Is Sardinia A French Island?

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Sardinia and Corsica are two of the many islands in the Mediterranean and are both popular destinations in Europe. Sardinia is 12 km. (7.5 mi.) south of the French island of Corsica and is often thought of to be part of France.

While Sardinia is close to Corsica, it is not a French island. Sardinia is an Italian island located 200 km. (120 mi.) west of mainland Italy. The official language of the island is Italian although the Sardinian language, Sardu, is also widely spoken by locals. Sardinia has been part of Italy since the unification of Italy in 1861.

If you are a little confused about where Sardinia is, we will talk about where Sardinia is located. We will also talk about the island that is part of France which is Corsica.

Where Is Sardinia?

Where Is Sardinia

When some people outside of the Mediterranean basin think of Sardinia, they usually wonder where it is located. Sardinia is an island in the Mediterranean Sea and it is located west of mainland Italy. It is also the second-largest Mediterranean island (after Sicily), and is a popular holiday destination among tourists.

Sardinia is just 12 km (7.5 miles) south from the French island of Corsica and 200 km (120 miles) west of mainland Italy. Since Sardinia is closer to a French island than the Italian mainland itself, is Sardinia French?

While it is situated between Italy and France, and very close to French Corsica, Sardinia is not French.

The island of Sardinia is actually one of the 20 regions of Italy and it is not a part of France. The Sardinian coast offers some of the most beautiful beaches in Italy with crystal-clear waters and stunning landscapes.

French Invasion of Sardinia

While Sardinia is not part of France, there were actually multiple attempts by France to invade Sardinia over the years. For example, Sardinia defended itself against French invasion twice in 1793. Prior to that there were attacks by a French fleet in 1637, and an attack and siege by the French army in 1527. However, Sardinia was never defeated or fully occupied by the French and never became part of France.

How Big Is Sardinia

How Big Is Sardinia

Sardinia is definitely a large island with an area of 14,090 sq. km. (9,301 sq. mi.) and an estimated population of 1,579,181 as of 2022. It is about 1,621 sq. km. (625 sq. mi.) smaller than Sicily which is the largest island in the Mediterranean.

If you plan to visit Sardinia, you definitely need to spend at least 2 weeks if you want to explore the island. Even then, 2 weeks might not be enough to cover the entire island without feeling a little rushed. With a large island like Sardinia, there are definitely a lot of places to see, especially if you are a beach lover looking for an Italian adventure.

Cagliari, The Capital City Of Sardinia

Cagliari, The Capital City Of Sardinia

One of the best towns on the southern coast of Sardinia is its capital city, Cagliari. The city of Cagliari is known for its historical center and archeological sites. It is also where the main airport of Sardinia is located.

If you are already in Europe, there are several cities, like Milan in Northern Italy, that have a direct flight to Sardinia. The Cagliari Airport is the biggest airport on the island and is about a 15 to 20-minute drive to the city center. There are also direct flights to Alghero, which is another city in Sardinia located on the western coast.

The language spoken in Sardinia is Italian but locals also speak the Sardinian dialect. You will also find locals that also speak the English language but, it is mostly in main tourist areas and major cities like Cagliari, Olbia, and Sassari. If you have Sardinia as your next travel destination, learning basic Sardinian and Italian phrases is a great way to communicate and connect with the locals.

Corsica – The French Island

Corsica - The French Island

Corsica Island is a French island located west of the Italian Peninsula and southeast of the French mainland. It is also the fourth-largest island in the Mediterranean Sea with an area of 6,681 sq. km. (3,352 sq. mi.) and an estimated population of 351,225 as of 2023.

Most people also think that the island of Corsica is Italian since it is closer to Sardinia. You will find that the culture of Corsica is more Italian than French which is why some people are confused. Corsica is more Italian because of the 500-year rule of the Genoese.

While you may find a more Italian vibe on the island of Corsica, Corsicans are considered French. Locals also widely speak French and it is also the official language of the island. However, you will also hear various dialects similar to the Italian language. The Corsican dialect, Corsu, is said to be closely related to the Tuscan language.

Which Is Nicer: Sardinia Or Corsica?

Which Is Nicer Sardinia Or Corsica

This will depend on your personal preference. If you like spending time at the beach, Sardinia is the perfect place for you. Sardinia is home to some of the best beach destinations like Costa Smeralda and it also has unique archeological sites that give the island a rich history. If you like outdoor activities such as hiking, nature, wildlife, and other water sports such as kayaking, sailing, and diving, Corsica is the place to visit. Both islands also offer delicious cuisine and amazing scenery and you will definitely enjoy your stay.


While Sardinia is closer to the French island of Corsica, Sardinia is not a part of France. Sardinia Island is an Italian region. The official language of Sardinia is Italian and Sardinians are also considered Italians.

Sardinia and Corsica are two islands in the Mediterranean and they have their own charm and beauty. You will definitely enjoy your stay on either island as both islands have a lot to offer. Have you decided which island in the Mediterranean is your next destination? Let us know!

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