booking” page
• Contact: +33 1 86 76 68 81 /

This is one of Paris’s most exclusive family hotels. It has a rich history and stunning architecture that the parents will appreciate, while offering entertainment to enrich your kids’ experiences. 

Villa Madame Paris Most Exclusive Family Hotel

If you have kids and need a night out to yourselves, Villa Madame has resources for you.  Babysitting services (for an extra rate), kids & pre-teen TV channels, and a pretty-solid game room. 

Hotel Villa Madame Paris 

Here are the highlights & main features of Villa Madame

  • Standard rooms at average size for Paris
  • No fitness center
  • Massage services
  • Bar & lounge area / coffee shop / No on-site restaurant 
  • Built on site of a historical, 19th-century mansion 
  • Ultra kid-friendly— Gameroom & babysitting 
Villa Madame Room

This just might be one of Paris’s best-kept secrets. This place embraces both spirits of luxury and understatement, as it lets the natural light and charm from its history and place do most of the work. 

The building has roots going back over a hundred years ago, when it was a mansion; hence, the word “villa” in its name. 

Villa Madame EntranceVilla Madame outside restaurant

This place, too, doesn’t pack too many extras like a gym or a grand spa; however, it’s still one of the best family hotels, since you get access to a full Parisian breakfast and even a massage to take some stress away.  

Many people come for its ideal location and elegant design, the latter done by Michel Jouannet. 

Here, you get the best of both worlds (or neighborhoods), since the location straddles both Montparnasse and Saint Germain. You’ll be just a short walk away from Luxembourg Gardens while also enjoying the Bohemian vibes of Montparnasse. See more hotels in Montparnasse.

Montparnasse and Saint Germain

If you have kids and need a night out to yourselves, they have you covered with babysitting services (for an extra rate), kids & pre-teen TV channels, and a pretty-solid gameroom. 

Villa Madame EmployeesVilla Madame Inside Restaurant

What’s Around the Corner of Villa Madame…

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What’s Around the Corner of Villa Madame

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Hotel Bristol, Les Halles

Hotel Bristol, Les Halles

• Address: 112 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, 75008
• Booking:
• Phone: +33 1 53 43 43 00

Hotel Bristol, Les Halles Bathroom

Now going on 100 years old, this hotel packs likely the most family-friendly value of any in Paris. Not only is this a luxury, spa hotel that adults love to get pampered in, but this place also goes the extra mile to take care of the kids. 

Hotel Bristol, Les Halles Front

First, let’s talk about the convenience this place offers:

Here, you can get a Parisian meal, haircut, manicure, massage, grooming, personal training, yoga class, weight training session, swim within a heated pool, and more within one, single paradise. 

Hotel Bristol, Les Halles Bedroom

For larger families, the interconnecting rooms and spacious suites take away a lot of hassle. 

However, parents aren’t bound to enjoy Paris all within the hotel. If they need to have a date night, for instance, Hotel Bristol provides babysitting services. 

Hotel Bristol, Les Halles Dining HallHotel Bristol, Les Halles Suites

Kids get well taken care of here, with a fun indoor play area, kids’ books and dvds, kid-friendly TV, and, most importantly, kids’ meals. Let’s face it— not all kids have the same experimental pallets as we do.

Its onsite restaurant will provide not only kid-friendly meals, but they also have an allergy menu. This makes it one of the best family hotels, as this is so crucial for family members with allergies and in need a quick food fix. 

Hotel Bristol, Les Halles Pool Area
Hotel Bristol Kids’ play area IndoorHotel Bristol Kids’ play area (indoors)

Here are the highlights & main features of Hotel Bristol Paris

  • Rooms above average in size for Paris
  • Child beds and high chairs available
  • Kid-friendly TV channels and children’s activities 
  • Kids’ play area (indoors)
  • Kids’ books & DVD’s available 
  • Fitness center with gym, personal training & yoga classes
  • Spa, with massage, full-scope treatments, heated pool, hot tub & sauna  
  • Restaurant with kids’ meals & special diet menu 
  • Salon with waxing, grooming and makeup services
  • Soundproofed rooms / blackout curtains
  • Babysitting 
Hotel Bristol Paris Indoor playroomHotel Bristol Paris Play Room Indoor

What’s Around the Corner of Hotel Bristol Paris…

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  • Rue du Faubourg-Saint-Honore (shopping and cultural street)

Esprit Saint Germain

Esprit Saint Germain Hotel Paris

• Address: 22 Rue Saint-Sulpice, 75006
• Booking: “Booking” page
• Contact: +33 153105555 /

This boutique hotel on the left bank of the River Seine is one of Paris’s best family hotels, since offers a charming experience for the whole family. 

Esprit Hotel Official Site

Nearby, the family has access to high-end shops, cosmopolitan cuisine, and art. 

Saint Germain is historically one of Paris’s most luxurious neighborhoods, where expats from around the globe have come and settled. You’ll find a little of every culture here, which makes for an opportunity to enrich the kids.

Esprit Hotel Living Room Area

When I’m with the family on vacation, I appreciate a comfortable place to relax. 

This boutique has a cozy atmosphere, including a fireplace and classically Parisian decor. 

Esprit Saint Germain Bar

For parents’ convenience, they can get their workouts and spa sessions in without leaving the hotel. 

If parents do need a night out, though, this hotel also offers babysitting and an infirmary. 

Esprit Saint Germain Frnot Entrance

Although, if you don’t want to necessarily go out, this place offers complimentary drinks all throughout the day. 

Esprit Hotel Terrace Area

Here are the highlights & main features of Esprit Saint Germain

  • Rooms at average size for Paris
  • Infirmary
  • Kids’ entertainment 
  • Fitness center with gym & workout room
  • Sauna
  • Spa
  • No onsite restaurant 
  • Babysitting 
  • Currency exchange center

What’s Around the Corner of Esprit Saint Germain…

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Mandarin Oriental Hotel Paris, 1st Arrondissement 

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Paris, 1st Arrondissement 

• Address: 251 Rue Saint-Honoré, 75001
• Booking: “Booking” Page
• Contact: +33 01 70 98 78 88 /

Besides having one of the best spas in Paris, the Mandarin Hotel has high scale luxury and lots of small touches of convenience. 

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Paris Room Service

While traveling with a family can be a hassle, this place’s peaceful atmosphere, gardens, spa, and other perks seem to ease any headaches you imagined you’d have. 

It sits on the rue Saint-Honore (a highly esteemed area of Paris), and it prides itself on its association with the elite society and culture of Paris. 

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Paris Living Area

Especially during the summer, you’ll get to enjoy a calming, outdoor dining space amidst the garden and courtyards. 

Mandarin Oriental Rooftop View

If you want more privacy while also enjoying the peace, you can opt for a room with a private balcony. 

For the kids in particular, they’ll get to enjoy a kids’ club, fun activities, and babysitters when the parents need a night out to themselves. 

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Paris Outdoor Restaurant Table

Here are the highlights & main features of Lenox Montparnasse

  • Rooms at average size for Paris
  • Kid-friendly activities & entertainment 
  • Kids’ Club
  • Fitness center 
  • Spa 
  • Restaurants with special diet menus 
  • Soundproofed rooms/blackout curtains
  • Babysitting 
  • Indoor heated pool, hot tub & sauna 
  • Interconnected rooms and private balconies are available

What’s Around the Corner of Mandarin Hotel Paris…

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Paris Outdoor TableMandarin Oriental Hotel Paris Bedroom

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Nearby Fun & Sites (within a 10-minute walk)

Tips on Traveling to Paris With a Family 

Traveling with a family can result in both truly amazing memories and a giant headache. Depending on factors like the size of your family, your trip duration, and your budget, you have several needs to juggle. 

You’ll want to stay in either family hotels (or at least family friendly hotels) where you can satisfy everyone’s needs while also keeping them safe. And Mom, don’t forget to bring a great travel bag.  

1. Commuting Around Paris 

Biking in Paris

Since Paris is obviously a big city, traveling across it can get complicated and time-consuming. Finding family hotels in the city center can seem daunting, too. 

Even if your budget allows for a private driver/chauffeur throughout the trip, crossing arrondissements and neighborhoods really adds up if you go to multiple areas during the day. 

That’s why we recommend that you plan your itinerary out by the neighborhood, when possible, of course. 

However, as far as public transportation in Paris, the RER and the metro are the two major systems. They are very easy to navigate and the combo of walking and public transportation is great exercise.

For higher budgets, hiring a personal driver saves considerable time and complications for you and your family.

As far as private rides go, Paris has several services for one-way transfers and hourly chauffeurs. The top services include Paris Black Cars, Blacklane, Paris Connection, and Inter Service Prestige. See our guide on hiring a driver in Paris.

With these ride companies, you typically get a choice between paying by the hour or by the distance, depending on your needs. They also typically have special knowledge of the city and traffic trends, which can make for a more efficient commute. 

2. Kid-friendly Activities & Attractions in Paris 

The Versailles Palace in Paris
The Versailles Palace

Besides finding family hotels, you’ll want to entertain the kids. Depending on your kids’ ages, many of the best activities in Paris are also kid-friendly. Here are just some of our favorites: 

  • Musée d’Oray
  • Eiffel Tower (7th)
  • Bicycling Tours
  • Chocolate and cheese tastings
  • Louvre Museum (1st Arrondissement) 
  • Versailles (approx. 10 miles west/southwest of Paris)
  • Disneyland Paris (Marne-la-Vallée, suburb east of Paris)
  • Notre Dame Cathedral (4th Arrondissement)
  • Tuileries Park (1st Arrondissement)
  • Musée de l’Orangerie (1st Arrondissement)
  • Bois de Vincennes (2nd Arrondissement)
  • Paris Zoo (2nd Arrondissement)
  • Bakery

3. Safety in Paris 

Safest Areas of Paris: 

According to International Citizens, the safest areas in Paris are Le Marais and Saint Germain-des-Prés; however, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be on guard. Even around family hotels, the streets can get dangerous in the day or evening. 

Most Dangerous Areas (Especially After Dark) in Paris

  • 10th Arrondissement / Gare du Nord area 
  • Bois de Vincennes suburb 
  • Northern parts of 18th & 19th Arrondissements
  • 1st Arrondissement 

Safety Tips for Traveling in Paris

  • Don’t flash the cash: In a foreign country, be discreet about money and expensive items.
  •  If you get stopped by a stranger and they demand you buy one of their items, don’t indulge. Keep walking and make as little conversation and eye contact as possible, while keeping a close eye (and hand) on your valuables. 
  • In general, keep the conversations brief with strangers, and never volunteer personal information, such as where you’re staying. 
  • Never carry your passport in a purse or pocket; instead, opt for the hotel’s safe (most hotels have them). If you lose your passport, you’ll have to contact your embassy for a replacement and potentially delay your return for weeks. 
  • Save the emergency numbers in both your phone and in written form somewhere on your person. There’s an official site here; however, you should always double-check with your accommodations.
  • For families, stay in family hotels. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best area to stay in Paris with a family? 

When you bring a family to Paris, safety is always top of mind. Paris is generally a safe place, but some areas are busier (with people and traffic) than others. In general, the 1st and 2nd arrondissements are considered the most ideal for families. They have parks and kid-friendly activities.

However, there are great little parks sprinkled all over the city. Kids have such great imaginations – anywhere new can be entertaining! Of course, you should use your best judgment regardless of the neighborhood and family friendly hotels. As in any big city, be cognizant of your surroundings and keep belongings safe.

Is Paris child-friendly? 

Some people think of this fashion, art, and cuisine capital as an exclusively adult, romance area. However, Paris is a rewarding experience for children and an opportunity to enrich them with a widened world perspective and with culture. 

While many of us have trouble getting our kids to listen to us, kids typically listen more closely to tour guides than you think. They’ll also make valuable memories of the Eiffel Tower, Van Gogh paintings, and the Louvre. 

Many of the family hotels on our list have babysitting and entertainment on site so parents can enjoy themselves.

What’s the average cost of a hotel room in Paris?  

In Paris, room prices range between neighborhoods and the level of luxury, of course. 

However, in general, you’ll pay anywhere from 150 euros per night to 400 or more for a more upscale place. Family hotels may be on the pricey side and are often luxury hotels since these hotels have a larger number of staff and a wider range of safety and kid-friendly services. 

If you’re on a tight budget, the Montparnasse neighborhood has generally lower prices (with some exceptions, of course) in its hotels, dining and entertainment. 

Can you walk everywhere in Paris? 

Paris surprisingly isn’t as big a city as you think or as other European capitals. However, just because you can walk everywhere, that doesn’t mean you should walk everywhere in Paris. 

When is the best time to visit Paris? 

In general, the holiday season in Paris is June through September. During those months, you’ll notice more activities open and events happening, as well as more ideal weather. The spring and fall are great times to visit, as the weather is a little cooler and there are fewer tourists.