Where to Find the Best Macarons in Paris

Best macarons in Paris Featured Photo

Perhaps the most famous of French pastries, these colorful and crispy, yet buttery and soft treats are a must if you plan to visit Paris. From classic flavors like strawberry and lemon, to more bold flavors like matcha green tea, mint, and orange blossom, you can find just about every taste and color of macaron in Paris. 

Macarons are one of those desserts that you can enjoy by themselves, or with tea (this is without a doubt the ideal way). Like many things, it’s hard to have just one. 

Actually, we think you should try as many flavors as you can. Even the best macarons in Paris have less calories than cupcakes!

They make for visually stunning photos, and, if you’re traveling with a family, the kids will appreciate the rainbow of assortments. 

You’ll definitely be tempted to bring some back home with you; however, first, make sure to check out our tips on flying your macarons back home! 

Anyhow, we’ve got the yummy details on where to find the best ones during your visit. “Oulala,” you might say, once you’ve tried a macaron from our list of the best macarons in Paris. 

The Origins of French Macarons

It’s believed that the macaron came not out of France originally, but rather, out of Italy. Some historians credit Katherine de Medici, who married Henry II of France, for bringing them over. 

Before the fall of the monarchy (aka the French revolution in 1789), only the royals got to eat these sweet delights. It wasn’t until well after the French Revolution that the public (at least those who could afford sweets) gained access. 

How the Macaron Gained its Fame

In fact, if you’re glad that you have access to the macaron, you have two women to thank: a woman named Marguerite and her sister Marie-Elisabeth. These sisters started selling the macarons (then called “priests’ belly buttons”) to commoners starting in 1792. 

From then on, the public fell in love, and many other parts of the world eventually followed. 

Since 2005, France has celebrated an annual National Macaron Day. Now, on March 20th, you can get free macaron samples in France!

The Best Macarons in Paris

Finally, here’s our list for the best macarons in Paris. These are all “destination macarons” but you can also find this tasty treat at some of the best food markets in Paris.

Pierre Hermé

Pierre Herme Macarons

Address: Multiple locations across Paris

First of all, we need to mention something: The pastry chef who owns this bakery (and who goes by the same name) is the person responsible for National Macaron Day in France. 

Hermé the baker currently holds 2 Michelin stars and thousands of fans. He was the youngest person in French history to hold the annual title of “France’s Pastry Chef of the Year.” 

Like the pastry chef, this bakery holds a good amount of ambition and dare, we might say. 

Saying this, don’t expect to be frugal here. His designer macarons come with designer prices. 

At Pierre Hermé, don’t forget to order the…

We recommend that you go with whatever is the current seasonal collection (varies depending on when you go, of course). 

Pierre Herme Macarons Promational Pictures

He has special, limited-time collections that go with the seasons and holidays, and highly experimental masterpieces that you might not see again otherwise. They’re everchanging and transcend your basic “de fraises” (strawberry) and “citron” (lemon) favors. 

Also, if you want to make some of his delicious macarons at home, Pierre Hermé has a famous cookbook (above) on Amazon.


Laduree Pastry restaurant in Paris

Address: Multiple locations across Paris

Collections: List of Flavors 

If you thought the last place on our list loved macarons, well this place has double the love for them. Ladurée is known for its double-decker, twice-as-tasty, absolutely delicious macarons. 

They have an unchanged, secret recipe for these double-decker specialities. 

They’ve made macarons for over 50 years now, and their queue almost always extends out to the streets (so don’t come in a huge hurry!). 

The shop itself started as a tea room in the mid 19th century, which was where high society met and socialized. 

In fact, nowadays, the French concept of the tea room almost always traces back to Ladurée. In the 2006 film Marie Antoinette, the set featured macarons from Ladurée. 

When you visit this bakery, you might feel like you’re on the set of Marie Antoinette (or in a royal French tea room). 

It’s not exactly Versailles, rather a slightly modernized reflection of the macaron’s origins. 

At Ladurée, don’t forget to order the…

Marie-Antoinette Tea flavor macarons at Laduree

For a real royal experience, we recommend getting a seat, ordering the Marie-Antoinette Tea flavor macarons (above), and, of course, a delicate cup of tea. This is one of their most popular macaron flavors. 


Fauchon Cafe in Paris

Address: Multiple locations across Paris

Macaron Collections: Jump to “Tearoom Menu” 

Reservations: Jump to “Booking Tool” 

For a truly special and full experience, we recommend you reserve a table (see above) here at Fauchon. 

It’s not only a bakery but a full-out café that extends to a boutique tea room. 

Tearoom Menu in Fauchon Paris

They have specialty teas, and many, many tiny and cute desserts. 

Their Tearoom Menu (above) features combinations and experiences you can choose from if you just want a long afternoon; although, you can also order the macarons as take-away if you prefer. 

As far as atmospheres, the tea room could be described as Paris fashion week meets Mac makeup salon. 

They keep things bold and colorful, yet modern and less royal-feeling. Here’s the explanation for that: Fauchon is a brand that extends far beyond bakeries and even the culinary world. Think of them as a luxury Parisian brand. 

They have tea and snack boutiques and cafés distributed across the world, as well as a hotel. 

At Fauchon, don’t forget to try the…

Parisians and travelers consider their macarons to be some of the best macarons in Paris (and perhaps the world). However, you should check out their other stylish French pastries, such as the candied fruit cake and the madeleines. 

Sadaharu Aoki

Sadaharu Aoki Macaron Pastry Bakery in Paris

Address: Multiple locations across Paris

Menu: Jump to their Paris Catalog 

The owner and founder came to Paris from Tokyo, and his macaron flavors are truly unique and innovative. In my opinion, they’re the best macaron flavors out of all the bakeries in this list. 

You can find eclairs, macarons, and other bite-sized pastries in flavors like black sesame, match, adzuki beans, and even yuzu. 

Sadaharu Aoki Variaties Of Pastry

This patisserie plays up all the boldness and modernity of the Tokyo and Japanese aesthetics. 

Sadaharu Aoki Official Pastry BakerSugared and Spiced

At Sadaharu Aoki, don’t forget to try the…

If you want something extra bold, try their wasabi macarons. We’ll bet you can’t find those just anywhere (even in the other great macaron shops in Paris)! 


Angelina Restaurant In Paris

Known for more than its macarons, this boutique and small chain is so popular that even NYC decided it needed one. 

While you technically can go without a reservation, their queue does get long in terms of both time and quantity. 

Angelina Mont Blanc Signature Pastry

Whether you’re a chocolate or fruit lover, you’ll find a wide variety of exotic flavors here. 

As opposed to the other macaron shops on our list, macarons aren’t even its main feature. However, they’re still some of the best macarons in Paris, and this should tell you something about their pastries and desserts. 

At Angelina, don’t forget to try the…

Angelina Best chocolat l’Africain

Besides the macarons, people come for the famous hot chocolate— chocolat l’Africain (African hot chocolate that is more pudding-like), as well as something called a Mont Blanc. 


La Carte Les Macarons

Address: 4 Pl. du Trocadéro et du 11 Novembre, 75016 

Macaron Menu: Jump to “La Carte / Les Macarons”

Since 1927, something Carette understands well is specialty. As macarons aren’t their only bread and butter, they have a delicious variety of both desserts and café bites. 

Carette Pastry Store In Paris

As echoed in the shop itself, their flavors also stay on the classic side, such as strawberry, milk chocolate, lemon, etc. 

Carette mini macarons

At Carette, don’t forget to try the…

Carette has something unique— their “mini macarons.” 

Further, if you want to enjoy lunch or dinner, don’t let us forget to mention that it’s also a charming café.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why are macarons important to France? 

This is a topic up to debate, as well as something that you could answer with many, many answers. 

First, they are unique to almost anything else you’ll find in the world. 

Secondly, they are something that the common people of France quite literally seized from the exclusive control of the royals and nobility upon the Revolution. There’s definitely some underdog energy among the macaron’s royal associations. 

There are more theories besides these, but I lean toward the second. After all, the second theory makes the macaron a symbol of empowerment for the common person— but then again, who knows for sure? 

How many calories do macarons have? 

On average: 

3 macarons = 150 calories (22g of total carbs). 

Macaron vs Macaroon??

Macaron vs Macaroon

Tread carefully… with caution here. If you haven’t already figured this out, the image on the left is what we’ve been describing all this time as a macaron. The right is a macaroon (take note of the two O’s in the word). 

A macaroon is a fluffy ‘drop’ cookie with egg whites, shredded coconut, sugar, and often more flavors. The macron, on the other hand, is more of a tiny cookie sandwich. 

Emmanuel Macron

Also, don’t mix up the term ‘macaron’ with the current president of France, Emmanuel Macron. (We sincerely hope that you can work out which is which in this one!)

Are macarons difficult to make at home? 

Unfortunately, not all of us have access to macaron shops. Plus, high quality macarons can get pretty pricey when you’re trying to supply them for 3+ people. 

While not necessarily difficult, macarons do require some careful measuring and preparation before beginning. You also can’t really go without the specific tools they call for, such as the fine mesh sieve or electric mixer. 

You’ll need to keep faithful to the ingredients and the instructions. Bonne chance! 

How long do macarons last?

In general remember the 7 and 7 rule: Toss them after 7 days in room temperature and then after 7 weeks if refrigerated. However, before they’re technically “spoilt,” they could still lose some integrity in the texture and flavor. 

How do I take them back home (via flight)? 

In your checked luggage, make sure to store them in a macaron box and then wrap that within an airtight container. 

For a carryon, check with the TSA and your airline(s) for the up-to-date quantity restrictions.