Which Side Of Sardinia Is Windy?

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Sardinia is a well-known beach holiday destination in Europe and you would think that the weather will be dry and hot year-round. While that is true, the island of Sardinia is also very windy. Sardinia is often called ‘The Windy Island’ because of its strong winds, and the months of October to April see some of the strongest winds on the island.

The Mistral winds blow through southern France into the western coast of Sardinia. The island of Sardinia commonly experiences the Mistral winds during the spring but there are instances that it is also present during the summer days. Sardinia is a windy island but the western side can be more windy because of the Mistral wind.

In this article, we will talk about the island’s geography and how it plays a factor in making Sardinia a windy island. We will also talk about some of the best activities you can do in windy Sardinia.

Sardinia: Geographical Overview

Sardinia Geographical Overview

Sardinia is the second-largest island in the Mediterranean Sea after Sicily and it is situated in the center of the western basin of the Mediterranean Sea. The island has a total area of 24,199 sq km (9,305 sq mi) and it is covered by mountains and hills. Sardinia also has a total of 1,849 km (1,149 mi) stretch of coastline. You will also find that there are large parts of the island that are uninhabited due to its landscape. With this kind of geography, Sardinia is a popular destination for nature lovers and the island is also a well-known beach holiday destination in Europe.

What Is The Weather In Sardinia?

What Is The Weather In Sardinia

The weather in Sardinia boasts of a Mediterranean climate with long, hot summers and short, mild winters. If you want to experience Sardinia’s summer months, the best time would be between June and August. These months see the hot, sunny days perfect for spending time in Sardinia’s beautiful white sandy beaches. The months of June to August, as well as the first half of September, are the busiest months on the island as it is the peak season and a high number of tourists visit Sardinia. If you want to travel to Sardinia when the weather is mild, chilly, and has fewer crowds, the best time would be between November and December.

Is Sardinia A Windy Island?

Is Sardinia A Windy Island

While Sardinia has a Mediterranean climate, the island is no stranger to strong winds. To know which side of Sardinia is windy, we need to know where the winds are coming from. The island’s location also plays a part in why the island is windy. As we said earlier, Sardinia is located in the center of the Mediterranean Sea’s western basin and is subject to the wind patterns that flow through the Mediterranean. 

So, which part of the island does the wind blow the strongest? Is it in north or south Sardinia? Or, maybe on the western or eastern part of the island.

Sardinia often experiences the Maestrale (Mistral). The Mistral wind is a strong and cold northwest wind that blows through the Rhône valley in southern France. This mostly blows through the north west coast of Sardinia making it a windy part of the island. The Mistral wind is common during the spring but it can sometimes extend through the summer months.

Mistral winds typically last for one to two days but there are instances where the winds last a lot longer. Aside from the Mistral wind, Ponente (west wind) is also a typical wind pattern on the island. Sardinia is often called ‘The Windy Island’ because of its windy nature.

Activities In Sardinia That Are Suited To Windy Conditions

Activities In Sardinia That Are Suited To Windy Conditions

Being a windy island, some of the best things to do in Sardinia are surfing, windsurfing, and kite surfing. The best spot for surfing would be on the west coast of Sardinia as it is the part where the Mistral wind typically flows through. However, Sardinia is home to beautiful beaches and there are a lot of surfing spots on the island aside from the west coast.

Some of the best surfing spots in Sardinia are San Nicolao, Guroneddu, Porto Ferro, and Porto Guanaco. Of course, it is best to check the wind conditions before you dive head-first into the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Avoid going into the water if the wind is strong and if the waves are too big.

Don’t Like A Windy Beach? Here Are Some Of The Best Sheltered Beaches In Sardinia

Here Are Some Of The Best Sheltered Beaches In Sardinia

A windy beach is not for everyone and it is understandable if you would just like to have a relaxing day at the beach without worrying about your stuff flying all over. The summer months in Sardinia can get very dry and hot but it can still be windy at times. As we said earlier, Sardinia is mostly covered in mountains and there are several beaches that are protected from strong winds.

One of the best-sheltered beaches in Sardinia is Capriccioli Beach. It is located in the area of Costa Smeralda on the northeastern coast of Sardinia. Capriccioli Beac is protected by the Mediterranean shrub and it is one of the go-to beaches for families.

Another beach that is sheltered from the strong winds is Cala Coticcio. It is a beautiful beach in the Maddalena Archipelago which is also located on the north east coast of Sardinia. Maria Pintau Beach is located on the southwest coast of Sardinia and is also one of the less windy beaches on the island.

Some of the other less windy beaches in Sardinia are La Terrata, Le Piscine, and Petra Bianca Beach. Do note that the wind in Sardinia changes frequently and there will be days that these beaches will still be windy. But, you will still be able to find sheltered beaches that will suit your needs.

Tips Before Visiting Sardinia

Tips Before Visiting Sardinia

Before you book your trip to Sardinia, plan which months you intend to go to. The summer months experience less wind but there are days that it will still be windy. Make sure to pack a light jacket, especially if you plan on going to Sardinia in the winter. You can also plan which beaches you can go to. If you plan on doing some surfing, the western side is definitely the place to go to.

Wrap Up

The Mistral wind blows through southern France into western Sardinia making western and northern Sardinia more windy. But, it is not only West Sardinia. The island is dubbed ‘The Windy Island’ because of the wind patterns in the Mediterranean Sea.

In this article, we talked about some of the wind patterns that flow through Sardinia. We also talked about some of the best beaches where you can surf and we also included sheltered beaches if you want to experience a calmer beach. We hope you found this article helpful when you plan your trip to Sardinia. If you have any other questions, let us know!

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