Should I Go To Corsica Or Sardinia?

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With Sardinia and Corsica being 6.8 miles apart, the best thing to do is to visit both islands, right? If you have the time and money, it is definitely a good idea. But, if you only have room for one island in your itinerary, choosing which island to go to is very hard.

Sardinia is an Italian island known for its stunning beaches with white sands and crystal clear waters. The French island of Corsica, on the other hand, is known for its beautiful coastline and scenery. Both islands are wonderful places to visit so it is understandable if you are having a hard time making a decision.

In this article, we will talk about several factors that can help you decide which is better to visit. So, if you find yourself asking “Should I go to Corsica or Sardinia?” read until the end to find which island is best for you!

Access And Transportation


The French island of Corsica

The French island of Corsica is an island in the Mediterranean Sea (4th largest) and is located south of the mainland of France. There are direct flights to Corsica if you will be coming from several cities in France or other European cities such as Berlin, Lisbon, and London.

Corsica has four airports that commercial planes fly to – Ajaccio, Bastia, Calvi, and Figari. Several European cities fly in all or several of these airports on the island.

If you are coming from Italy, you can go to Corsica via a ferry boat. You can choose to depart from these cities in Italy – Genoa, Savona, as well as Piombino and Livorno in Tuscany.

Once you are on the island, the most efficient way to get around is by car. But, there is also public transportation in Corsica to bring you to your desired destinations. Other ways to get around the island are by bus, taxi, or train.


The island of Sardinia

The island of Sardinia is the second-largest island in the Mediterranean Sea after Sicily. The island lies west of the Italian Peninsula and south of Corsica Island. With Corsica and Sardinia being neighboring islands, most people think that Sardinia is also a French island or that Corsica is an Italian island. But, Sardinia is actually one of the regions of Italy.

Like Corsica, Sardinia is also reachable by air or by sea. Several European cities also have direct flights to 3 cities in Sardinia – Olbia, Alghero, and Cagliari. Corsica is also accessible from Sardinia via a ferry boat. There are several ports on the island if you wish to travel by sea.

If you will be coming from Sardinia, the ferry departing from Santa Teresa di Gallura going to Corsica only takes about one hour. To get around Sardinia, you either can rent a car or take public transport such as trains and buses.

Beaches And Other Activities


Beaches in Corsica

Beaches in Corsica are fewer than in Sardinia but, you can expect beautiful beaches on the island. The beaches in Corsica have white sands and turquoise waters perfect for a relaxing day. 

Some of the beautiful Corsican beaches are Palombaggia, Sperone, and Rondinara. There are also other activities that you can do on some of the beaches. If you are thinking of trying sailing or are into sailing, Les Glénans is a famous sailing school that is located in Bonifacio which is a town in Corsica.

Aside from spending your day at beautiful beaches, there are also other things you can do in Corsica such as biking, hiking, canyoning, and horse-riding.


Sardinia is Italy's most beautiful and pristine beaches

Sardinia is home to some of Italy’s most beautiful and pristine beaches. With over 1000 miles of coastline, you will be hard-pressed to find a spot without the white sand beaches and crystal clear waters.

From unspoiled beaches in Olbia to the best beaches in the glamorous Costa Smeralda, you will definitely see the beauty that Sardinia’s beaches have to offer. Some of the best beaches in Sardinia are Costa Rei, Spiaggia della Pelosa, and Spiaggia del Principe.

If you would like to take a break from the beach, you can also visit the archaeological site of Su Nuraxi in Barumini. This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site built by the Nuragic civilization during the Middle Bronze Age (1500 – 1300 BC). You can also go on a boat tour of La Maddalena for more unspoiled beaches on the island.



Civet de Sanglier

Being islands in the Mediterranean, you might think that both Sardinia and Corsica share a love for fish and seafood dishes. While Corsica has seafood dishes, Corsica is big on meat from a wild boar.

If you ask around for the island’s signature dish, you will be served the Civet de Sanglier (wild boar stew). Aside from wild boar, you can also expect other dishes with Mediterranean herbs and spices, tomatoes, and olives. If you are a meat lover, you will definitely enjoy Corsican cuisine.


Su Porcheddu

If you like Italian flavors, Sardinian cuisine typically includes pasta, pizza, and seafood dishes. You can also expect seafood dishes but pork is the island’s specialty. If you want to taste authentic Sardinian cuisine, make sure to try Su Porcheddu also known as roast suckling pig. This dish is one of the famous dishes on the island and you don’t want to miss out on this delicious and crispy meal.


Corsica and Sardinia Accommodation

There are a lot of hotels and resorts in both Corsica and Sardinia. If you are looking to stay in luxury hotels, you will most likely find them near most beaches on both islands and they often offer amazing views of the sea. Aside from luxury resorts and hotels, you can also find mid-range accommodations throughout Corsica and Sardinia.


Corsica vs. Sardinia who is more expensive

You probably think that Sardinia, being the bigger island, would be more expensive than Corsica. Both islands can be expensive to visit but, Corsica is more expensive than Sardinia when it comes to accommodation and food. You might want to go to areas that are not the usual tourist spots if you don’t want to spend much on Corsica. Being a French island, you can also expect food and accommodation prices in Corsica to be similar to mainland France.

When Is The Best Time To Travel To Corsica And Sardinia?

When Is The Best Time To Travel To Corsica And Sardinia

Being neighboring islands, you can find the weather in both Sardinia and Corsica to be almost similar.

The two islands are very busy during the summer. Expect Sardinia to be crowded during the months of June, July, August, and the first half of September. While Corsica has a lot of visitors during the months of June, July, and August.

If you want to avoid the summer crowd, Corsica and Sardinia can definitely be visited year-round. But, if you go during the winter, the waters will be colder. Unless you like swimming in cold water, you probably won’t enjoy swimming at the beach.

The temperatures can also drop during the winter season in Capri and Sardinia so you might want to dress in layers if you plan on visiting during winter. If you want to visit both islands without the summer crowds but with the weather still warm enough to swim at the beaches, you can visit Sardinia during the months of April to May and September to October. On the other hand, Corsica is also best to visit during May and September.

What Is Better: Sardinia Or Corsica – Verdict

Choosing between two destinations is really a hard decision to make, especially with islands like the French Corsica and the Italian Sardinia. 

Both Mediterranean islands have fabulous beaches and various activities that you can do. Sardinia and Corsica also offer amazing and delicious cuisine packed with flavor. Both islands have a lot to offer and at the end of the day, the final decision will depend on your personal preferences.

One factor that might affect your decision is the cost of both destinations. While both islands can be expensive, Corsica is more expensive than Sardinia. If you are on a budget, definitely go to Sardinia. But, if you have the time and money to go to both islands, we say go for it! Corsica vs Sardinia? Which one are you choosing? Let us know! Happy travels!

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