Do You Need Air Conditioning In Lake Como?

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Lake Como is one of the popular tourist destinations in Italy and there are many charming villages and towns that you can visit. The weather in Lake Como can vary depending on the season. But, you can expect the weather to be hot and humid during the summer months.

If you plan to visit Lake Como in the summer and you are not used to hot and humid weather, you might need air conditioning when you book a hotel room. While it can be cool at night, you’ll definitely appreciate an air-conditioned room, especially if you are used to it.

In this article, we will talk about the best time to visit Lake Como so you can experience a milder and more pleasant temperature. We will also talk about some of the hotels in Lake Como that offer air-conditioned rooms if that is what you prefer when you travel.

Lake Como Weather

Lake Como Weather

The weather in Lake Como is not always as hot and warm as you might think. Lake Como has a diverse climate that boasts of cool winters and dry summers as well as mild temperatures during autumn and the occasional rainfall during spring.

When visiting Lake Como, it is best to check the weather forecast before your trip so you can plan accordingly. If you want to visit when the weather is warm and pleasant, visit Lake Como during the summer. However, be prepared for the summer crowds. The temperature can also get too hot under the Italian sun during the summer months.

if you want a cooler climate, visiting from mid-September to mid-October will give you a milder temperature with fewer tourists. Do take note that the weather can still be humid any time of the year.

Since Lake Como can have unpredictable weather, you might think of booking accommodation with air conditioning.

So, do you need AC in Lake Como?

If you travel during the summer months (June to September), which is considered the peak season, you probably might need to stay in a hotel room with an AC. It can depend on the season as some months can be more hot and humid and you’ll definitely appreciate having an AC, especially if you are used to having one at home.

Where To Stay In Lake Como

Where To Stay In Lake Como

There are several towns in the Lake Como area where you can stay during your visit. Most of the hotels in these towns also have air-conditioned rooms if that is what you prefer. Aside from hotels, you can also find bed and breakfast (B&Bs) places or villas for rent for your Lake Como trip. There are also many hotels with swimming pools if you want to keep cool during the day.

Here are some of the most popular towns to visit in Lake Como.


Como City

Como City is just about 40 minutes away from Milan via train. To get to Como City from Milan, take the train from Milano Centrale going to Como S. Giovanni.

There are several hotels in Como that offer rooms with air conditioning for your comfort.

Hilton Lake Como is just 1 km away from Como S. Giovanni. The hotel has air-conditioned rooms and is about 10 minutes away from the city center. If you are looking for a B&B place, B&B Hotel Como City is located in Como City center and it also offers air-conditioned rooms. This B&B place is just a 5-minute walk from Como S. Giovanni train station. This makes it very accessible if you want to travel via train.


Hotel Belvedere Bellagio

To get to Bellagio from Milan, you can take the train in Milano Centrale going to Como or Varenna. From Varenna, you need to take a 15-minute ferry ride going to Bellagio.

If you are stopping in Como City, you can go to Bellagio via the C30 Como Bellagio bus which only takes about 40 minutes. You can also take the ferry from Como to Bellagio if you would like to travel while taking in the natural scenery and the surrounding mountains of Lake Como.

There are also several hotels in Bellagio that have air-conditioned rooms.

Hotel Belvedere Bellagio is perfect if you plan on renting a car as they have free parking available for their guests. The hotel rooms are air-conditioned and some of the rooms have a balcony that overlooks the garden or with a lake view. If you like having panoramic views of Lake Como, Hotel Belvedere Bellagio is a great place to stay.



Milan to Varenna only takes about an hour by train. Like Como and Bellagio, Varenna has several accommodations that provide rooms with AC. Hotel Olivedo is a lakefront hotel and is only 2-minutes away from the pier. This hotel has air-conditioned rooms with free WiFi and some of the rooms also have a balcony with a beautiful view of Lake Como.

Wrap Up

The weather in Lake Como can be hot, humid, or even cool depending on the season when you visit. Some days can be really hot, especially in the summer so you might want to book a hotel room with air conditioning.

Lake Como has a lot of charming towns and we talked about several places where you can stay in Lake Como. We also talked about several hotels that have rooms with AC for your convenience. If you have any other questions, let us know!

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