The Best Gyms in Paris

Places in Paris to workout, for Tourists, Nomads & Business Travelers 

Wellness Culture in Paris

When we vacation in Paris, we tend to want to take it all in— the sights, history, language, art, delicious cuisine, and baked goods. Let’s just say working out isn’t usually the top priority. However, if you travel a lot (or perpetually), you eventually come to the realization that you need to keep up your healthy habits, wherever you are.

Whatever your wellness goals or trip duration may be, you can rest assured a big city like Paris has what you need to keep those activities going. 

To pick the right gym in Paris, consider the following:

Length of Your Stay

  • Short term/tourist
  • Semi-long term / nomadic 

Different gyms have different types of packages. While you might not mind paying a €10 day pass for a day or two as a tourist, this can add up fast on a 3-month or even 3-week stay in Paris. 

Or if you’re a nomad or someone who moves frequently for work, maybe your stay in Paris could last longer than a few months but less than a year. In that case, paying for all those days passes doesn’t make sense, but it also may not make sense to sign a year contract. You’ll end up overpaying a considerable amount. 

To work around your semi-long term situation, you’ll need to find a gym or wellness center that offers monthly passes without being locked into a longer term contract.

Depending on your location or access to the metro, you’ll want something convenient, too, especially if you make the gym a routine. 

Activity Goals

  • Activity type
  • Schedule 
  • Access & Convenience

Are you a powerlifter looking for a squat rack, or a yogi looking for an open studio space? Maybe neither? Maybe both? 

What’s your schedule— super early morning or crazy and unpredictable? 

Different gyms have different activities available and at varying times. France in the past has traditionally focused on cardiovascular activities like bicycling, jogging, and exercise in swimming pools. 

Weight training wasn’t always huge in French fitness culture. However, the influence of the 24/7 gyms has spread to Paris. Yoga, pilates, weight training, and even Zumba are now staples. 

The gyms we recommend below all have a fully stocked weight room, and many of them offer extra activities like dance classes or circuit training. This is great for those who lift weights but also enjoy cardiovascular activities. 

Also, if you don’t need a 24/7 center with all the bells and whistles, you shouldn’t bother to pay extra for them. Paris has plenty of basic gyms with reasonable hours and prices. 

The same goes for those of you who just want a yoga class 3 days a week and not a full-time access to big weights and cardio equipment. 

If you are traveling for work or with dependents and need a hyper-convenient gym, you should consider staying in a hotel with a worthwhile gym. 

No car or bike? Make sure to look for gyms that are walkable or near a metro station. You don’t want your morning gym routine to turn into its own daily odyssey. 

Best Gyms & Fitness Centers for Travelers & Nomads

If you’re only staying for a few weeks max, for simplicity we’ll categorize you as a short term tourist. If you want to use a gym but aren’t staying long enough for a monthly pass to make sense — let alone an annual contract —then look into day passes.  

The only time we’d recommend you take a monthly pass is if your total day passes add up to be more expensive than a one-month pass. This is typically the case if you plan to work out 5-6 times per month or more.

If you’re a remote worker, slow “nomad” or “digital nomad,” you might spend 3 to 6 months at your destination before moving on to another.

Unfortunately some gyms won’t let you pay monthly unless you sign a year contract. You’ll need to find a gym with a non-commitment monthly option. 

While the non-commitment monthly option is sometimes slightly more expensive than a one year contracted option, you’ll likely still save money compared to taking out day passes over multiple weeks and months. 

However, if a premium experience is more important to you than cost, you can also look into luxury gyms and gyms within high-profile hotels. Those are typically more like spas since they often have a sauna, steam room, swimming pool, and/or squash courts. 

If you like those extras, you’ll want to check out our luxury and hotel gyms. 

Below is our recommended list of the best gyms in Paris with day passes and non-commitment month options. 

Budget-Friendly Gyms in Paris 

These budget-friendly but cool gyms have a whole range of equipment, as well as fitness classes. They’re not as convenient as a hotel gym, but they have multiple locations that are often near metro entrances. 

If you’re staying in an Airbnb or budget hotel and want to save, these are perfect for you. 


Neoness Gym in Paris

• Hours: 7am—10pm on weekdays / limited hours on weekends.
• Location(s)— 10 different arrondissements
• Day Pass Access— Trainaway app.

This place doesn’t drip glamor; however it does take care of your basic resistance training and cardio needs. They also offer classes and have more than 10 locations. 

One secret we need to tell you, though: Neoness is one of those places where you’ll save if you get the “off-peak” pass rate. 

They have different pass options, by day, month or extra, which gets you all-hours access and access to IN-PERSON classes.

Their in-person classes include aerobic fitness, fitness dance classes, and many others depending on the hour and availability. 

Either way, if you’re even thinking about going for just 3 or 4 days, then the month passes will save you money. 

Basic Fit

• Hours: 6am—10:30pm on weekdays / 9am—7pm on weekends.
• Location(s): Over 10 in Paris.
• Day Pass Access: At the front desk

Basic Fit Paris Gym Cardio Section in Paris

This is probably the lowest price you’ll find for gym day passes in Paris. 

Basic Fit centers are large, and they offer high quality equipment for both resistance and cardio training. 

They do offer a wide range of group classes; however, one drawback is that their fitness classes are led by virtual instructors instead of in-person instructors. If you can get past the lack of real-life instructors, you’ll enjoy taking one of their many group fitness classes. 

Another perk they offer is that some of their facilities are ladies-only centers. Ladies-only centers provide a safe space for women in terms of modesty, personal safety, and comfortability. 

They have day passes and monthly passes without year commitment.

One thing to keep in mind is that user reviews for Basic Fit centers can really vary between locations, some are a lot nicer than others. Personally we’ve had the best experiences in the Basic Fits on the east end of the city, for example the “Basic-Fit Paris Rue des Grands Champs” location, which is near multiple metro stations. The more central locations can be pretty crowded at times, and maintenance may not always be able to keep up with the amount of traffic.

Club Med Gym Sports Club

Club Med Gym Sports Club in Paris

• Hours: 7am—10pm on weekdays / 9am—5pm on Saturdays / Closed on Sunday.
• Locations: Over 20 in Paris
• Day Pass Access: At front desk

Club Med Gym is on the pricier side when it comes to monthly sessions, but it has lots of extra perks that we think are worth the price: 

With the non-committal monthly rate, you get access to group training courses, their full network of 21 Club Med Gyms, and high quality equipment. 

For an extra fee, you can also sign up for individual training sessions, boxing lessons, and small, private group coaching.  What we appreciate about CMG is its large network and its focus on individual coaching and providing different activity options. 

The facilities are more spacious than your average gyms, and you’ll find more variety in terms of individual exercise. 

It’s boxing section comes with equipment for you to borrow, and you can even get boxing lessons there (also available in English).  It’s definitely worth checking out if you want something a little more interesting and spacious than your basic gyms. 

Best Luxury Gym in Paris


Hours:  7am—10:30pm on weekdays / 9am—8pm on weekends. 

Locations: (3) Opera, Saint Lazare, Marais-Beaubourg

Day Pass Access: Access the day pass at their front desk. 

L’Usine Luxury Gym in Paris

If you heavily invest in fitness (we mean not just in terms of time, but in money as well), then you’ll appreciate this club.  If you can imagine a designer sports club, then you’ll find it when you walk into L’Usine. 

It’s one of the most famous in Paris and an experience in itself. Inside, you’ll notice a masculine yet zen-like environment.  This can be a nice break from the usual brightly-lit, neon look that most gyms have these days. 

You can get access to private instruction and coaching, take fitness classes, or enjoy their gym or tea and coffees.  Something that sets this place apart— they offer levitation yoga. This is basically yoga in which you’re “levitating” off the mat with silk swings. 

One interesting fact — celebs like Kim Kardashian and other high-profile figures have been spotted working out here when visiting the City of Lights. 

Best Gym Alternatives / Sports Clubs

If you’re looking for specialized studios for your combat, cycling, or yoga, we’ve listed the best alternatives studios here in Paris, below.  

Best Place for Spinning Classes: Kiwill

Hours: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday— early mornings afternoon, evening / Monday, Wednesday— afternoon, evening / Saturday & Sunday— late morning & early evening.  

Location: 27 Rue du Grand Prieure 75011 (République) 

Day Pass: Purchase online or at the front desk. 

Kiwill Studio in Paris

If you’re a fan of SoulCycle, you’ll really love this place. Kiwill offers a wide variety of spinning classes for all levels and with high quality equipment. 

Don’t worry, though, the instructors will certainly offer you a challenge. You can get classes in English or French, and expect to receive friendly staff and organic shower products. 

Kiwill is also super-hygienic, so you can rest assured you won’t have to worry about it smelling like a locker room. 

The playlist and enthusiasm is sure to get you pumped. 

Check out Kiwill’s Instagram page.  

Best Place for Yoga Classes: Yoga Marais


• Hours: Class times vary.
• Location: 72 rue du Vertbois, Paris 75003
• Day Pass Access: Pay at the front desk.

Yoga Marais Studio in Paris

Whether you’re seeking a serene escape or you want something the whole family can enjoy, Yoga Marais has classes for anyone and all levels, Here, you can even take classes on becoming a yoga instructor. 

Class styles vary, but each session is an hour long. 

They’ve been in the beautiful Marais district for over 20 years now and have earned a reputation for professionalism, quality, inclusivity, as well as their beautiful studio. 

Best Place for Combat Training: MMA Factory

MMA Factory in Paris

Hours: Monday—Saturday: 1:30pm—8:30pm / Sundays: Closed. 

Locations: 91 Bd Poniatowski, 75012

While amateurs are welcome, this isn’t for coasters. If you’re a serious (or seriously interested) mixed martial arts fighter/student, then you won’t want to miss this place. 

The trainers here will push you to the max, but they offer a clean environment, high-quality equipment, and very credible guidance. In fact, Cyril Gane used to study here. 

You can take classes for basic MMA, boxing, muay Thai, grappling, fighter fitness, and ultra-fight. 

Here’s a link to their forms for signing up. For now, it’s in French; however, you can contact them at for help with signing up ahead of time. 

Excellent Hotel Wellness Centers (With Gyms) 

If you are traveling with others or just want some extra convenience, we’ve got some great gyms and spas within hotels. In fact, these are some of the best gyms in Paris in general. 

Le Pavillon de la Rein, Le Marais 

Le Pavillon de la Rein, Le Marais 

Pavillon de la Rien Gym / Image Source: Pavillon de la Rien Official Site

  • Renowned spa & treatments available
  • Bicycle rentals available 
  • Across from Place des Voyages 
  • Jacuzzi (private reservations available)

So, this gym is actually part of a spa by Codage called the Queen’s Spa. You’ll be able to enjoy easy access to a very modern and well-equipped gym. 

The gym includes everything from free weights, resistance machines, and cardio machines.

For afterward, you can book a massage or skin treatment in this highly-popular spa. 

If you want fresh air, you can rent bicycles at this hotel to stroll around Paris like the locals. You’ll also be just across from one of Paris’s most beautiful parks— Place des Voyages.

Le Bristol Paris, Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré

Le Bristol Paris Rooftop Pool
  • Well-equipped gym for cardio & resistance
  • Last generation kinesis machines 
  • Personal fitness coaching is available 
  • Rooftop pool 
  • Full spa with a wide scope of treatments
  • Childcare/babysitting available 

It’s hard to compete with this place, as it’s got the full Parisian luxury experience— including its gym. 

The gym has new equipment, high sanitary standards, and very attentive staff. 

After your workout, you’ll enjoy its grand pool on the 6th story. It’s surrounded by windows, and out of them, you’ll get views of the Eiffel tower and Sacre Coeur. 

Their spa has advanced treatments, massages, and rituals, and they’ll even accommodate children while you work out and get your wellness treatments. 

Overall, this place takes care of the whole scope of well-being, as well as provides childcare. 

Taking Action

We all know Paris is a great place for eating (and drinking), so make sure to spend some time in the gym to work off some of those extra pastries. We visit Paris more often than almost any other city, so if you know of other great fitness spots please reach out to let us know.