Best Hotels in Le Marais, Paris

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Best Hotels in Le Marais, Paris, Overview:

Located in the 4th arrondissement in Paris, Le Marais is a historic neighborhood. 

Le Marais neighborhood is located on the right bank of the Seine, and it’s one of the most popular neighborhoods in all of Paris. It’s often cited as the heart of Old Paris. 

It’s truly a blend of old and new, having many sites, art galleries, cafes, and cobblestone streets. 

Out of all the neighborhoods in Paris, Le Marais is known for having the highest percentage of medieval buildings and architectural features. 

No wonder so many travelers to Paris opt for this location. 

In Le Marais, you have sites and attractions nearby like Place des Vosges, the Picasso Museum of Paris, and the Notre Dame Cathedral. 

Le Marais has an abundance of cafes, such as Le Peloton Cafe, Ob-La-Di, and Strada Cafe, which are popular among the locals. 

This district’s cuisine scene doesn’t disappoint, either. Check out a list of the best escargots in Paris, some of it in this neighborhood.

For transportation, this neighborhood has a variety of services and is reasonably accessible from the major airports. 

First, make sure to check out Saint Paul Metro Station. Saint Paul Metro Station is the entrance to line 1 in Paris, which serves the Le Marais neighborhood. 

If you want to explore Le Marais, Paris, we recommend that you walk or rent a bicycle. Paris is known as a bicycling-friendly city. 

If you’re going outside the Le Marais district, you might opt to take the metro, public bus, or RER. However, another way to get around fast but still see the city is with the black taxi service

So, whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway, a quirky night out, a luxurious hotel, or a hip space for gatherings, we’ve put together a list of top Le Marais hotels. 

Le Petit Moulin

With its quirky design by Christian LaCroix, each floor of Le Petit Moulin tells a different story of Paris. Le Petit Moulin offers individually and elegantly decorated guest rooms that are sure to spark nostalgia. 

Some floors have a period-style, boutique-like look, while others are more trendy and hip. 

The hotel has historical roots since it was constructed on the site of Paris’s first-ever boulangerie or bakery. (This was the same boulangerie where author Victor Hugo got his baguettes!)

On the outside of the hotel, you can see the boulangerie intact. Visitors from all over Paris come to check out the old boulangerie. 

Le Petit Moulin Superior RoomLe Petit Moulin Deluxe Room
Le Petit Moulin Bar

Here are the highlights of Le Petit Moulin’s services and features:

  • Standard individually decorated rooms at 24 square meters 
  • Free access to the Spa de la Reine (of the Pavillon de la Reine); includes 2 treatment rooms, a fitness room, and a jacuzzi
  • Complimentary bicycle rentals (of the Pavillon de la Reine)
  • Pet allowance (upon request)
  • Private parking near the location
  • The preserved site of a historical boulangerie 
  • Paris by Night— a guided tour in a vintage red Citroen 2CV (Details and booking here)
Paris by Night red Citroen 2CV

Guided by a local chauffeur, guests experience the City of Lights in a vintage red Citroen 2CV. You’ll be enchanted as your Breton stripes-and-beret-wearing chauffeur tells the story of the architecture and streets around you. 

We’d say it’s Paris in style— for sure. Like Paris itself, it’s hip and classic all the way. 

Nearby Cuisine:

Nearby Entertainment and sites: 

We’d say it’s Paris in style— for sure. Like Paris itself, it’s hip and classic all the way. 

Pavillon de la Reine

Pavillon de la Reine

If you’re wanting an intimate hotel with the service of a palace, look to Pavillon de la Reine! 

This is a spa hotel with several amenities and a trendy, yet classically elegant, Parisian design. In fact, it’s one of the top spas in Le Marais, Paris. 

Upon arrival, you’ll notice the vines growing up on the exterior walls and the shady gardens surrounding it. 

Pavillon Signature Suite

Here are the highlights of Pavillon de la Reine’s services and features:

  • Standard, individually decorated rooms at 25 square meters
  • Fitness center (see a list of the best gyms in Paris)
  • Michelin-rated restaurant headed by Chef Mathieu (opening soon)
  • Hot tub
  • Currency exchange center
  • Running Tour 
  • Advanced spa and wellness center, with extensive list specialized treatments 
Pavillon de la Reine Jacquizzi

This hotel offers an innovative zen haven with extensive services. 

Pavillon de la Reine Spa Service

Here are some of the spa’s highlights: 

  • Skin radiance boost
  • Facial peeling
  • Slimming 
  • Drainage 
  • Anti-cellulite 
  • Travel detox 
  • Anti-stress 
  • Shopping break 
  • Balinese 
  • Indian-inspired Abhyanga

Check out the full menu here!

Nearby Cuisine

  • L’Ange 20
  • La Place Royale
  • T’Cup
  • Le Bar de Jarente

Nearby Entertainment and Attractions

All in all, Pavillon de la Reine is quaint, yet luxurious. However, it comes with some steep costs, so be prepared to splurge!

Hotel Jules & Jim

Hotel Jules & Jim

Jules & Jim Accommodation / Image Source:

If you’re interested in a hangout-friendly spot in Le Marais, Paris, neighborhood, check out Hotel Jules & Jim. This hotel offers individually decorated rooms, along with art galleries and other unexpected luxuries.

Jules & Jim Roof Room

Here are the highlights of Hotel Jules & Jims’ services and features:

  • Standard guest rooms at 17 square meters
  • Access to the gym at Klay Sports Club (5 minute walk)
  • Sky-view rooms available
  • Full bar with signature cocktails
  • Event hosting and gathering spaces available
  • Vertical courtyard garden with outdoor fireplace
  • 15-square-meter art gallery with local, Parisian art. 
  • Exclusive offers, including a private cruise
Jules & Jim Signature Cocktail

However, one drawback of this hotel is its lack of minibar and accommodation refrigerators. So, don’t count on storing take-aways in the room!

Jules & Jim Signature Cocktail VodcaJules and Jim Outdoor Fireplace and Courtyard

The artists displayed in its gallery and throughout the hotel pay zero commission on the art. As a guest, you’ll have the opportunity to stroll around the gallery and communal spaces with a cocktail and admire the photography and illustrations. 

Nearby Cuisine:

  • Bistrot Instinct 
  • Supernova 
  • Comptoir Gourmet 

Nearby Attractions: 

  • Theatre in Paris 
  • Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature 
  • Quiveutpister Paris 
  • Hinthunt Paris 

Whether you’re looking to host a large work event, special occasion, or an intimate evening with friends, we recommend Jules & Jim. 

Hotel Les Tournelles

Hotel Les Tournelles
Hotel Les Tournelles Dining Hall

In Hotel Les Tournelles, you’ll find stone walls holding the property structure together; however, the hotel counters the stone with vibrant, delicate decor. 

Hotel Les Tournelles has high sanitary standards, yet a cozy and hip atmosphere. 

The staff prides itself on its hospitality and accessible services— so guests won’t have to worry over the little things. 

Here are the highlights of Hotel Les Tournelles’ services and features:

  • Standard rooms at 14 squared meters
  • No fitness room or gym access
  • IPad available upon request
  • Babysitting upon request
  • Soundproof rooms

One of Hotel Les Tournelles’ most comfortable features: the soundproof guest rooms. Say goodbye to nights tossing and turning because a neighboring guest kept disturbing you with talking and noises. 

A few downsides: Hotel Les Tournelles does not allow pets, and services such as breakfast and airport shuttle will cost extra. 

Nearby Cuisine:

  • Chez Ajia 
  • The Frog Revolution
  • JJ Beaumarchais 
  • Restaurant H 

Nearby Entertainment and Attractions: 

  • Place de Vosges 
  • Paris’s Picasso museum
  • Notre Dame Cathedral 
  • Place Saint-Paul 
  • Place de la Bartelle 
  • Louvre Museum 
  • Luxembourg Gardens

If you’re coming to Le Marais and want a simple and comfortable, yet romantic, hotel, we recommend Les Tournelles. 

Cour des Vosges

Cour des Vosges

This hotel has a high amount of character to it, as it has some quite complicated historical roots. 

Originally a private mansion for the royal French court, it was destroyed by Catherine de Medici following King Henry II’s fatal accident in 1559. 

It would later become a royal square in the following century, and the rest is history. 

Cour des Vosges is also known for its distinct features, including its grand size, pink bricks, and slate roofs. 

Here are the highlights of Cour des Vosges’ services and features: 

The Brach-La Pâtisserie Corner offers a variety of desserts, ranging from traditional to bold and innovative. 

The Brach-La Pâtisserie Corner

The pastry corner has an inviting and comfortable space to enjoy these specialty cakes and pastries. You’ll find many fellow travelers, as well as locals, filling up the cafe or snatching up these creations for a sweet stroll. 

For dining, Cour des Vosges has a popular restaurant. The restaurant serves all throughout the day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner from 7am to 10pm. 

Popular dishes include boeuf bourguignon and truffle croque-monsieur on the lunch and dinner menus. Like the pastry shop, you’ll find a mix of locals and travelers returning to this spot for a bite. 

Overall, Cour des Vosges offers a comfortable stay with plenty of special treats, such as its pastries and tours, that keeps guests coming back. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get around in Le Marais?

Chanel Store In Paris

For transportation, guests can stroll the busy, narrow Parisian streets and see the sights along the way. You can also easily rent bicycles in Paris as another classically-Parisian way to get around. 

Some hotels in Le Marais offer bicycle rentals, such as Pavillon de le Reine and Le Petit Moulin; however, not all will. 

A convenient and highly-rated vendor for Parisian bicycle rentals is 6clo

For longer distances or during bad weather, you’ll want to consider a taxi, the public bus system, or the metro.

What’s there to do in Le Marais? 

Musée Picasso Paris

Le Marais is a historic district with an abundance of cafes, shops, sites, and Paris tourist attractions. 

Being in the heart of Old Paris, Le Marais is highly cultural. We recommend attractions such as Pompidou Centre, Musée Picasso, Musée Cognacq-Jay, Maison de Victor Hugo, and the Galerie Perrotin. 

That’s just a start! What better way is there to learn about Parisian culture than to see the historical marais district and its contemporary art? 

If you stay in Le Marais, you’ll also be walking distance to the city’s tourist attractions such as the Notre Dame Cathedral!

BHV Marais

As for shopping, there’s a popular department store called BHV Marais. However, if vintage window shops are more your style, Les Marais has plenty of that down the streets. 

For eating and drinking, Le Marais is known for its traditional Boulangeries (bakeries), cafes, and tea rooms.