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Taxis, Uber, and Helpful Hints (At the bottom of this article) 

Getting Around Paris

Nowadays, amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, travelers have been relying on private transportation so they can keep some distance from the general public. 

While public transportation, like the metro, RER, and buses, are generally popular options, you’re risking getting exposed to Covid-19 by taking these. Plus, you’ll need to learn where the stations and stops are and then you’ll still have to walk to your destination from the stop or station. 

Then, there are taxis. 

We have more on this later (in  “Helpful Hints and Pro Tips” at the bottom of this article), but taxis in Paris have notoriously high scam rates. You also can’t rely on taxis to take credit card payments. This can pose a problem when you’re a tourist or you’re on a business trip. 

Taking a private ride or a taxi can ease all of this; however, you should consider your travel plans and needs and see if hiring a personal driver in Paris is ideal for you. 

When to Consider Hiring a Personal Driver in Paris

You should decide on what service you need. 

As far as driver services, Paris has five main types: 

  1. Taxi / single rides 
  2. Private city car tours 
  3. Chauffeur Service 
  4. Private transfer service/airport transfer 
  5. Train station transfer 

If you just need a single ride service, you could go with a taxi or uber; however, hiring a private driver in Paris comes with an added sense of security and ease. If you have day trips (especially those outside of Paris) filled with multiple stops and sites, you want to consider hiring a private driver, or chauffeur, in Paris. 

Also, if you want to get a private tour instead of risking catching Covid from a group tour, most of the driver services offer private driving tours of this amazing city. 

Here are more reasons why so many decide to hire a private driver in Paris: 

  • Covid-19 safety / less exposure to Covid-19 versus public transportation 
  • Reliable and professional service (Extremely low scam risk)
  • Licensed and knowledgeable drivers
  • Organized driving tours available in many languages 
  • Hourly rates available 
  • No need to constantly re-book drivers and rides throughout the day 
  • You don’t necessarily need WIFI or Internet 
  • Easier to organize a return trip 
  • Easier to book outside Paris center
  • Ideal for a business trip or professional events 

To add more to that last point, you can rest assured that— even if your cell phone dies or you lose cell signal— your driver will be outside waiting. 

One of Paris’s largest airports is Charles de Gaulle. This airport is international and often gets crowded and overwhelming. If you hire a private driver for airport or train station transfer, you can count on a friendly face holding a sign with your family’s name (aka a meet & greet).  

As an awesome bonus, many private driver services offer driving tours around Paris and other places in France. This relieves even more stress when you’re in unfamiliar territory. 

Paris Black Cars

Paris Black Cars
Paris Black Cars Luxury Car and Personal Driver

Contact & Information:

• Phone: +33 (0)1 77 50 35 28
• Email: info@paris-black-cars.com
• Booking: Booking Link

Service Types:

• Private chauffeur (hourly or day rate)
• Single trip (Intercity)
• Airport transfer (flat rate) to and from Charles de Gaulle & others
• 2 Organized tours outside of Paris

Why We Love It 

This is a standard, go-to for travelers in Paris. They have highly competitive rates, and we won’t lie— the shiny black cars do make you feel pretty classy. 

This service will certainly make a nice impression for your business trip or your professional events. Also, they have a no-nonsense booking method and fee calculator. Whether you have a particular trip in mind and know the distance, or you want to hire a driver in Paris for a certain amount of hours, you can specify and get an appropriate rate for it. 

If you just need a driver for your private transfer to or from the airport, they will charge you a flat rate. 

Check out their service rates: 

Paris Black Cars Service Rates
Paris Black Cars Service Rates

Paris Black Car Tours Available: 

  1. Reims One Day Tour: Enjoy a full day of the city of Reims, touring a Gothic cathedral and tasting champagne at traditional distilleries. 
  2. Half Day at Giverny (Monet’s Garden House): You’ll be driven to a charming village in Normandy, where famous impressionist painter Claude Monet lived, where you’ll tour his house, gardens, and more sites. 

Depending on your party size, vehicle rental, and time of the year, the rates for these tours will vary. 

To get a quote, message or email Paris Black Cars: (Whatsapp) +33177472123 and (Email) info@paris-black-cars.com


Blacklane Cars Services
Blacklane Cars

Contact & Information:
• Contact via App
• Booking: Booking Link

Service Types: 

  • One way trip (Intercity)
  • Private, hourly Chauffeur (up to 19 hours)
  • Airport transfer (Flat rate) to and from Charles de Gaulle & others 

Why We Love It 

This company promises true VIP service. Like Paris Black Cars, they have the signature black vehicles and professional chauffeur service. 

Blacklane promotes itself as “ideal alternative to a Paris taxi service,” since they have extra knowledgeable chauffeurs and a comfortable fleet of vehicles. 

You can make your own driving tour. If you’re wanting a stylish introduction to Paris or a particular neighborhood, you can book the chauffeur by the hour and arrange the stops via Blacklane app. 

However, they don’t have guided, pre-designed tours available in Paris. They also have a handy “Business Solutions” service. They work with businesses to transport employees, rent their cars and vehicles out to travel agency tours, and other partnerships. 

As an alternative to the limousines, they have business class vans / SUVs for larger parties. These models include Mercedes-Benz V-Class, Chevrolet Suburbans, Cadillac Escalades, Toyota Alphard, etc., starting at around 150 euros for a one way trip. 

The hourly service price varies, depending on the number of guests, vehicle type, and other factors. You’ll need to contact them for a quote. 

We can tell you that the business class (Mercedes Benz E Class, BMW 5 Series, Cadillac XTS, etc.) start at over 100 euros for one way trips. 

Blacklane App
Blacklane App

More Perks: 

If you’re needing a private transfer to the airport, then Blacklane allows you 60 minutes of wait time for free. This is good if your flight gets delayed slightly or customs takes longer than you planned. For any cancellations, you’ll have up to an hour to cancel to receive your refund. 

To order and manage this service, you’re required to use the app

Paris Connection

Paris Connection Chauffeur Buses
Paris Connection Chauffeur Buses

Contact & Information:
• Mobile / Whatsapp: + 33 6 82 14 73 38
• Telephone: + 33 1 60 70 81 12
• Email: reservations@parisconnection.fr
• Booking: Office hours 8:45am—7:30pm; contact via email, phone, service request page, or Quote Request.

Service Types: 

  • Private chauffeur (hourly or day rate)
  • Single trip (intercity)
  • Private transfer from airport plus meet and greet (flat rate) to and from Charles de Gaulle & others 
  • Organized tours available for small or large numbers
  • Buses and coaches 
  • Transportation and tours outside of Paris
Paris Connection Group Travel
Paris Connection Group Travel

Why We Love It

This car service probably offers the most out of all the services in Paris. 

They have everything imaginable, from group travel, organized group tours, simple transfers, intercity travels, chauffeur, night tours, airport layover tours, and trips well beyond Paris. For private, small, and large group tours, they promise bilingual, fluent English-speaking, local, and knowledgeable tour guides. 

They also boast having accounts with all the major Paris sites (as well as sites outside Paris). If you want to personalize a grand excursion, they’ll take care of the restaurant reservations and site bookings for you and your party!

Whether it’s a holiday or a series of professional events, this service eases the stress. 

Coach and Driver Service
Coach and Driver Service

For large groups, not only do they have Mercedes-Benz minibusses, but they also have Mercedes Sprinters for up to 19 people and coaches for up to 63. 

For private rides, private transfers to airports, and chauffeur services, they offer executive and luxury cars for hourly or distance rates (for one-way trips). Their luxury cars include Mercedes S & E class, Mercedes Class V Minivans, and more! As far as prices, simple transfers will start at around 125 euros (1-3 passengers) and up from there depending on the distance and number of passengers. 

See below for Chauffeur rates: 

Paris Connections Hourly Rates
Paris Connections Hourly Rates

These are their intercity Paris rates; however, they offer their chauffeur services in both executive cars and minibusses for Versailles, Giverny, and Chartres Chauffeur Fointainebleau,  and Normandy. 

Rates increase the further you go out of Paris. A 12 hour chauffeur service in Deauville & Honfleur in Normandy will run you over 895 euros for just 1-3 passengers.  Even in the chauffeur experiences, they offer museum or monument entrance tickets, licensed tour guides, meal reservations, and cruises on the River Seine. 

All in all, this service is great if you want to enhance your trip to Paris by having all the little details handled for you. You can even get the tiny details of a personalized tour taken care of for you.  

My Driver in Paris

Contact & Information:
• Mobile: +33 188 33 64 43
• Email: contact@mydriverparis.com
• Inquirings and Quotes: Contact Page
• Booking: Contact via email or mobile during business hours (8AM—8PM, Sunday—Saturday).


  • Private chauffeur (hourly or day rate)
  • Single trip [intercity]
  •  Airport transfer with meet and greet (flat rate) to and from Charles de Gaulle & others 
  • Limousine

Private tours

  • Coach / bus tours and transportation]
  • Bodyguard with driver
  • Photographer with tour guide and driver

Why We Love It

This service exceeds our expectations with its range of basic to top luxury services. They also have a big list of fleets from which you can choose. We’re going to tell you why this company stands out among the rest: 

First, although their Mercedes options are impressive, they’ve got something that’s quite hard to find in driver services—  a Tesla Model S. 

My Driver in Paris Private Sample of Luxury Cars
My Driver in Paris Private Sample of Luxury Cars

The Tesla S is good for those wanting to be more “green,” or environmentally conscious, as it gives off zero emissions and has some very high-tech features. 

Also, we doubt you’ll forget about that time you rode around Paris in a Tesla! Whether you go with the Tesla or the luxury Mercedes cars, you’ll get special treats and conveniences like a DVD player, snacks, surround sound, and an iphone charger. 

For more information on their intercity pricing, check out their rates table, below: 

My Driver in Paris Intercity Trip Pricing
My Driver in Paris Intercity Trip Pricing

For pricing information on tours and trips outside of Paris, you’ll need to contact them via email (contact@mydriverinparis.com) or mobile (+33 1 88 33 64 43). 

Infinity Luxe Chauffeur Paris

Infinity Luxe Luxury Transportation
Infinity Luxe Luxury Transportation

Contact and Information:
• Mobile: +33 (0)1 83 90 18 46
• Email: contact@infinity-luxe-chauffeur.com
• Inquiries and Quotes: Contact via mobile or email.
• Bookings: Visit their Reservations Page.


  • Private Car Chauffeurs 
  • Private One-way trips
  • Airport Transfer to and from Charles de Gaulle & others 
  • Private Driver Without Car
  • Motorcycle Taxi
  • Van, minibus, and SUVs 
  • Limousine and classic collection cars
  • Coaches and Buses
  • Private airports, yachts, and helicopters
  • Cargo and parcel shipment 
Infinity Luxe Chauffeur Paris List of available cars

Why We Love It 

This service is certainly on the more elite side, but it has one option unique to the majority of driver services— chauffeur without a car and motorcycle taxi. 

Many of us like to rent cars for our stays, but you might have occasions in which you’d want someone else to do the driving for you without having to rent both a driver AND a vehicle. 

However, if you do need to hire a driver with a vehicle, they have a large range of fleet for you, including more basic sedans, collection classics, limousines, buses, minibusses, and more. Infinity Luxe Chauffeurs also offers bodyguards and concierge services. While they don’t organize tours, they do allow you to customize your hourly chauffeur experiences. 

This service is quite popular for business trips, as you can certainly make a big impression for even the highest profile clients. 

A couple more features you can’t find just anywhere: Yacht, helicopter, private plane, and…motorcycle taxi! 

Infinity Luxe Motorcycle Taxi Service
Infinity Luxe Motorcycle Taxi Service

Just to be clear— Yes, you read this correctly. Motorcycle taxi means transporting YOU via motorcycle (not simply a taxi for your motorcycle). 

Whether you want a basic ride across the city, a luxury chauffeur experience, or a fancy, classic car to make your special occasion unforgettable, this service has a huge fleet of options.

I, personally, don’t know when I’ll next need a helicopter, but a helicopter does make for a grand entrance. 

If you want to feel like James Bond, then this company has you covered with both a yacht and private plane, as well. 

Inter Service Prestige 

Interservice Prestige Fleet and Extra Features
Interservice Prestige Fleet and Extra Features

Contact & Information:
• Mobile: + 33 7 62 23 23 31 / +33 6 98 25 40 41
• Whatsapp: +33 7 62 23 23 31
• Email: isprestige.ds@gmail.com / contact@interserviceprestige.com
• Booking: Reservation Page / Rates / Inquiries


  • One-way trips 
  • Two-way trips
  • Business trips 
  • Tours (Excursions) for up to 8 people per vehicle
  • Inclusive to all abilities— manual wheelchairs and safety seats for infants and very young children
  • Extra accommodations, such as notebooks, pens, and snacks available
  • Meet & Greet
  • DVD players and entertainment 

Why We Love It

Inter Service Prestige Meet & Greet
Inter Service Prestige Meet & Greet

Inter Service Prestige has competitive rates and more basic, but useful, services. We’d say that this is the more family and budget-friendly option. 

If you want basic transfers or one-way trips, they can provide you with a friendly driver and luxury vehicle for up to 8 passengers. Another great feature: They make inclusivity free. All you need to do is let them know ahead of time. 

Don’t worry about paying extra for a manual wheelchair or even seat accommodations for infants and very young children. 

They also have tours to choose from, as well as options to let you personalize your own. These include tours outside Paris. The work with outside tourism companies and can get any of your other transportation services, reservations, and even tickets handled for you.  

You’ll just need to book ahead of time and work out which places and details you prefer. 

Popular destinations include Disneyland Paris and even business trips to outside the capital. 

Helpful Hints and Pro Tips 

Should you go with a traditional taxi? 

Now, we’re not trying to bad mouth traditional taxis. There are many, many fair and licensed taxi drivers out there— including in Paris. 

However— and, unfortunately, this is a big ‘however,’— taking a taxi as a foreigner is a big risk. Being a foreigner, you have a high, high chance of getting scammed by a driver. 

By scammed, we mean that you could get charged 3X or more the appropriate and fair rate for transportation. Tourists are targets for this. 

For example, you might want to grab some quick transportation after an event or meal and have some cash you want to use. If so, you should at least take measures to avoid getting scammed. Look out for this major sign: If the driver immediately demands a flat, the high amount gets pushy and argues that it’s less than the average taxi cost. 

If you’re not sure what the fair rate is, use this helpful online Paris Taxi Fare Calculator. This site’s calculator is designed to produce an estimated taxi fare based on locations and driver wait times. 

It’s highly accurate, although it just goes by the average fares and rates. If you do need to hire a taxi driver, make sure to use this calculator. You can quickly run your starting point and destination by this calculator before or while you’re hiring a taxi driver. 

Another helpful hint: Make sure the taxi has the signature taxi status light on top of the car. These are the rooftop lights that are green when the taxi is available and red when it’s occupied. Only licensed taxi drivers are allowed to have this, and frauds get fined heavily in France. 

While even licensed drivers can pull scams, you’re certainly more likely to get scammed by an unlicensed driver. 

Should you go with Uber?

Speaking of taxi fraud, Uber was created as an answer to this problem. 

This, among other reasons, is why it’s a great service. 

Here are the pros of using Uber: 

  • Low risk of frauds and scams 
  • Quick, virtually instant service upon ordering
  • Booking available up to 30 days in advance
  • Predictable and consistent fees 
  • Payment and ordering handled within a single phone application
  • Rideshare payment options 
  • Excellent customer service/troubleshooting platform within the app 

If you have a straightforward trip, say, from the Eiffel Tower to your dinner reservations, then Uber is an efficient, easy transportation service.  

However— and this is a slighter ‘however,’— Uber is designed ONLY for straightforward, virtually one-time ‘rides.’ 

While the company might be developing other new features and services (such as stops), it can’t give you what a private car driver can. 

Here are the cons of Uber: 

  • No guided tours (at least not yet)
  • No hourly rates/day packages (also, at least not yet)
  • Must have internet service (cellular signal / WIFI) 
  • Different, or new, driver per trip 
  • Slight risk of scam (Uber drivers are interviewed and hired remotely) 
  • Reliance on GPS (Uber drivers aren’t necessarily trained in traditional navigation) 
  • Won’t necessarily make a good impression for business trips 

These are some things to consider when you’re planning your Paris itinerary. 

Do driving services accommodate persons requiring wheelchairs? 

If you or a loved one uses a wheelchair, you’ll need to inform whichever rental company you use. All on our list have wheelchair-accessible vehicles for you to choose from. 

It’s also a good idea to ask about their on-hand manual wheelchairs. This option may be useful to someone who is unable to walk long or high distances. 

Some companies will lend you a manual wheelchair for no extra cost. Make sure to ask!

How do driving services accommodate young children and infants? 

You’ll need to inform the service that you have small children or infants ahead of time. Most companies will have booster and baby seats available for free or a small cost. 

We’ll note that hiring a luxury car and driver is a great option for families with small children, as the drivers are trained professionals. Also, luxury cars are often “safer,” and more durable than economy vehicles. 

Are you protected from Covid-19 in a private car? 

Coronavirus Driver “Bubble”
Coronavirus Driver “Bubble”

The great thing about hiring a private car and driver— you’ll reduce your exposure to Covid-19 and other illnesses. 

However, you’ll need to contact the companies beforehand and inquire about their sanitary standards. It’s also not a bad idea to ask how often the drivers take Covid-19 tests and about mask requirements. 

Covid-19 and Taxi Safety Precautions
Covid-19 and Taxi Safety Precautions

You definitely don’t want to catch Covid-19 and get “stuck.” 

So, in a nutshell, ask these questions when you book:

  • How often do your drivers test for Covid-19? 
  • Does your service require facemasks? 
  • How thorough and often do you clean and sanitize the vehicles? 
  • Is there a “Covid Shield” available to be placed between the driver and passengers?

Are you supposed to “tip” the drivers? 

Culturally, France doesn’t have the same expectation for tips as North America does. However, for outstanding service, it doesn’t hurt to tip 10-20% of your total cost to the driver. 

For chauffeurs and driver tour guides, the most polite way to go about this is either a cash tip (in the local currency) along with a thoughtful note placed within an envelope. 

You can also contact the agency and request to leave a tip to your driver with the original credit card on file.