Korcula Vs Hvar: Which Croatian Island To Visit?

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Croatia is a popular tourist destination in the Mediterranean and people mostly visit Dubrovnik, Split, and Zagreb. While these cities are popular in their own right, Hvar and Korcula are among the many beautiful destinations off of mainland Croatia.

These two islands have stunning coastlines, good food, historical sights, and other attractions. Choosing between these two islands in the Adriatic Sea can be hard. Both islands have a lot to offer and there are a lot of activities you can do in Hvar and Korcula. If you want a more laid-back and relaxing journey, Korcula is the island for you. If you are after the nightlife and party scene, definitely stay in Hvar.

In this article, we will talk about the differences and similarities between Hvar and Korcula. If you are having a hard time deciding between the two islands, read until then so you can pick an island that suits you best!

Sights And Activities

Sights And Activities

Both islands have a lot to offer when it comes to sights and attractions.

In Hvar Island, you can get picturesque views of the Hvar Town and the Pakleni Islands from the Španjola Fortress (Hvar Fort, also called Fortica). A visit to the Fortica has an entrance fee which you will pay at the entrance of the castle. Aside from taking in the views of Hvar, you can also visit the old prison in the castle. There is also a place in the fort where you can get drinks.

Another thing to do in Hvar is visit St. Stephen’s Cathedral and the town square. This cathedral is located in the heart of Hvar Town and was built in the 16th and 17th centuries in the Baroque Style which is prevalent around the island. There are also a lot of buildings in the town square where you can shop or dine in one of the cafes with views of the cathedral.

Like Hvar, Korcula is also known for its historical sights. Korcula is home to one of the most beautiful Medieval towns and this town is also one of the most visited places on the island. There are many things to do in Korcula’s Old Town. You can visit the Korcula Town Museum to learn about the town’s pre-historic and modern times. 

Another must-visit site is the Marco Polo Korcula Museum located outside the city walls.

Marco Polo was said to have been born in Korcula, although many historians believe that the famous explorer was born in Venice. The Marco Polo Korcula Museum showcases the history surrounding Marco Polo and his connection to the island of Korcula.

Aside from visiting museums and looking at beautiful architecture, you can also go hiking on the island. Hiking Korcula will give you stunning views of the Korcula Old Town, especially when you climb over 120 steps to St. Anthony’s Chapel.

Food And Wine

Food And Wine

Both Korcula and Hvar have delicious cuisine and you can never go wrong in eating in one of the island’s many restaurants and wine bars.

Hvar is big on fresh seafood and if you want to experience Dalmatian cuisine, make sure to dine in one of the town’s many taverns. Some of the best dishes you need to try when in Hvar are Gregada and Dalmatian Peka. Gregada is a traditional Hvar dish with different types of fish while Peka is a baked dish with either meat or octopus and vegetables.

Hvar is also known for its desserts such as Rožata, a traditional dessert that is a mix between a custard and a creme brulee, and the island’s ancient dessert which is Pećica na Tećicu. This dessert is made by frying goat cheese in caramelized sugar or honey. You should also try Hvar’s famous traditional gingerbread cookies, Paprenjak.

Korcula is also not lacking when it comes to the food scene. Like Hvar, Korcula also has a lot of seafood dishes. Aside from traditional Croatian dishes, you will also find some traces of the Italian influence of Korcula Cuisine.

One traditional dish on the island is Zrnovski Makaruni, which is a homemade pasta that is served with a variety of sauces. Korcula also has Peka, which is a must-try when you visit the island. Korcula also uses olive oil in almost all of their cuisine. You will definitely find olive oil as a staple in most homes in Korcula.

Both Korcula and Hvar also produce wine. Hvar is mostly known for its red wine while Korcula is known for its white wine. Wine-tasting tours are available on both islands if you are interested in learning about the island’s wine production.

Nightlife And Partying

Nightlife And Partying

Some of you might not be at all interested in historical sites and would rather go to a destination with active nightlife. When it comes to the nightlife and party scene, no other place in Croatia can’t beat Hvar. It is considered a party island and one of the best nightlife destinations in Croatia.

There are a lot of bars and clubs that you can visit when Hvar’s party scene comes to life at night. Most of these bars are also beach bars and one of the most famous beach bars in Hvar is the Hula Hula Beach Bar.

If you are not one for partying, Korcula will be your best option. However, you can still have a delicious cocktail in one of Korcula’s lounge bars. While not as exciting as the ones in Hvar, Korcula still has a decent nightlife. It is just more laidback and cozy compared to Hvar.

If you want an exciting and thrilling nightlife, Hvar is definitely the winner.


Hvar vs Korcula Accommodation Differences

When choosing a destination to visit, accommodation is probably the most important factor to consider unless you are just doing a day trip. Both Hvar and Korcula have a variety of options when it comes to accommodation.

However, Hvar has more options than Korcula. Not only because Hvar is larger than Korcula, but it is also more busier as it is closest to Croatia’s second-largest city, Split. Hvar has a lot of high-end resorts and luxury hotels that overlook the crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic Sea. If you are looking for a less expensive place to stay, Hvar also has hostels and budget-friendly hotels.

Korcula, on the other hand, mostly has boutique hotels, family-run bed and breakfast places, and private apartments. Staying in Korcula will give you a more cozy and homey vibe while Hvar will give you that luxurious atmosphere. Choosing between these two islands for accommodation will definitely depend on your own preference.


Hvar vs Korcula Cost Differences

Being larger and busier, Hvar is definitely more expensive than Korcula. Hvar is also the more popular destination of the two. This contributes to the island’s expensive prices when it comes to hotels, food, and activities. 

Luxury hotels in Hvar also cost more, especially those with views of the sea. Hotel prices tend to go up during the summer as it is where the island is most busy. If you plan on staying in Hvar, be prepared to spend a lot.

Korcula, on the other hand, is a more affordable island to visit. Korcula offers cheaper options when it comes to accommodation, food, and activities. If you are on a tight budget, you can always stay in Korcula and do just a day trip to Hvar.


Hvar vs Korcula Beaches Comparison

A trip to either Hvar or Korcula is not complete without visiting their amazing beaches.

If you are after beach clubs, Hvar will take the number one spot. As we said earlier, Hvar has a very active nightlife and most of these bars are in beach clubs. Hvar is also home to pebble beaches with crystal clear waters.

There are a lot of water activities that you can do in Hvar such as water skiing, wakeboarding, surfing, and kitesurfing. There are also boat tours that go to the Pakleni Islands. Some of the great beaches in Hvar are Duboviva Beach, Mekicevica Beach, Pokonji Dol, and Jagonda Beach.

If you want to visit laidback beaches, Korcula is definitely a great option. Korcula has a lot of secluded, sandy beaches which is perfect if you want to have a more relaxing time at the beach. You can also enjoy scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, and canoeing on some of Korcula’s beaches. Some of the best beaches in Korcula are Beach Vela Przina, Pupnatska Luka Beach, Beach Bacva, and Raznjic Penisula Beach.

It definitely is hard to choose which island has the best beaches as there are a lot of beautiful secluded beaches that line both Hvar and Korcula’s coastline.


It can be hard to choose between the two beautiful islands and several factors can affect your decision whether it be the island’s tourist attractions, food, accommodation, nightlife, and cost.

Both Hvar and Korcula are Croatian islands and they definitely have similarities. However, Hvar is more expensive than Korcula. Hvar also has a very active nightlife compared to Korcula. If you have the budget for it and want to experience the best nightlife destination in Croatia, Hvar is the island for you. But, if you want a more relaxing travels, definitely go to Korcula.

You can also do day trips to the island where you won’t be staying as they are only a ferry ride from each other. We hope this article helps you prepare for your travel to these amazing Croatian islands! If you have any other questions, let us know!

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