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Otranto is a small town located in the province of Lecce in the Italian region of Puglia. It is one of the main tourist destinations of the region and it is known for its historic center and beautiful beaches. Being a small town, you will only probably need to stay for a few days.

If you do decide to stay in Otranto for a few days, there are several hotels in the area that you can choose from. If you are wondering where to stay in Otranto, there are hotels right in the town’s historic center and there are also hotels a few kilometers away from the old town. Some of the best hotels to stay in Otranto are Relais Valle Dell`Idro, Hotel Bellavista Otranto, and Masseria Panareo.

If you are visiting Otranto soon, this article will talk about the things you can do in Otranto. We will also talk about 7 of the best hotels that you can stay in Otranto. 

How To Get To Otranto

How To Get To Otranto

Otranto is one of Puglia’s most charming coastal towns and is one of the main tourist destinations in the region of Puglia. The best way to get around Puglia is by car and it is also the best way to get to Otranto.

The closest airport to Otranto is Brindisi Airport, and car rentals are available. Otranto is over an hour away from Brindisi Airport if you are going to travel by car. If you plan on taking public transportation, you can take the bus or train from Brindisi to Lecce. From there, you can go to Otranto. There are no direct buses and train services from Brindisi to Otranto so the travel time will be a lot longer.

What To Do In Otranto

What To Do In Otranto

Being a coastal town, Otranto is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Puglia. It is also known for having one of the most well-preserved historic sites in the region of Puglia. Otranto is a small town but there are several things to do and see in the town and nearby areas.

Here are some of the best things to do if you plan to visit Otranto.

Visit The Otranto Cathedral

One of the most famous and iconic historical sites in Otranto is the Otranto Cathedral. It is located in Otranto’s center and it was built in 1068. The cathedral has a mixture of Romanesque, Byzantine, and early Christian styles, and its mosaic flooring dates back to the 12th century. The Otranto Cathedral is definitely a must-visit if you will be staying in Otranto.

Explore The Castello Aragonese

Just 2 minutes away from the Otranto Cathedral is the Aragonese Castle. This historical site dating back to 1485 is one of Otranto’s famous landmarks. There is an entrance fee if you want to go inside and going to the castle walls will give you amazing views of the sea as well as the old town of Otranto.

Visit Otranto’s Beaches

As we said earlier, Otranto is home to some of Puglia’s best beaches. It is definitely a must to go to the beaches in Otranto and enjoy a relaxing day on sandy beaches and swim in the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

One of Otranto’s best beaches is Spiaggia dei Gradoni which is just 5 minutes away from the town’s center. This beach is ideal for family as it has calm and shallow waters. Other beaches you can go to are Baia dei Turchi, Porto Badisco, and Torre dell’Orso. These beaches have crystal clear waters and a mix of sandy and rocky beaches. Some of the beaches in Otranto have lidos (paid beach clubs) but there are public beaches that you can go to.

Where To Stay In Otranto

Otranto is a small town in the Puglia region and you don’t really need to spend many days here. But, if you would like to stay for a few days to enjoy this charming town, there are definitely good hotel options around the area.

Staying in the city center is a great option if you want the main historic town and the town’s beach to be within reach. If you don’t mind a short drive to the center of Otranto, there are also hotels a few kilometers away from the Centro Storico, Otranto’s old town. You can also have a pick of Otranto luxury hotels and even small boutique hotels.

Let’s take a look at some of the hotels in Otranto that you can stay in.

Relais Valle Dell`Idro

Relais Valle Dell`Idro

Relais Valle Dell’Idro is a four-star hotel located 5 minutes away from Otranto’s historic center by foot. The convenient location also makes the hotel close to the main attractions such as the Otranto Cathedral and Castello Aragonese. This hotel is also just a 15-minute walk from Spiaggia dei Gradoni.

Relais Valle Dell’Idro offers free Wi-Fi, paid private parking, bicycle rentals, shuttle bus service, and more. The hotel does not have a restaurant but it has two breakfast areas open from 7:30 AM to 10:30 AM. The hotel also has a bar that offers alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Since the hotel is near the historic center, there are several restaurants and cafés within walking distance.

Despite not having a restaurant, the hotel has a wellness center if you want to keep up with your fitness journey while on vacation. The hotel rooms do not offer views of the sea but there is a roof terrace that has a great sea view. The hotel’s accommodations are perfect for different types of travelers – solo, family, and couples. 

Address: Via G. Grasso 4, 73088 Otranto, Italy 

Hotel Bellavista Otranto

Hotel Bellavista Otranto

Hotel Bellavista is a boutique hotel located in the center of Otranto. This hotel is just 6 minutes away from Spiaggia dei Gradoni and is also within walking distance to Otranto Cathedral and Castello Aragonese.

Hotel Bellavista Otranto offers several air conditioned rooms with a balcony and some of these rooms have views of the sea. Some of the amenities that this hotel offers are paid private parking, Wi-Fi, free breakfast, and a shared TV area/lounge. The rooms have TV included and the shared room can be a place for you to meet new people.

There is no restaurant inside the hotel but there are several cafés and restaurants near the property. If you are looking for accommodation in the heart of Otranto, Hotel Bellavista Otranto is a great option.

Address: Via Vittorio Emanuele, 19, 73028 Otranto, Italy

Masseria Panareo

Masseria Panareo

Masseria Panareo is about 12 minutes away from the old town of Otranto. The property is more of a farmhouse than a hotel and it has a vacation home atmosphere than a hotel.

Masseria Panareo offers shuttle service and airport shuttle service at an additional charge. Other amenities that Masseria Panero offers are car hire, room service, wake-up service, and a shared lounge/TV area. The hotel also has facilities for disabled guests. Masseria Panareo has several rooms and some of them have amazing views of the sea. The hotel also has rooms suited for solo travelers, couples, and families. There is a restaurant in the property and they serve specialty Italian dishes as well as traditional Puglia cuisine.

What’s best about this property is that it has an outdoor swimming pool that has great views of the city. While the property is not a beachfront hotel, Masseria Panareo is only about a 10-minute drive from Porto Badisco Beach.

If you like to be away from the hustle and bustle of Otranto’s center, Masseria Panareo is a good place to stay.

Address: Litor. Otranto – Santa Cesarea Terme, 73028 Otranto, Italy

Tenuta Centoporte Resort

Tenuta Centoporte Resort

If you want to experience the countryside of Otranto, staying at Tenuta Centoporte will let you be surrounded by nature. Tenuta Centoporte is just about a 5-minute drive from the town center of Otranto. If you want a relaxing atmosphere away from town, this hotel is a great option.

Some of the amenities offered are bicycle rentals, laundry service, dry cleaning, a banquet room, and Wi-Fi. Tenuta Centoporte is also pet-friendly so if you are traveling with your pets, this hotel is the perfect place for you.

The property has suites and family rooms, and since the property is far from the seaside town of Otranto, there are no rooms with a sea view. The nearest beach, Spiaggia dei Gradoni, is also a 5-minute drive from the property. Tenuta Centoporto also has an outdoor swimming pool if you do not want to drive to town.

The hotel also has a poolside bar, wellness center, and restaurant. Tenuta Centoporte also offers several experiences for their guests such as cooking classes, music therapy, tastings (cure meat, cheeses, and wine), bike excursions, and boat excursions at an additional charge.

Address: Address: Via Vecchia Otranto Giurdignano Localita Montibianchi, 73020, Otranto Italy

Masseria Mongio Dell`Elefante

Masseria Mongio Dell`Elefante

Masseria Mangio Dell`Elefante is a 4-star hotel located next to one of Otranto’s most famous beaches, Baia dei Turchi. It is also a 14-minute drive from Otranto’s historic center. The property is also just about a 10-minute drive from Alimini Beach and Lido La Castellana. Aside from being close to the beach, this hotel also has an outdoor swimming pool that offers amazing views.

Masseria Mangio Dell`Elefante offers several amenities such as free parking, Wi-Fi, laundry service, dry cleaning service, baggage storage, bicycle rentals, and airport transportation. The hotel’s restaurant offers traditional cuisine as well as innovative and modern dishes. The hotel’s wellness center offers total relaxation with services such as massages, saunas, Turkish baths, spa baths, and more.

The hotel can also organize tours and they offer additional activities such as cooking classes, hiking, and cycling at an additional charge. If you are looking for luxury hotels, you will definitely enjoy your stay at Masseria Mangio Dell`Elefante.

Address: Baia dei Turchi, 73028 Otranto, Italy

Masseria dei Monaci

Masseria dei Monaci

About 3 km away from the center of Otranto is Masseria dei Monaci. This property is away from the busy center and it has a countryside atmosphere making it a perfect relaxing getaway. The property also has a lot of greenery making it very easy to immerse yourself in nature. The hotel offers free private parking, Wi-Fi, bicycle rentals, taxi service, laundry service, and other amenities. 

The closest beach to Masseria dei Monaci is Spiaggia dei Gradoni which is about an 8-minute drive. The hotel also has an outdoor swimming pool if you do not want to drive to Otranto’s center. Masseria dei Monaci’s on-site restaurant offers traditional seafood dishes giving you an authentic Salento dining experience.

This hotel also offers other activities such as cooking classes, walking tours, diving, windsurfing, and more at an additional charge. Airport shuttle and shuttle service can also be arranged at a cost. This can be very convenient if you don’t plan on renting a car in Puglia. Just make sure to make the necessary reservations ahead of time to avoid any inconveniences.

Address: Contrada Monaci SP87, Km 1, 73028, Otranto Italy

Masseria Bandino & Spa

Masseria Bandino & Spa

This renovated farmhouse is located 2 km away from Otranto’s center. Some of the hotel property amenities include free parking, Wi-Fi, bicycle rental, banquet room, laundry service, and more.

The property has spacious rooms and a large courtyard with a swimming pool equipped with sun umbrellas, tables, and lounge chairs. Nearby beaches are Spiaggia dei Gradoni, Porto Badisco Beach, and Alimini Beach.

Masseria Bandino has a spa and wellness center that offers Turkish baths, massage rooms, and relaxation areas. The hotel’s spa and wellness center also has a heated swimming pool with hydromassage. The hotel’s restaurant offers traditional Apulian dishes but they also serve new dishes inspired by traditional cuisine. The hotel also offers an 8-course tasting menu for an unforgettable dinner experience. Other activities that Masseria Bandino offers are boat tours, scuba diving, and horseback riding excursions.

Address: Via Uggiano, 73028 Otranto, Italy


The best Otranto hotels will depend on your itinerary and the type of neighborhood you prefer. Otranto is a small town and it is easy to find accommodation based on your preference. 

If you like staying at the heart of Otranto, definitely consider staying at Relais Valle Dell`Idro or Hotel Bellavista Otranto. If you prefer an area with a countryside feel, Tenuta Centoporte Resort and Masseria dei Monaci are great options. We have also included properties with outdoor swimming pools. 

We hope this article helps narrow down your list of hotel accommodations, whether you are looking for the best luxury hotels or a mid-range hotel. If you have any other questions, let us know via the contact form on our website!

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