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Rue de la Gaîté, Montparnasse
Rue de la Gaîté, Montparnasse

This charming corner on the left bank of the River Seine is known for its Bohemian charm and buzzing art scene. 

When you come, you’ll notice a lot of retro-style buildings and might even feel like you’re back in time. Between the cabaret, old-time theaters, and artsy cafés at walking distance, you’ll definitely get a feeling of something different from the rest of Paris. 

The locals call this “Les Annés Folles” (“The Crazy Years”), which is a reference to the boom of art and culture during the 1920s and 1930s. Many years have passed, but the atmosphere still haunts this neighborhood today. 

Several big figures, including Ernest Hemingway, have left their marks on the area back then and ever since. 

You also might notice that despite the word “mont” (meaning mount) in its name, this neighborhood doesn’t sit on a mountain by any means. The name actually came from students in the 18th century, who recited poetry here in the style of the ancient Greeks. 

Parisians never considered this neighborhood as a particularly posh one, since poverty was rather widespread. Even today, travelers and Parisians recognize this as a rather budget-friendly area of Paris. 

However, also during the 18th century, when Paris had a problem with overfilled cemeteries, the capital decided to use this area as a place to store its excess dead bodies. 

This would eventually be known as the Catacombs of Paris, an eerie underground tunnel system with bones of the dead. This site alone attracts many to the neighborhood; however, you’ll want to book tickets and tours far ahead, to avoid the long lines. 

Les Catacombes de Paris
Les Catacombes de Paris

However, not all the dead lie here— you can see many late famous figures’ graves in the Montparnasse Cemetery for free. 

Montparnasse also celebrates life on its iconic street, Rue de la Gaîté, a tree-lined street beaming with relaxing cafés, multicultural restaurants, and world-famous theaters. 

One of the areas more infamous, yet iconic, attractions is the Montparnasse Tower. It’s been rated one of the ugliest buildings in Europe. 

Montparnasse Tower
Montparnasse Tower

Montparnasse tower isn’t as tall as the Eiffel Tower; however, it still is a popular viewpoint of the city. 

For shopping, this neighborhood has an outdoor market that the locals love, called Marché Edgar Quinet, as well as Marché aux Puces (a flea market with lots of odd treasures). 

Don’t forget about the neighboring areas— Saint Germain-des-Prés and the Latin Quarter (5th and 6th arrondissements)— which have designer shopping, not to mention the Jardin du Luxembourg (the Luxembourg Gardens ) and Jardin des Plantes. 

The Luxembourg Gardens in particular make for some beautiful photos. However, for the best experience in the Luxembourg Gardens, you’ll want to visit between 10am and 5pm, when the weather and lighting is best. 

Gare Montparnasse Train Station
Gare Montparnasse Train Station

Lastly, if you want to visit more major sites in Paris, such as the Notre Dame Cathedral and the Eiffel Tower, you’ll have fairly easy access via the Gare Montparnasse Train station or by bus. 

The Montparnasse Train Station is rather iconic, too, with its glass exterior and history. Compared to chauffeurs, the Montparnasse Train Station is a budget-friendly option for families to get around Paris. 

Either way, we don’t think this budget-friendly neighborhood will disappoint. 

Of course, though, you’ll need a place to stay. That’s why we’ve made a list of the best hotels in Montparnasse, Paris. 

Lenox Montparnasse

Lenox Montparnasse

• Address: 15 rue Delambre, 75014
• Booking: Hop to “Rooms & Suites” Page
• Contact: +33 01 43 35 34 50 /

Here are the highlights & main features of Lenox Montparnasse Bar & lounge

  • Slightly smaller standard rooms than average in Paris
  • No Fitness Center or spa
  • Bar & lounge, but no restaurant
  • Soundproofed rooms / blackout curtains
  • Pet-friendly
  • Air conditioned guest rooms
Lenox Montparnasse Soundproofed rooms blackout curtains

This hotel provides a cozy and charming atmosphere with its paradox of modest size and bold character. When strolling through it, you may notice a few familiar faces. 

Well, those won’t be living faces, technically, but this hotel likes to hang up paintings as charming reminders of the legends who once walked around its neighborhood. 

While the size isn’t grand by any means, we consider this an aesthetic and relaxing stay where your needs will be met. 

There’s no restaurant or fitness center within this facility; however, you’re close to an abundance of restaurants and some affordable gyms that offer day passes. As far as gyms, you can get to Neoness or Basic Fit within 15 minutes by foot. 

The hotel does have a cozy lounge area, with a bar, breakfast room, and small study. Whether you need to hop on the wifi for some work or want to simply chill out with a cocktail, you can cuddle up near the fireplaces “floating” inside the bookshelves. 

Lenox Montparnasse Bar & lounge

What’s Around the Corner of Lenox Montparnasse…

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Victoria Palace Hotel Paris

Victoria Palace Hotel Paris

• Address: 6 rue Blaise Desgoffe, 75006 Paris France
• Booking: Hop to “Booking” page
• Contact: +33 1 45 49 70 00 /

Here are the highlights & main features of Victoria Palace Hotel

  • Standard rooms at average size for Paris
  • Fitness center with locker rooms
  • Spa with sauna and massage
  • Bar & Breakfast Lounges / No Restaurant
  • Soundproof rooms/blackout curtains
  • Children’s TV channels & pool table 
  • Chic-Bohemian style 
  • Historical 
  • Air-conditioned guest rooms
Victoria Palace Hotel Function Room

This cosy hotel probably best captures the nature of its neighborhood— Bohemian, filled with plants and natural lighting, yet chic and modern. 

If you want to guarantee a fun experience with your partner or loved ones, Victoria Palace has plenty of amenities and small details to take care of you. 

This luxurious boutique hotel can keep the children entertained with kid-friendly TV channels, as well as your teenagers and adults busy with the pool table and ultra-hip common areas. 

Victoria Palace Hotel also offers a full menu of massage, facial, and beauty treatments, as well as fitness coaching. See the menu here.  

For art and literature-lovers: Built back in 1913, this place has accumulated a good bit of history. Writers such as Katherine Mansfield and James Joyce wrote some of their most famous works while staying here. 

What’s Around the Corner of Victoria Palace…

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  • Observatoire Panoramique de la Tour Montparnasse 

Hotel des Académies et des Arts

Hotel des Académies et des Arts

• Address: 15 rue de la Grande Chaumiere, 75006
• Booking: Hop to “Booking” page
• Contact: +33 1 43 26 66 44 /

Hotel des Académies et des Arts Bathroom

Here are the highlights & main features of Hotel des Academies et des

  • Standard rooms at average size for Paris
  • Fitness center & yoga classes
  • Spa 
  • Bar & café  / no restaurant
  • Pet-friendly
  • Soundproof rooms/blackout curtains
  • Central location 
  • Quirky / Retro style & atmosphere 
  • A creative space— an artist’s workspace with materials & classes available 
  • Historical
  • Air-conditioned rooms 
Hotel des Academies et des Arts artist's workspace with materials

Built almost 120 years ago in 1904, this hotel has a lively and artistic heritage that it still embraces very boldly today. 

How many hotels can you think of that offer  live-model painting & drawing workshops? I can’t think of any other than this one. 

This place has served as an art haven in the Montparnasse Paris area— patron of arts, you could also say. Many artists have come to stay at this haven over the years and continue to do so today. 

If you’re an artist yourself (or even someone simply interested in art), this hotel offers you a space equipped with art supplies to nourish your practice. 

Many travelers come to Paris with the intention of exploring art within the museums and galleries. Well, this spot gives you the chance to dive a level deeper into Parisian art and culture, via the hotel’s workspaces, classes, and genuinely inspiring atmosphere. 

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  • Montparnasse Cemetery

Novotel Paris Centre Gare Montparnasse

Novotel Paris Centre Gare Montparnasse

• Address: 17 rue du Cotentin, 75015
• Booking: Hop to the “booking” page
• Contact: +33 1 70 71 29 25 /

Novotel Paris Centre Gare Montparnasse Room Service

Here are the highlights & main features of Novotel Paris Centre Gare Montparnasse

  • Standard room size somewhat below Paris average 
  • Fitness center with workout room
  • No Spa
  • On-site restaurant & coffee shop
  • Pet-friendly
  • Soundproof rooms / blackout curtains 
  • Kid-friendly buffet & TV channels 
  • Quick Access to Gare Montparnasse Railway Station 
  • Terrace with view of the Eiffel Tower
  • Air conditioned rooms
ovotel Paris Centre Gare Montparnasse Terrace with view

As the name suggests, Novotel Paris Center Gare Montparnasse sits close to its namesake train station and the bus station, as well. This means guests have direct access to the Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Notre Dame Cathedral, and plenty of other seemingly “far off” places in Paris. 

Speaking of the Eiffel Tower, we need to mention the view of the Eiffel Tower (no, not just the view from right in front of the site!)— rather, the hotel terrace’s stunning view of it. 

Between the view, wine, and cocktails, their terrace and courtyard make for relaxing entertainment themselves. The hotel has a sleek, ultra-modern (some might even say “funky”) style to it on the inside as opposed to its more bohemian feel on the outside. 

What’s Around the Corner of Novotel Paris Centre Gare Montparnasse…

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  • La Verrière Paris (Michelin-rated / French-Japanese fusion)
  • Papy aux Fourneaux (Healthy, European)

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Hotel Apollon Montparnasse

Hotel Apollon Montparnasse

• Address: 91 rue de l’Ouest, 75014
• Booking: Hop to “Booking” page
• Contact: + 33 (0) 1 43 95 62 00 /

Here are the highlights & main features of Hotel Apollon Montparnasse

  • Standard rooms at average size for Paris 
  • No fitness center 
  • No spa
  • No on-site restaurant
  • Soundproof rooms / blackout curtains
  • Pet-friendly
  • Buffet breakfast included
  • Air conditioned rooms
Hotel Apollon Montparnasse Restaurant

Now, this boutique hotel doesn’t come with a million bells and whistles, but it did make this list for a reason: Between its enclaves, bursts of color, and festive little touches like paper lanterns, this hotel embraces its neighborhood’s atmosphere of color, joy, and hospitality. 

What’s Around the Corner of Hotel Apollon Montparnasse…

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Villa Madame

Villa Madame Paris

• Address: 44 rue Madame, 75006
• Booking: Hop to “Booking” page
• Contact: +33 1 86 76 68 81 /

Villa Madame Standard rooms at average size for Paris

Here are the highlights & main features of Villa Madame

  • Standard rooms at average size for Paris
  • No fitness center
  • Massage services
  • Buffet breakfast
  • Bar & lounge area / coffee shop / No on-site restaurant 
  • Built on site of historical, 19th century mansion 
  • Ultra kid-friendly— gameroom & babysitting 
  • Air conditioned rooms
Villa Madame Buffet breakfast

This just might be one of Paris’s best-kept secrets. 

This boutique hotel embraces both spirits of luxury and understatement, as it lets the natural light and charm from its history and place do most of the work. The building has roots going back over a hundred years ago, when it was a mansion; hence, the word “villa” in its name. 

Tip: If you want a change from its buffet breakfast, there’s a crêpe place just around the corner!

What’s Around the Corner of Villa Madame…

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