Welcome, Traveler.

We’ve spent the past year interviewing expert travelers.  During these crazy COVID times, most of us haven’t been in a position to travel in the way we normally would.  But the time hasn’t been wasted.

We’ve used this time to interview as many travel experts as we can.  We talked to frequent travelers, slow travelers, and digital nomads to gather insights as we reflect back on past travel experiences and what we all look forward to most…

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Who is the Modern Traveler?

This is a question we are constantly exploring.  One thing we know for sure – the Modern Traveler approaches travel differently.  We’ve gathered a lot of ideas from our interviews but we would love to hear from you.

About Modern Traveler

Modern Traveler is a community of travelers sharing ideas. All of us have spent way too much time researching and traveling, and learned too much along the way to keep it to ourselves.  We use Modern Traveler as a way to give back to the travel community and to support and contribute to the amazing local cultures that bring us so much joy in our journeys.  You can learn more about us here.