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Porto, Portugal’s second-largest city after Lisbon has a lot of things to offer. Porto is home to UNESCO World Heritage sites, beautiful cities, historical landmarks, wine cellars, and specialty coffee shops.

Porto can definitely be a day trip coming from Lisbon but, it might be a tight schedule and a weekend getaway might be the best option to see what Porto has to offer. With many places to see, food to eat, wine to taste, and coffee to drink, there are also a lot of hotels in Porto where you can stay during the duration of your visit.

For the best hotel in Porto, we recommend Torel 1884 for its charismatic interior. This hotel is full of character and is located in the heart of Porto. For coffee lovers out there, Torel 1884 is just 2 minutes away from Fábrica Coffee Roasters, one of Porto’s specialty cafés.

If you like to stay in Porto’s city center or near the area, there are a lot of hotels to choose from and we’ve narrowed them down to 10 hotels and 2 of which are just a short ride away from Porto’s city center.

Hotels In Porto, Portugal

There are a lot of hotels you can stay in when you visit Porto. From luxury hotels to boutique hotels, the hotel industry in Porto does not disappoint. We have narrowed Porto’s best hotels down to 10 and we’ve got 5-star hotels, luxury hotels, and boutique hotels for you to choose from. These hotels all have amenities you can enjoy while you are not out and about sightseeing in Porto.

Learn more about the best neighborhoods in Porto before making your choice.

Let’s take a look at some of the best Porto hotels:

Torel 1884

Torel 1884 - Suites & Apartments

The Torel 1884 – Suites & Apartments opened its doors on February 15, 2019, and has two buildings that house several luxury rooms, suites, and apartments. The first building at Rua Mouzinho da Silveira is a 19th-century mansion with 12 luxury rooms and suites. The 2nd building at Rua das Flores street is where the 11 luxury apartments are. 

These two buildings are within walking distance of each other and are both located in the heart of Porto. Ribeira do Porto and Avenida dos ALiados, two of Porto’s landmarks, are about 4 to 5 walking distance from Torel 1884.

As you step into the hotel, you will feel like a voyager traveling worldwide. Each floor of the hotel has different themes according to different continents: Africa, America, and Asia.

For coffee lovers who like exploring specialty coffee during their travels, Fábrica Coffee Roaster is just a 2-minute walk from Torel 1884.

Some of the hotel amenities include free Wifi and airport transportation. The hotel is also kid and family-friendly which is perfect for travelers who are traveling with children.

Address: Rua Mouzinho da Silveira, N.º228, Porto, 4050-417 Portugal

Torel Palace Porto

Torel Palace Porto

Part of the Torel Boutiques along with Torel 1884, the Torel Palace is a 5-star boutique hotel that boasts 24 rooms and suites. This hotel was inaugurated in February 2020 and is located in the heart of Porto.

The building, Campos Navarro Palace where the hotel is located, was built in 1861 and is full of charm with its burgeois romantic interior. As you step into one of the first-floor bedrooms, you will be welcomed with rich stucco ceilings and portraits of different illustrious Portuguese writers and poets.

The hotel’s historic and artistic vibes have amenities like a spa, swimming pool, and restaurant. If you feel like getting Porto coffee in one of the city’s oldest and iconic café, the Café Majestic is just a 5-minute walk from Torel Palace. But, if you are more into specialty coffees, C’Alma Coffee Room is also a 5-minute walk from the hotel.

Torre dos Clérigos and Palacio da Bolsa are some of the attractions near the hotel.

Address: Rua da Entreparedes N. 42, Porto, 4000-197 Portugal

The Yeatman

The Yeatman Hotel in Porto

For wine lovers out there, The Yeatman is located at Vila Nova de Gaia, the southern bank of the Douro River, where the port wine houses are located. While this hotel is not located in Porto’s city center, The Yeatman boasts amazing views of the UNESCO World Heritage historic Porto, the Douro River, and the Dom Luis Bridge.

This hotel has several rooms and suites with stunning panoramic views of the city and the hotel’s decanter-shaped pool.

The Yeatman is also known for its two-star Michelin restaurant where you can enjoy traditional Portuguese cuisine with a touch of contemporary flavors.

You can expect comprehensive wine choices not only from Porto but from all around the globe from The Yeatman’s wine cellars. The hotel’s Bar & Bistro has a wide selection of the finest wood-aged and vintage ports which you can buy by the glass or by the bottle. Aside from wine, they also serve snacks and light dishes which are available from 12:30 to 23:00.

Address: Rua do Choupelo, (Santa Marinha) 4400-088 Vila Nova de Gaia, Porto

Exmo Hotel

Exmo Hotel in Porto

For travelers who want to get a feel for a cozy and homey vibe, the Exmo hotel offers a laid-back atmosphere that makes you feel right at home. This hotel has quaint exteriors in harmony with traditional Portuguese houses but the interior offers more of a modern and industrial feel.

The Exmo hotel is not far from historical buildings like the Palácio da Bolsa, which is a neo-classical landmark in Porto. It is also near restaurants and is just a few minutes walk from the river.

The Exmo hotel has several rooms, suites, and a penthouse that offers great views of the Douro river. Some of the rooms have a French balcony where you can enjoy the view of the city and other rooms have views overlooking the main square.

The hotel’s bar serves brunch, light meals, desserts, cocktails, craft beers, and hot beverages for you to enjoy.

Address: Rua do Infante D. Henrique, 55-61, 4050-297 Porto

PortoBay Flores

PortoBay Flores Hotel in Porto

The PortoBay Flores is a 5-star hotel located in the city of Porto. This hotel has two buildings, a 16th-century palace and a new wing that was built from scratch. PortoBay Florer is situated in a 16-century building which adds to the hotel’s charm. The interior of the rooms, however, offers a more contemporary feel.

Some of the suites in the new wing have a veranda that offers great views of the city. PrtoBay Flores has 66 rooms and suites and some of the hotel’s amenities include a spa, restaurant, bar, gym, and a small indoor pool.

If you’re up for a cup of specialty coffee, Fábrica Cofee Roasters is just 4 minutes from the hotel.

Address: Rua das Flores 27, 4050-416, Porto, Portugal

Torel Avantgarde

Torel Avantgarde Hotel

Another hotel from the Torel Boutiques is the Torel Avantgarde. This is a 5-star luxury boutique hotel in Porto that boasts an artistic, cultural, and avant-garde scene. The Torel Avantgarde has 39 rooms and 21 suites which are divided into 12 different categories. Most of these rooms and suites have a balcony that overlooks the Douro River. 

Like other Torel Boutiques, Tore Avantgarde has a restaurant where you can have gastronomic experiences with its offerings of delicious food. Torel Avantgarde’s restaurant, Tenro by Digby, has a terrace overlooking the Douro River.

After a day of exploring Porto, you can head on to the hotel’s Calla Wellness & Spa where you can avail of several spa treatments for a relaxing experience.

Address: Rua da Restauraçāo, 336, Porto, 4050-501 Portugal

Rosa Et Al Townhouse

Rosa Et Al Townhouse

For those who prefer intimate and smaller hotels, Rosa Et Al Townhouse is the place to stay. This hotel is located in an artsy neighborhood and is surrounded by different art galleries and art studios. Travelers who are drawn to the arts will surely appreciate the location of this hotel.

Rosa Et Al Townhouse only has 7 rooms with modern, vintage, and contemporary designs. As a small hotel, they source their food locally. You can expect traditional Portuguese cuisine as well as contemporary Mediterranean cuisine using fresh and natural ingredients in the hotel’s restaurant.

If you have time to learn about Portuguese food during your stay in Porto, Rosa Et AL Townhouse offers culinary workshops in their townhouse kitchen. Other amenities of the hotel include a spa where you can avail of their aromatherapy for a relaxing time after a day of sightseeing. The hotel also has a deli where you can purchase different goods, wines, and fresh farm produce which are sourced locally.

Address: Rua do Rosário, 233, 4050-524, Porto, Portugal

Casa da Companhia

Casa da Companhia

Casa da Companhia is another 5-star luxury hotel located at the center of Porto. This hotel has 40 rooms and suites as well as different amenities such as a fitness suite, heated indoor and outdoor pools, a spa, and an outdoor terrace that has picturesque views of the Clérigos district.

If you want to get fit while on vacation, Casa da Companhia has a fully-equipped gym for your fitness needs.

The hotel’s suites also have their own balcony where you can take in stunning views of the city. Flower Street, or Rua das Flores, where the hotel is located, is lined with several jeweler stores and other shoes like chocolatiers, groceries, craft shops, restaurants, and cafés.

The hotel’s bar, which has direct access to the famous and vibrant Flower Street, lets you enjoy Portuguese-inspired snacks and drinks. The hotel’s restaurant offers Mediterranean cuisine which is inspired by flavors from India. The restaurant is open for breakfast and dinner so you’ll have to head on to other places for lunch.

Address: Rua das Flores n. 69, Porto, Portugal

Porto A.S. 1829

Porto A.S. 1829 Hotel

Located in Porto’s city center is Porto A.S. 1829. The hotel started out as a stationary store in 1829 named Armazém de Paper ao Mourinho de S. Domingos before being revitalized as a hotel.

The Porto A.S. 1829 is rich with history as it is located in the historic center of Porto. This hotel is just a couple of minutes away from the Douro River, Palácio da Bolsa, Livraria Lello, and other important landmarks in Porto. If you are a traveler who likes to see the old town of Porto, this hotel is where you want to stay. There are 41 rooms which are divided into 8 different types and you will surely find a room that will fit your needs. Most of the hotel rooms have a view of the city and there are connecting rooms for those traveling with their families.

Porto A.S. 1829’s restaurant used to be an art gallery and now you can have gastronomic experiences with the restaurant’s offering of different flavors through Portuguese cuisine.

This hotel is also just a 5-minute walk to Fábrica Coffee Roasters if you are craving Porto’s specialty coffee.

Address: Largo de S. Domingos, 45-55, 4050-097, Porto, Portugal

Pestana Palácio do Freixo

Pestana Palácio do Freixo

This hotel is a little far out from the old town and main tourist attractions but, the amazing view of the river makes up for the distance of the hotel to Porto’s city center.

Pestana Palácio do Freixo is a luxury hotel that is approximately 3km from the city center. It has Baroque architecture and has about 10000 square meters of garden space which you can walk around and take in the view of the Douro River.

The Pestana Palácio do Freixo hotel has several rooms and suites. Some of these rooms and suites are spacious and have great views of the river. This luxury hotel has all-day dining at their Nasoni Bar where you can get a taste of international and contemporary dishes that are inspired by Portuguese and Italian cuisine. You can also take a bite of light and tasty snacks at the hotel’s Promenade bar which is located next to the hotel’s infinity pool. 

Some of the amenities and activities that the hotel offers are the fitness center, sauna, indoor heated swimming pool, guided local tours, river cruises, and a visit to the hotel’s wine cellar. The hotel’s restaurant also serves breakfast and dinner.

Address: Estrada Nacional 108, 4300-316 Campanhã, Porto, Portugal

Se Catedral Hotel Porto

Se Catedral Hotel Porto

This hotel is a newer, modern hotel that opened just last March of 2022. The Se Catedral Hotel is located in Porto city center and is just less than 500 meters away from the Douro River. This hotel has a funky and quirky interior that is quite refreshing from traditional Portuguese design.

This Porto hotel has 77 rooms and suites, and some have a nice view of the city. The Se Catedral Hotel being in central Porto is close to tourist attractions such as the Porto Cathedral and the Clérigos Tower.

This hotel has a restaurant, bar, and other common areas where you can relax, have good food, and meet people from all over the world.

Address: Rua Chã, nº 38-44, Porto, 4000-164 Portugal

Travel Guide 

When choosing a hotel for your travels, there are several things you should consider:

1. Location

If you are a traveler who is all about the place’s history, landmarks, architectural buildings, or other main tourist attractions, you’ll definitely want to book a hotel close to these places for convenience. Of course, these places may not be within short distances from each other but, if you have a main attraction you want to visit, see if there is a hotel close by and see if other attractions are manageable to visit.

Porto is very accessible anyway and has a good transportation system so you can get to Porto’s main attractions if you stay in the city center.

Most hotels on our list are located in the city center.

2. Amenities

Hotel amenities are another aspect you should consider before booking that room. Basic hotel amenities should include free Wifi, good room service, in-room coffee and tea, and basic toiletries. Some hotel offers free breakfast while some don’t.

The hotels on our list all have different amenities like fitness centers, spas, and swimming pools.

3. Check Hotel Reviews

When booking hotels, aside from looking at the hotel pictures and amenities, check the reviews for the hotels that you are considering. This can help you gauge what the hotel’s rooms are like, how the service is, and if the staff is accommodating to their guests.

Checking hotel reviews can also help you see if there are complaints about the hotel. There is no perfect hotel and there will always be negative reviews out there but, if there are more negative reviews than positive ones, you may want to rethink booking that room. Compare reviews from different hotels and see which fits your travel needs best.

In this article, we have done the comparison for you and we will only give out the best recommendations but again, there is no harm in checking the reviews yourself.

4. Price

Always consider your budget when booking hotel rooms. Some are more expensive than others. Hotels that are expensive tend to be in good locations. Take into consideration that the type of room can also contribute to the value of the room. 

Suites with a balcony or great views of the city may be more expensive than a standard room.

Final Thoughts

With so many hotels in Porto to choose from, it might get overwhelming to select a place where you will stay on top of planning your trip. We have narrowed down the best hotels in Porto to 10 and we recommend Torel 1884 as it is located at the city center of Porto and is close to some of the main tourist attractions.

As we said, there are several hotels you can choose from on our list. Whether you prefer to stay close to the city center or do not mind a short ride away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you will definitely enjoy your stay in Porto.

Hopefully, this article helped you cross out the accommodation part of your trip planning. Be sure to check out all the things to do in Porto so you know how many days you will want to be there. Enjoy and Happy travels!

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