Capri Vs Lake Como: Which Is Better?

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Planning your itinerary when traveling is hard as you definitely would want to squeeze in as many places to visit as you can. Unfortunately, we don’t have all the time in the world to explore different places in just one visit. If you are choosing between Capri and Lake Como, it really is a hard decision. Capri and Lake Como are both wonderful holiday destinations and they have their own charm to show.

Capri has a lot of natural scenery being an island in the Mediterranean. There are a lot of things to do like take a private boat tour around the island, visit the grottoes, or have a stroll on the island’s towns. Lake Como also is a wonderful place with picturesque towns such as Bellagio, Varenna, and Menaggio.

If you are planning on visiting Italy soon but are wondering which destination is better, you are in the right place. In this article, we will talk about several factors that can affect your decision-making when choosing between Capri vs Lake Como. 

Capri Vs Lake Como

Capri Vs Lake Como

Choosing between Capri and Lake Como is probably one of the hardest decisions you will make if you visit Italy. These two destinations are both wonderful places to visit and both are known for their picturesque views and natural beauty. Let’s take a look at some of the factors that might affect your decision when deciding which destination to visit.


Location Going To Capri vs. Lake Como

If you are traveling to Italy and are planning on visiting Lake Como and Capri, you have to plan your itinerary thoroughly as these locations are in different parts of Italy.

Capri is an island on the Tyrrhenian Sea opposite the Sorrento Peninsula in the Campania Region of Southern Italy. It is one of the islands in the Mediterranean Sea and is also close to the Amalfi Coast.

Lake Como, on the other hand, is in Northern Italy located in the provinces of Como and Lecco in Lombardy. Lombardy is an administrative region and is the fourth-largest region in Italy with Milan as its capital city.


Accessibility Between Capri vs. Lake Como

Both destinations are easily accessible however, there are more transport options if you want to go to Lake Como than if you would visit Capri Island.

Lake Como

If you are coming from Milan, you can go to Lake Como by car or by train.

From Milan, you have the option of driving to Como town which takes about 1 hour and 10 minutes drive. You can also drive a little further to Varenna, a town in Lecco, which takes about 1 hour and 28 minutes.

Como and Varenna are both towns in Lake Como and they are also accessible via train. It is recommended to take the train as it is the quickest way to Lake Como.

From Milano Centrale Station, you can take the train to either Varenna Esino or Como Giovanni Station. The train from Milan to Varenna takes about an hour while going to Como town by train only takes about 40 minutes.


Unlike Lake Como, the only way to reach Capri is by sea. 

The best place to depart from if you will visit Capri is Naples or Sorrento as the ferries from both places operate year-round. If you are flying directly to Naples Airport, the bus ride from the airport to the ferry terminal is only about 25 to 30 minutes. There are also ferries departing from the Amalfi Coast (town of Positano), Salerno, and Ischia Island. However, ferry companies from these places only operate during the summer months.

If you are on the Amalfi Coast, it is easy to book a round-trip ticket if you are planning on a day trip to Capri. You can also book a private boat tour from Naples, Sorrento, or the Amalfi Coast to Capri if you want the luxury of having the boat for yourself and your companions.

Activities / Scenery

Activities Scenery Between Capri vs. Lake Como

Both destinations are known for their natural natural beauty and scenery.

Lake Como

Lake Como has a luxurious atmosphere with its picturesque towns, lakeside mansions, and amazing lake. 

If you are going to visit Lake Como, you can spend your day exploring the Golden Triangle. This is the most popular part of the lake and it consists of these three towns – Bellagio, Varenna, and Menaggio.

These three towns are considered the most picturesque part of the lake and there are ferries that operate between these three towns. Bellagio, Varenna, and Maneggio are all picturesque towns with amazing views of the lake, small shops, and wonderful restaurants. If you like exploring towns rather than the beach, Lake Como is definitely worth a visit.


If you are a beach lover, then the island of Capri is for you. Capri is great for boat tours to explore the island and you can also visit the famous Blue Grotto which is only accessible by boat. You can also spend a day on the Amalfi Coast and take the ferry boat to explore other towns such as Positano, Ravello, and Amalfi. 

High-end shopping centers with well-known brands are also in Capri town which is the main town of the island. If you are looking for local souvenirs, there are artisan shops in Anacapri which is a quieter town compared to Capri town. One of the things you can also do on the island is ride the chairlift to Monte Solaro. This is a mountain in Capri and its peak is the highest point on the island.


Which Has A Better Accommodations

The island of Capri also has a luxurious atmosphere and it is actually a luxurious beach destination. You will find luxurious hotels on the island but there are also mid-range hotels and less expensive bed and breakfast places for you to stay in.

Like Capri, Lake Como is also a pricey destination. But, there are more options for accommodations as there are several lakeside towns where you can stay. You will also find luxury hotels like the Grand Hotel Tremezzo, boutique hotels, budget hotels, as well as bed and breakfast places that will suit your needs.


Cuisine Differences Between Capri vs. Lake Como

Both Lake Como and Capri offer delicious cuisine made with fresh ingredients.

Capri has more of a Mediterranean flavor inspired by the sea. The island is also big on serving seafood as well as using lemons as a regular ingredient in their dishes.

Lake Como, on the other hand, lets you experience different cuisines influenced by the lake and its surrounding mountains. The dishes in Lake Como are mostly savory and fish is also a staple ingredient.

Whether you visit Capri or the Lake Como area, you will definitely enjoy the food in both places.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Capri Or Lake Como Better?

This will depend largely on your personal preference. Lake Como has picturesque towns and an amazing lake. If you like exploring towns rather than spending time at the beach, Lake Como is the place for you. But, if you like the beach, going to Capri Island is your best choice.

Is Capri Close To Lake Como?

Capri and Lake Como are not close to each other and the distance between them is about 891.3 km (554 miles). The island of Capri is located in Southern Italy while Lake Como is in Northern Italy.

If you are visiting mainland Italy, especially the northern part such as Milan, it is easier to go to Lake Como from there. However, if you are visiting Naples, Capri Island is just about an hour away via a ferry.


Have you ever visited Lake Como or Capri? If not, choosing between Lake Como and Capri is definitely not an easy decision. If you only have a few days to spare in Italy, it is best if you choose if you will be visiting the southern or northern part of the country. It can be a tight fit in your schedule if you plan on visiting both places if you only have a couple of days. 

The island of Capri is in the southern part of Italy while Lake Como is on the Italian Riviera in Northern Italy. Another place to visit in southern Italy is the Amalfi Coast which is close to Capri. If you want to see another stunning place in northern Italy, Lake Garda is also worth visiting.

But, if you are spending a long vacation in Italy, why not visit both? Lake Como and Capri have a lot to offer and are both beautiful places. We hope this article helped you decide which will be your destination for your next Italian adventure!

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