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Sicily is home to some of the most beautiful sandy beaches in the world. If you are planning to visit Sicily, make sure to squeeze in a day or two of going to the beach. Be warned though, the beaches in Sicily are free but there are beach clubs that are renting a space on the beach to offer a more exclusive and luxurious experience for beachgoers.

You will definitely see rows upon rows of lounge chairs and parasols on the beach. This is a sign that that area is operated by a beach club. These are paid areas so you need to pay to use beach equipment and other facilities such as the lido’s bars and restaurants. Some of the best beach clubs in Sicily are Tao Beach Club, Agua Beach, and Lido Il Delfino. These beach clubs are well-equipped and offer delicious Sicilian cuisine.

If you find yourself overwhelmed by the number of beach clubs in Sicily, this article narrows the number down to 5 so you won’t have a hard time choosing when you plan your itinerary. If you want to look for the ultimate beach club experience, read on!

What Are Beach Clubs In Sicily

What Are Beach Clubs In Sicily

There are a lot of beaches in Sicily and you will see several beaches that have rows of sun beds, lounge chairs, and umbrellas placed around the area. Before you make yourself comfortable and lie on a sun bed to relax under the Sicilian sun, these are areas on the beach that are operated by a beach club. You need to either pay an entrance fee or rent the equipment to use them.

Beach clubs, or lidos, are very common in Sicily and they also typically have the best views of the sea. Beach clubs are also exclusive and they often have bars, cafès, and even restaurants where you can dine. Drinks and food at a beach club are not included in the entrance fee so you will need to have extra cash with you if you get hungry.

Of course, there are also public beaches in Sicily. But, there are no umbrellas, sun beds, or drink service. Most of the time there won’t be showers or restrooms either. You need to bring your own towel (or a chair) if you want to relax on the shore.

Let’s take a look at some of the best beach clubs in Sicily and see what they have to offer!

Lido Tao Beach Club

Lido Tao Beach Club

The Tao Beach Club is one of the well-known beach clubs in Sicily and it is located in the town of Taormina on the east coast side of the island. Taormina itself is a luxurious destination and the Tao Beach Club also offers an exclusive and luxurious atmosphere for their guests.

This luxurious Taormina beach club is only a short drive away from Taormina’s city center. There, you can enjoy a private sandy beach with a lot of amenities such as sun beds and cabanas. Tao Beach Club also has its own restaurant where you can experience traditional Sicilian cuisine. If you are in the mood for a drink, this lido also has a beach bar for guests to enjoy.

Aside from these amenities, Tao Beach Club also has private showers and dressing room areas. This is a plus if you want to go back to your hotel dry and sand-free!

Lido Il Delfino

Lido Il Delfino

Located on the Bay of Mazzaro and just a 10-minute drive from Taormina is Lido Delfino. This beach club shares Mazzaro Bay with other lidos like Lido La Pigna, so the area might get too crowded for your liking. While it is not an exclusive spot, this beach club still offers a luxurious vibe to the beachgoers.

Lido Il Delfino is equipped with several beach equipment such as sun beds and parasols. You can also rent canoes and pedal boats if you are looking to do more than just swimming in the sea. This beach club also offers boat tours to Isola Bella and the Blue Grotto. Plus, you can also book a diving tour to explore the beauty under the sea.

As with most lidos in Sicily, Lido Il Delfino also has its own restaurant and it is well known around Taormina. They also have a snack bar where you can order different dishes such as salads, sandwiches, fruits, and a couple of drinks.

Lido Giglio

Lido Giglio is located in Campofelice di Rocella on the north coast of Sicily. It is a family-run lido with several loungers and umbrellas for rent. It is about 8 km away from Cefalù and if you are going there by car, there is a parking space near the area.

There is a beach bar and restaurant in this lido where you can order food, snacks, and drinks if you get hungry after swimming in the crystal-clear waters of the sea. If you want to get a state of home-cooked Sicilian cuisine, definitely visit Lido Giglio if you are around Cefalù.

Lido Giglio is not as well-known for parties as some of the lidos in Sicily but, if you just want to have a relaxing stay at the beach, this lido is for you.

Paradise Beach Club

Paradise Beach Club

As the name implies, Paradise Beach Club will make you feel like you are in paradise with its atmosphere. You will also feel like you have been transported to a tropical country as it has a garden with tropical plants and olive trees.

The lido’s Mojito Bar offers delicious snacks, fresh fruit, cocktails, and Sicilian dishes. What’s special about this lido is it has its own swimming pool giving you a resort-like feel. You definitely have an alternative option if you don’t want to swim in salt water anymore.

Paradise Beach Club also offers private parties and wedding events for their guests. They usually set up tables and chairs on the pool deck giving you and your guests amazing views of the sea. If you are looking for a lido with a pool that can accommodate your party needs, definitely give Paradise Beach Club a go!

Agua Beach San Lorenzo

Agua Beach San Lorenzo

Agua Beach is located in San Lorenzo Beach just a short drive away from Marzammemi. It is located on the southeastern side of the island and is also about an hour away from Ragusa.

Agua Beach has a lot of amenities to offer for their guests such as canoe, pedalo, and standup paddle boarding (SUP) rentals. This beach club also offers water activities, surfing instructions, as well as kid club activities. If you are traveling with children, this beach club is perfect for you and your family.

San Lorenzo Beach is a beautiful beach in Sicily and Agua Beach offers umbrellas and chair rentals so you can relax and appreciate the beauty of the area. This beach club also has a restaurant and bar where you can experience Sicilian food and beverages. Agua Beach, with all its amenities and services, not only offers a relaxing day at the beach but also an opportunity to immerse yourself in nature.

Agua Beach also occupies a large portion of San Lorenzo Beach and the lounge chairs are spaced large enough that you won’t feel crowded by beachgoers. If you are on the southeastern part of the island and are looking for a nice lido, Agua Beach is perfect for you.

Wrap Up

Tao Beach Club, Lido Il Delfino, and Paradise Beach Club are some of the best beach clubs that you can find in Sicily for your beach holiday. They offer beach equipment rentals and some of them even offer water activities such as canoeing and pedal boats.

Going to the beach is definitely a must if you plan to visit Sicily. We have included 5 beach clubs in this article to help you narrow down your list. Some of these are Taormina beach clubs but there are many other beach clubs from different parts of Sicily. If you have any other questions, let us know via the contact form on our website! Happy swimming!

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