Is Noto, Sicily Dangerous For Travel?

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Traveling is a nice way to explore other cultures and immerse yourself in new experiences. Sicily is a stunning Italian island on the Mediterranean Sea and is an autonomous region of Italy. It is a beautiful destination with many wonderful neighborhoods with Noto being one of them.

As a tourist who is traveling to a new place, you probably have a lot of worries and questions. Is Noto worth the visit? Is Noto dangerous? These are common questions that first-time travelers usually think of.

With Sicily having a reputation because of the Mafia, it is normal to think about your safety when traveling. The majority of the towns in Sicily are safe to visit and are not dangerous at all and Noto is not a dangerous place.

If you are having doubts, this article will help you with any hesitations you have about Noto. This article also has safety travel tips to make your trip fun and memorable.

Where Is Noto Located?

Where Is Noto Located

Noto is located in the south-east of Sicily in the province of Syracuse and the town has amazing baroque architecture dating back to the early 18th century. Noto was actually destroyed by an earthquake in 1693 and the town was rebuilt to what it is in the present time. Val di Noto (literally translated to Province of Noto) has a lot of history and, along with the Noto Cathedral, is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Is Noto Dangerous?

Is Noto Dangerous

Sicily, in general, has a reputation for being a dangerous place among visitors. The reputation of the Sicilian Mafia or Costa Nostra has a lot to do with why tourists think Sicily is not a safe place to visit.

Despite being thought of as a dangerous place, Sicily is actually a safe place for tourists. This includes Noto, too. The town of Noto is one of the places in Sicily that is safe for tourists, including solo female travelers. It is also one of the more popular destinations in Sicily.

A lot of people visit Noto to get a glimpse of the baroque architecture of the town. It is also dubbed as the capital of Sicilian Baroque because of the town’s stunning architecture. If you are traveling to Sicily and are planning to visit Noto, you do not need to worry.

As we said earlier, Noto is a safe town in Sicily but as a tourist, you have the responsibility of being aware of your surroundings. While Noto is generally a safe place in Sicily, you might still encounter common problems that tourists face all over the world. 

Noto, Sicily Safety Tips

Noto, Sicily Safety Tips

Noto is a safe place for tourists. But you still need to take precautions whenever you are traveling to a foreign place, especially if it is your first time. Here are some safety tourist travel tips that you can do to make your trip to Noto, Sicily safe, fun, and memorable:

1. Be aware of your surroundings and keep all of your personal belongings hidden. If possible, don’t take all of your money with you when you go out and bring only what you need. This also applies if you have several credit and debit cards. It is easy to get lost in the wonderful sites that Noto has to offer but this is also a chance for pickpockets to make their move. Make sure to pay extra attention to crowded places such as public transport, train stations, and public markets.

2. If you will be renting a car to get around other parts of Sicily, make sure to rent a car that has insurance that covers third-party damages caused to the car. There are some places in Sicily where car theft happens or valuables inside the car goes missing. But, you don’t have to worry about it in Noto. However, it is better to be safe and get maximum insurance in case something happens.

3. If you are a solo traveler, especially a solo female traveler, it is best to go to regular tourist attractions. While exploring areas that tourists do not often go to can be a great way to immerse yourself in the town, sticking to areas where the tourists are can be safer.

4. Get medical travel insurance in case you need emergency medical treatment. While major crime statistics in Sicily have decreased over the years, having medical insurance can cover the cost of hospitalization and other medical care you may need.

Best Places To Stay And Avoid In Sicily

Best Places To Stay And Avoid In Sicily

Noto is already a great place in Sicily but if you want to explore other towns, here are other neighborhoods that are safe for tourists:

– Cefalù

– Siracusa

– Ragusa

– Palermo

– Taormina

Ragusa is also listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site while Cefalù is a town on the Tyrrhenian coast of Sicily. Palermo is the capital city of Sicily and the city center is closer to most tourist destinations while Siracusa is also more of a historical town in Sicily. Taormina is also a coastal resort town and is one of the popular tourist destinations in Sicily.

Like in any other country, there are also dangerous neighborhoods in Sicily that you want to avoid:

– Librino, Catania

– Zen District, Brancaccio District, and Ballarò Market in Palermo

– Villagrazia Falsomiele

These neighborhoods have a higher crime rate than the other towns in Sicily.


Even though Sicily has a reputation because of the mafia, you shouldn’t have to worry about the Sicilian Mafia and violent crimes if you are visiting. There are bad neighborhoods in Sicily but there are more places that are safe for tourists. Noto is one of the towns in Sicily that is safe for tourists, especially for those who love baroque architecture.

Aside from Noto, there are other major cities in Sicily that are safe to visit and we have included them in this article. We hope this article helps clear out any safety concerns you have about visiting Noto. If you have any other questions, let us know how we can help!

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