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Hvar is a lively island flocked by tourists yearly because of its picturesque views, nightlife, and beaches. But one thing people might not know about Hvar is its wine scene. The wine industry in Hvar goes way back to when the ancient Greeks arrived and planted vines on the island.

Having natural fields, it makes sense to continue building the wine industry in Hvar. Now, there are a lot of wineries on the island and they offer wine tastings to visitors. Some of the best Hvar wineries that have wine tours are Pinjata Winery, Zlatan Otok, and Tomić Winery. You will probably hear these names if you ask around about wines in Hvar. If you want to visit them make sure to book a wine tour in advance.

In this article, we will be talking about these 3 wineries and what they offer. If you are ready for the best Hvar wines, read on!

Wines Of Hvar

Wines Of Hvar

The Island of Hvar is a popular destination for tourists because of its amazing sceneries, natural landscape, and beautiful beaches. Hvar Island is also known as a party island because of its active nightlife and it is also considered as the best island in Croatia for partying. While all these make Hvar worth visiting, some people might not know that Hvar is also known as the island of wine.

Hvar has a rich history with wines dating back over 2400 years ago when ancient Greek settlers planted original vines in the fields of Hvar. The island also has a sunny climate and a lot of natural fields making it perfect for wineries and vineyards.

Most tourists visit Hvar Town the most but if you want to taste the best wines Hvar has to offer, you have to look at areas outside of Hvar Town. Let’s take a look at some of the best wineries on Hvar Island.

Best Wineries In Hvar

Pinjata Winery

Pinjata Winery

The municipality of Vrboska is a hidden gem on the island and is located approximately 25 km east of Gvar Town. The Pinjata Winery is located in the old center of Vrboska and is a family-run winery that has been in operation for six generations and is still running now.

Pinjata Winery uses two grape varieties for their white wine which are bogdanuša and parč. Their red wine, on the other hand, uses plavac mali grapes. Aside from wine tastings, you also get to pair the wine with the finest local delicacies like smoked ham, cheeses, and salads.

To get to Vrboska from Hvar Town, you can either take the bus or taxi and the travel time can take about 45 minutes. You can also opt to rent a car or scooter if you want to take a more scenic route.

Zlatan Otok

Zlatan Otok Winery

Located on the southern side of the island of Hvar in Sveti Nedilja, Zlatan Otok Winery is one of the best wineries you need to visit in Hvar. Zlatan Otok has received a lot of recognition for its wines in both Croatia and the international wine scene. This winery is also known for its underwater wine cellar, which will definitely be a unique experience if you decide to visit.

A visit to Zlatan Otok includes a visit to their wine archive that is below sea level. Wine tastings and a chance to buy their wine at bargain basement prices are also included. Zlatan offers red wine, white wine, and dessert wines.

Aside from wine tasting, you can also make your way to their restaurant, Bilo Idro, for a scrumptious lunch or dinner. Their restaurant offers fresh traditional seafood and other dishes. To get to Zlatan Otok, you can either drive to the location or take a water taxi from Hvar Town.

Tomić Winery

Tomić Winery

Tomić Winery is located in the municipality of Jelsa about 30 km east of Hvar Town and a 20-minute drive from Vrboska. Their wine cellar is actually located in a newly built winery. But, Tomić Winery has a 150-year history with wine and still follows their traditional winemaking process from many years ago.

Tomić Winery has what they call Favorit degustation and VIP degustation which you can book in advance. The Favorit degustation includes a tour of the winery and cellar, and 6 wine tastings along with bread and olive oil. This wine tasting typically lasts for one hour.

The VIP degustation takes about 2 hours and it also includes a wine and cellar tour. You also get a personal guided wine tasting paired with a suitable snack. If you want to even upgrade your wine testing to another level, Tomić winery offers a tasting called ‘Ancient Roman Feast In Toga’. This wine tasting lasts for 2.5 hours and you get to have a private tasting of all of their wines and suitable snacks.

You can get to Jelsa via car, bus, or taxi.


Hvar Island is not just for beach lovers, party people, and history lovers. It is also a great destination for people who enjoy a glass of the best wine. Pinjata Winery, Zlatan Otok, and Tomić Winery are some of the most outstanding wineries you must visit in Hvar if you are a wine lover. You can definitely squeeze in a half-day tour to experience Hvar’s top quality wines. All three wineries offer red, white, and even dessert wines but the wine-tasting experience can vary. We talked about all three wineries in this article to prepare you for a great wine adventure in Hvar! If you have any questions, let us know!

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