Blue Cave Trip From Hvar

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The Blue Cave is one of the most famous destinations when you think of Croatia. If you’ve been to Croatia and have not had the chance to see the Blue Cave, you definitely need to visit it at least once.

There are a lot of boat tours from Hvar, Vis, or Split that include the Blue Cave in their itinerary. If you are coming from Hvar, it will be an hour and 30-minute boat ride to the Sea Cave and you can choose to join group tours or a private tour.

In this article, we will talk about the Blue Cave and your options for reaching the famous Sea Cave. We will also be talking about two nearby islands that you can visit from Hvar so make sure to read until the end!

Where Is The Blue Cave Located

The famous Blue Cave is located on the Croatian Island of Biševo and is one of the most popular destinations in Croatia. Biševo Island is situated in the Adriatic Sea and it is about 41 km away from Hvar. The Blue Cave is famous for its eroding limestones and beautiful deep blue waters. This popular sea cave is only accessible via a small boat and only a small group can enter the cave at a time. If you plan on visiting The Blue Cave, it is best to book your spots on one of the day tours organized in Croatia. These day tours typically depart from Hvar, Vis, or Split.

Blue Cave Trip From Hvar

Blue Cave Trip From Hvar

As we said earlier, The Blue Cave is about 41 km from Hvar, and the Sea Cave is only accessible by boat. 

Biševo is a remote island where its population is less than 20. You won’t find any accommodations on the island so the only way to visit is by doing a day tour from Hvar, Split, or Vis.

You can choose one of two options if you want to visit Blue Cave from Hvar. The best way to visit the Blue Cave is by joining organized tours but you can also charter a boat with a skipper. A private tour is a great option if you want to visit nearby islands aside from the Blue Cave at your own pace.

Tour companies typically use speedboats to reach the Sea Cav and it will take about an hour and 30 minutes from Hvar. You will most likely queue up for a while as there are a lot of people visiting the Sea Cave, especially during the summer. Only small boats are also allowed inside the cave and you will only get 5 to 10 minutes inside the cave. It is possible to visit just the blue cave if you hire a charter boat. However, typical Blue Cave tours include the Blue Lagoon, Green Cave, Stiniva, and Monk Seal Cave.

You might wonder if the Blue Cave is worth visiting if you will only spend a few minutes inside. A Blue Cave tour is definitely worth it and you have to visit it at least once during your trip to Croatia!

Other Boat Trips From Hvar

Aside from the Blue Cave, there are other boat trips that you can do from Hvar. If you want to explore nearby islands, booking a tour is your best option. Tour companies have different itineraries and you can choose to join a tour of one of the nearby islands or several islands. This will depend on your time and budget.

Here are some of the islands that you can go on a day trip to from Hvar.

Vis Island

Vis Island

The boat ride from Hvar to Vis is about 50 minutes and this island is definitely worth the visit. Vis Island has a very interesting history. It used to be a military base during the 1940s and was closed to visitors for 50 years. It was only opened to tourists in 1991. Now, it is a popular destination in Croatia. Vis Island is known for its beautiful beaches, food, and wine. If you take a boat tour to Vis Island the Blue Cave and the Green Cave will most likely be a part of your itinerary. Vis Island was also a filming location for the hit movie Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again.

Pakleni Islands

Pakleni Islands

If you want to visit nearby islands, you should visit the Pakleni Islands, also called Paklinski Islands. It is only about a 20-minute boat ride from Hvar and water taxis are available if you are looking for a good day trip.

Pakleni Islands is actually one of the most popular tours in Hvar because of its proximity to the island. Aside from being close to Hvar, it is also known for its beautiful sandy beaches, nightlife, and water activities. The three places in the Pakleni Islands that are popular among tourists are Jerolim, Sveti Klement, and Marinkovac. These islands have restaurants and beach clubs where you can hang out in a sandy beach or enjoy a drink or two at a beach bar..

If you wish to stay in the Pakleni Islands, there are several cottages that you can rent but these options are very limited. It is best to stay in Hvar Town and take a 30-minute boat ride to the Pakleni Islands.

Wrap Up

There are Blue Cave tours available from Hvar and you can either join a group tour or book a private tour. The Blue Cave is a popular destination in Croatia so make sure to book your tour in advance so you can visit the Sea Cave during your trip. If you have enough time, you can also visit nearby islands such as Vis and the Pakleni Islands to make the most out of your trip! If you have any questions, let us know. Happy travels!

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