Best Restaurants in Sardinia, Italy

Here are the 7 best restaurants in Sardinia, Italy to tempt any foodie’s taste buds. 

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You might assume that Sardinian cuisine is all about seafood. Although you’re not far off base given that it’s the second-largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, Sardinia also has plenty of traditional meat dishes. Sardinia has a rich culinary tradition, so it’s no wonder this island is bursting with world-class restaurants that serve amazing dishes from seafood as well as local inland meat produce. 

I’m very confident you won’t go hungry in Sardinia, but let’s take a deeper look at the best of Sardinian dining. In this article, I’ll introduce some of the best restaurants on the island. All the restaurants we’ll cover here are Michelin-starred, so you can be confident these spots are executing at a very high level.

Of course you don’t have to eat at Michelin-guide level places to find great food throughout Sardinia. Click here to learn more about some of the more common Sardinian dishes you’re likely to find at good restaurants across the island.

The restaurants below are located in multiple regions throughout Sardinia. To get a clear overview of the towns and cities of Sardinia, you may want to refer to this article.

The 7 Best Sardinia Restaurants

1. Su Gologone, Oliena: Best Sardinian Food and Suckling Pig

Su Gologone, Oliena Restuarant in Sardinia Italy

Enjoy traditional Sardinian dishes served in huge portions at Su Gologone Experience Hotel. Situated at the foot of the mountains, this hotel is a rural retreat from the crowded beaches of Sardinia. Its gourmet restaurant is Lonely Planet’s top choice for Sardinian cuisine in Oliena. 

Su Gologone is best known for its traditional Su Porcheddu (suckling pig), which they roast in a big crackling open fire. The restaurant also serves excellent roast meats, including sausages, slow-cooked rabbit in wild herbs, and baby goat braised in white wine. Pair your Sardinian meals with Cannonau, a local wine. Then, finish them off with traditional seadas (deep-fried pastry) for dessert.

Location: Localita Su Gologone SNC, 08025 Oliena, Sardinia, Italy | Website

2. Il Portolano, Porto San Paolo: Best Italian Cooking

Il Portolano Restaurant, Porto San Paolo

For top-quality Italian cooking in Porto San Paolo, look no further than Il Portolano. This beachfront restaurant facing Isola Tavolara (Tavolara island) is the top choice. It’s managed by a Sardinian-Swiss couple experienced in various restaurants and hotels across Europe. The couple, Roberto and Claudia Chelo Schletti work with an excellent chef to serve guests contemporary Mediterranean cuisine. Their dishes feature the best fish in the region. 

Il Portolano offers superb seafood delights like fresh pasta with sea bass, octopus salad, and Bottarga (cured mullet roe). It also offers local wines and some meat dishes. 

Reservation is always encouraged, but especially during summer.

Il Portolano Restaurant Beach Front

Location: Via Molara 11, 07020 Porto San Paolo, Loiri Porto San Paolo, Sardinia, Italy | Website

3. Dal Corsaro, Cagliari: Best Fine Dining

Dal Corsaro, Cagliari Fine Dining Restaurant

Experience innovative culinary dining in the capital of Sardinia at Dal Corsaro. This elegant restaurant in Cagliari offers 3 refined tasting menus with 7, 9, and 12 courses. Established in 1967 by Filippo and Ester Deidda, Dal Corsaro serves authentic Sardinian dishes. Now managed by renowned chef Stefano Deidda, the restaurant takes pride in its high-quality contemporary cooking. 

Some bestsellers of this one Michelin star restaurant are pork with Jerusalem artichoke and garlic, shrimp and vegetable carpaccio, and pecorino cheese (sheep’s milk) ravioli. 

Booking is required.

Location: Viale Regina Margherita 28, 09124 Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy | Website

4. L’essenza Bistrot, Olbia

L’essenza Bistrot is a fusion restaurant in the coastal town of Olbia. It serves modern Mediterranean seafood. Located in the city’s historic center, this restaurant charms its guests with its stone walls and architecture that reflects that of the region. L’essenza Bistrot offers a contemporary menu of seafood and raw fish. 

L’essenza Bistrot Restaurant, Olbia

Location: Via delle Terme 10, 07026 Olbia, Sardinia, Italy | Website

5. ConFusion Restaurant, Porto Cervo

ConFusion Restaurant, Porto Cervo

ConFusion is a boutique restaurant in Costa Smeralda’s main center, Porto Cervo. Creative and contemporary, the restaurant features the ingenuity of Chef Italo Bassi as he brings out unique flavors in gourmet cuisine. Some specialties you must try are the deer tartare and the sea urchin gelato.

Location: Via Aga Khan 1 Promenade du Port, 07021 Porto Cervo, Arzachena, Sardinia, Italy | Website

6. Al Tuguri, Alghero

Al Tuguri Restaurant, Alghero

Al Tuguri is a constant favorite. This small rustic restaurant offers an intimate dining setting in an old house in the heart of the Catalan town of Alghero. Local seafood, as well as traditional grilled meat and fish cooked in an open grill, are served. Al Tuguri has a special vegetarian-friendly menu, too.

Booking is advised.

Location: Via Maiorca 113, 07041 Alghero, Sardinia, Italy | Website

7. Il Fuoco Sacro, San Pantaleo

Il Fuoco Sacro is the gourmet restaurant of the five-star Petra Segreta Resort & Spa. This Relais & Châteaux property overlooks the glamourous town of Costa Smeralda. Named after the biography of its owner, Chef Paul Bocuse, Il Fuoco (which means “sacred fire”) represents Bocuse’s burning passion for the culinary arts.

The restaurant’s menu features a wide selection of modern Italian and regional cuisine. The vegetables, herbs, meat, dairy products, and oil are from the organic farm next to Petra Segreta.

Il Fuoco Sacro Restaurant, San Pantaleo

Location: Petra Segreta Resort & Spa, Via Buddeu SNC, 07026 San Pantaleo, Sardinia, Italy | Website

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