Top 4 Hotels in Latin Quarter, Paris 

Sorbonne University

Home of the Panthéon, luscious gardens, and endless Neo-Classical sites, the Latin Quarter of Paris is a lively and historic district that you should visit. 

It sits left on the West Bank of the River Seine and attracts thousands every year with its mysterious stone walls, narrow streets, and old elegance. 

This neighborhood is called the Latin Quarter for a very special reason— it was a center of learning for centuries. Students at the universities learned, wrote, and read in Latin primarily. 

The oldest university in Paris, Sorbonne, is located in the Latin Quarter, along with other distinguished and old universities. 

That’s not all the Latin Quarter has, however. While filled with medieval architecture and roads, the Latin Quarter has seen years of change and history since. 

The Latin Quarter is home to medieval churches like the Eglise Saint-Séverin Saint-Nicolas and museums like the Cluny Museum. You’ll also find grand, Neoclassical sites like the Pathéon and the Jardin de Roses. 

You may be surprised to learn that the Panthéon is not from Roman times, hence the phrase Neoclassical. Its dome towers high over columns you’d swear came from Corinth or Rome. 

Actually, though, the Pathéon was built originally as a church in the 18th century and in the Revolution became a consecration site for secular figures. Today, in all its architectural prestige, the Panthéon stands as tribute to France and French history itself.  

Another must-visit site: Grande Mosqué de Paris (Grand Mosque of Paris). 

The Grand Mosque of Paris

The Mosque of Paris is the oldest mosque in metropolitan France—built in the 1920s— and symbolizes religious freedom and tolerance. It’s definitely not art deco, though, as it replicates the Moorish architectural styles of the medieval period. 

Besides these sites, you’ll find hours of shopping and entertainment in the Latin Quarter. 

The Latin Quarter does have intellectual roots, after all, so don’t be surprised when you discover all the secondhand and rare books stores. 

Shakespeare & Company is one of the most popular and crowded bookstores in the area. 

As far as general shopping goes, the Latin Quarter is home to antique shops, jewelers, perfumeries, and fashion, of course. 

Another bonus of staying in the Latin Quarter— you’re close to the Notre Dame Cathedral. In fact, many of the hotels in the Latin Quarter are walking distance from it. 

Ze Kitchen Galerie

The Latin Quarter is also home to famous cafes and restaurants, and some of the best French onion soup! Plus, Ze Kitchen Galerie – rated one of the top restaurants in the world, is just walking distance from you in the Latin Quarter!

Of course, even with the Latin Quarter as your home base on your trip, you’ll likely want to see the rest of Paris. While some attractions, such as the Notre Dame Cathedral, are walking distance, other Parisian must-do’s are too far. 

 If you do choose to visit other neighborhoods, you can easily access them with bicycles, taxis, and public transportation.  

Saint-Michel Notre-Dame is the Latin Quarter’s major metro line, located at Quai Saint-Michel, 75005.

Luxembourg Railway Station

For the RER, the best entrance in the Latin Quarter is Gare de Luxembourg Station. It’s across from the Mines Paris Technical University, or about a 9-minute walk from the Panthèon. 

If you want to cover distance quickly while still seeing the city, you can always opt for Paris’s Black Car Taxis.

As far as hotel atmosphères, the hotels in the Latin Quarter come in a variety. The hotel atmosphères range from the quaint and charming boutique hotel, to the grand palace luxury, the boutique hotel, and the contemporary with modern rooms. 

Most hotels will have a buffet breakfast, free wifi access, room service, air conditioned guest rooms, private bathrooms, and access to Paris attractions. However, not all include a contemporary photography gallery, rooms overlook, or the look of a grand Parisian residence, for example. 

Below, we’ve put together a detailed list of the best hotels in Latin Quarter Paris, so you can see for yourself what makes each of these so unique. 

Relais Christine

Relais Christine

The Relais Christine of the Latin Quarter has 48 rooms all home-like, intimate, and individually decorated. 

Among the rooms, guests can choose from the canopy beds, bathrooms decked with marble, study, yet soft-to-touch furniture, and the antique, Parisian elements all around.  

What draws many to the Relais Christine is its spa— Spa Guerlain. This spa offers a wide range of treatments. 

Relais Christine Spa Service

Here are the highlights and main features of the Relais Christine:

  • Standard, superior guest rooms at 22 square meters
  • Fitness center 
  • Spa with extensive treatment menu, sauna, and hottub access
  • Complimentary bicycle rentals
  • Convertible Fiat 500 S rental available (extra cost)

Spa Guerlain is a historical, hidden gem, in fact, since it’s tucked away inside vaults from the 13th century. 

The Spa Guerlain focuses on energizing and reinvigoration, with high-end treatments such as the Honey Repair Treatment (245€), personalized facial treatments (155€—280€), and the Intensive Body Therapy (280€). See the full menu here

Another notable feature to the Relais Chrstine— the discounts and deals!

If you stay 3 or more nights, Relais Christine will gift you with a cruise on the Seine and a 20% discount on the room price. However, this offer is not available during the peak seasons. 

Restaurant Boutary

Nearby Restaurants and Cafes (via 10 minute walk or less) :


Nearby Attractions and Sites (via 10 minute walk or less):

Overall, Relais Christine provides a quaint and cozy experience, with some luxurious perks— not to mention a classically Parisian vibe. 

Hôtel Parc Saint-Séverin

Hôtel Parc Saint-Séverin Accommodation

If you want a straightforward, luxurious French hotel in a good spot, Hôtel Parc Saint-Séverin delivers a well-equipped and pleasant stay. Rather than boutique charm, Hôtel Parc Saint-Séverin has modern rooms. 

Hôtel Parch Saint-Séverin is part of a collection of luxury hotels in France called The Esprit de France. The company creates its unique spaces upon historic sites, renovating and adding small, yet sophisticated, details in its sites. 

Here are the highlights and main features of the Hôtel Parc Saint-Séverin:

  • Standard, classic guest rooms at 15-17 square meters
  • No gym or fitness center
  • Child-friendly amenities, including babysitting, kid’s entertainment and media, and free stay for children
  • Location on a popular pedestrian street, rue de la Parcheminerie
  • Noise control / ultra quiet hotel 
  • Large hotel network with 18 travel and exploration itineraries available

While the hotel is located so close to the bustling streets of the Latin Quarter, the rooms are still quiet. That means guests can save on transportation to major places while not having to sacrifice sleep and peace of mind. 

Hotel Saint Severin Breakfast Room

In fact, the street it’s located on— rue de la Parcheminerie— is a pedestrian street! Parc Saint-Séverin is a walker-friendly hotel. 

Imagine stepping out from your classic, period-style hotel and uncovering the busy, historic, and scenic streets of Paris around you. 

These itineraries range in days, locations, and price. They’re diverse, so guests can more easily find one that suits their wants and limitations. 

Ya Bayté

Nearby Restaurants and Cafes (via 10 minute walk or less) :

Notre Dame Cathedral at Night

Nearby Attractions and Sites (via 10 minute walk or less)

Amongst the trendy hotels, Parc Saint-Severin offers you easy access to Notre Dame Cathedral. The Notre Dame Cathedral, after all, has been a popular place in Paris for centuries, having survived two world wars and a revolution. 

Overall, Hôtel Parc Saint-Séverin is an inclusive hotel that provides services to make your trip less stressful and more structured, whether you’re coming solo, as a couple, or as a family with small children. 

Hotel Monge 

Hotel Monge Decor

If you appreciate aesthetics, Hotel Monge has vibrant and energizing decor throughout. This hotel has 4 stars and a heap of benefits for its guests. 

According to, Hotel Monge has been a favorite among couples. The hotel’s efforts to make its guests comfortable and visually earned it high ratings. 

Inspired by the location and the 19th century bourgeois houses, this space has the exaggerated spirit of Paris. 

You’ll encounter some worldly elements, like the classic Parisian salons, Hungarian floors, marble fireplaces, and Deyrolle tropical wallpaper. 

Another thing you’ll notice— books! This hotel is full of little quirks and details. 

Here are the highlights and main features of the Hotel Monge:

  • Standard, classic guest rooms at 15 square meters
  • No gym or fitness center
  • Wellness center with spa, sauna and hammam (Turkish bath)
  • 24-hour security services
  • Stylish tea room / salon 

There’s also an extensive list of spa services at its wellness center. The wellness center has a menu of massages for nearly all the parts of your body. 

The wellness center also has a steam room, facial treatments, beauty services, and hammam (Turkish bath). However, most massage and treatment services cost an extra charge. 

Guests can also rest assured that they’re safe, with 24-hour security service, alarms, safety deposit box, and other safety features. 

Hotel Monge Tea Room

The tea room in particular has a quaint and cozy appeal. The room begins as a salon in the beginning of the day, and then at 11:00 AM, it becomes a serene space for tea, coffee, hot chocolate, and madeleines. 

If the warm beverages and delicate decor aren’t already cozy enough, the tea room has a marble fireplace for maximum comfort. 

Hotel Monge Books

La Table de Colete

Nearby Restaurants and Cafes (via 5 minute walk or less): 

The Panthéon

Nearby Entertainment and Sites:

Overall, Hotel Monge has that homey atmosphere with perks— as well as some quirky charms!

Select Hotel Rive Gauche

Select Hotel Rive Gauche

Most frequently called the Select Hotel, this 4-star hotel captures the Neoclassical spirit of the Latin Quarter. 

This place is known for its Romano-Parisian ambience, sleek sophistication, and great location. 

While it’s on the smaller side, this hotel is equipped with all the luxuries of a grand hotel. 

River Seine

 Here are the highlights and main features of the Select Hotel:

  • Standard guest rooms at 13 square meters
  • No gym or workout room
  • Home-like feel
  • Unique dining room 
  • Personal services, including meditation, yoga, hairdressing, and massage (for extra charge)
Select Hotel Rive Gauche Accomodation

This place is definitely an interesting one to explore. Inside, you’ll find a mix of contemporary and Romano art. 

Between the sculptures and paintings, there’s something to look at with every turn. 

From the outside, the hotel has an 18th-century design, reminiscent of the French Revolution period and Roman era. 

Hotel Breakfast Room

Hotel Breakfast Room / Image Source: Hotel’s Official Site

Inside, this place has vaulted, stone rooms and an alcove surrounding the bar. 

As far as atmosphere, guests report a quiet, ambient experience. 

Le Parraudin

Nearby Restaurants and Cafes (via 5 minute walk or less): 

Luxembourg Gardens

Nearby Entertainment and Sites

Here, you’ll be just a few minutes from the beautiful Luxembourg gardens. The Luxembourg gardens are a great place to stroll around and take memorable photos. 

Further up, when you walk along the gardens, you’ll see the grand Luxembourg Palace. 

You’ll also be near the left bank of the river (River Gauche), which is beautiful all times of the year. 

Overall, this hotel doesn’t have every bell and whistle; however, its staff and amenities create a complete, luxurious, and relaxing experience. 

FAQ (frequently asked questions)

How do I book my accommodation? 

For calling hotels in France,  international rates could apply. You’ll need to check with your cellular provider or use a service such as Skype’s international calling service if you’re calling internationally. 

You’ll also need to stay aware of the time zone differences! 

If calling the hotels isn’t convenient, visit their contact pages on their official websites. You can always send an email with any questions or concerns about booking. 

Most of the hotels offer direct booking on their official websites; however, it’s also a good option to use a booking service, such as,, and Expedia. 

These booking platforms can help potential guests find the lowest rates and deals, as well as lock in the price and help with booking management. 

In addition, platforms are efficient ways to compare not only rates but amenities of hotels. You can quickly see which hotels offer free wi fi access, air conditioned rooms, a private bathroom, an on site bar, continental breakfast, quiet street, and/or exceptionally large rooms. 

Free wi fi access is virtually always included; however, things like air conditioning, continental breakfast, and a private bathroom is not necessarily a universal inclusion— especially for an independent boutique hotel. 

What are the Covid-19 restrictions in Paris? 

For updated information on Covid-19, visit this official information site for France’s Covid-19 restrictions. 

What is transportation like in the Latin Quarter? 

The Latin Quarter, like virtually all of Paris, has several modes of transportation available. 

Walking and Bicycling 

Travelers have the option of walking or bicycling for shorter distances. In fact, many hotels in Paris offer complimentary bicycle rentals. 

Public Transportation

For longer distances, such as going across the capital, you can take the bus, metro, and taxis. 

The Latin Quarter has one metro station— Saint-Michel Notre-Dame. From there, you’ll have access to all the other neighborhoods and arrondissements of Paris. 

For help planning your metro routes in Paris, see the official Transilien site. 

The RER is another fast method. For the Latin Quarter, the closest RER station will be the Gare de Luxembourg Station. You can easily walk to it from the Panthéon in less than 10 minutes. 

Taxis and Airport Shuttle Services

Paris has a large taxi system called Paris Black Cars. They’ll be more pricey than the metro and RER; however, you’ll have the opportunity to socially distance, as well as view the city from out the window. 

Ordering a Paris Black Car is straightforward, and the rates are consistent. It’s so easy you can order one in 5 minutes from your hotel’s bar. 

Lastly, you should plan airport transportation ahead of time. 

If you’re flying to Paris via Charles de Gaulle airport, for example, budget in an hour before your estimated check-in time— and vice versa. You’ll need to secure a taxi or airport shuttle, and the Latin Quarter neighborhood is about a 45 minutes’ drive from Charles de Gaulle. 

The good news is that many hotels offer airport shuttle services. Some are included in your rate, and others are not. 

Airport shuttle service rates and availability can vary depending on the season, so make sure to ask and prearrange this service upon booking. 

Otherwise, you’ll need to secure a taxi. We recommend that you connect your mobile device to the airport wifi and do so on Paris Back Cars’ website. This way, you can avoid getting scammed or having to exchange currency to rent a standby taxi. 

How can I make sure my hotel room is quiet?

Even if you do stay in a decently quiet area, you can’t predict noisy guests, occasional traffic, or large events. 

If a quiet atmosphere is a priority, opt for hotels that mention soundproofed guest rooms. Soundproofed guest rooms means that you’ll be protected from the sounds of outside, as well as the guests on the other side of the walls. 

When in doubt— always search the reviews with keywords such as “sound-proofed guest rooms,” “quiet,” “noise-free,” and so on. 

Is the Latin Quarter safe?

While this neighborhood is fairly safe, that doesn’t mean it’s 100% crime proof.  The biggest things to watch out for are pickpocketing, but that’s true for most big cities.

For more information about choosing the right hotel for your trip, we made a handy guide with great tips for modern travelers called How to Choose the Right Hotel. Check it out!