The Best Beach Bag for Moms

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Ready for an obvious statement? Being a mom takes nerves of steel and so much thinking ahead.  Actually, that’s parenthood in general. Somehow, you can’t leave the house without the kids and all their stuff. . 

Now, imagine going to a beach or even a day trip on the water. Your kids, depending on their ages, have demands and needs— as do you. 

If going to the beach or on the water soon, moms and parents need beach bags. Beach bags can prevent you ruining your favorite backpack with sand or mildew. 

Beach bags can protect your electronics and your back as well (more on that to come, below).  Most of all, beach bags hold all those snacks, beach towels, and personal items that the family needs. 

Instead of wasting money on a department store beach bag or on marked-up “beach bags” at the tourist shops around your destination, we recommend you check out these: 

Next up, we’ll help you find the best beach bag for moms (and parents). Also, before you buy, consider these tips, right below. 

Before you buy, ask these questions…

Don’t be so quick to seal the deal. You’ll definitely want to consider some important factors to your beach bag. 

While we absolutely love our bags on this list, you definitely need to consider your unique needs to see which of these works best for your family’s beach trip. 

So, to help you discover which beach bag fits is ideal for you, ask yourself these questions: 

What’s it made of? 

The material makes a massive difference in the quality, durability, and security of your beach bag. 

We don’t expect you to want your wet clothes and beach supplies to mold inside and make the bag (and other contents) stink. First, you ought to let things like towels and swimming clothes “air out” whenever possible before storing them in a bag. 

However, sometimes some moisture is just inevitable. You’ll want a bag with ventilating material.  In addition, you should pay attention to the quality. Is the bag durable, or will it fall apart before your next getaway? 

You’ll need to pay attention to the durability of the materials. Many knock-off brands look great when you first purchase them but start to disintegrate after a few uses.  

What about pockets and size? 

Consider features such as waterproof pockets and the overall size. How many kids do you have? Kids’ beach toys take up quite a bit of space. 

Also, do you have gadgets (such as your phone, key, and e-reader) that you want to protect but still get quick access to? Look for a beach bag with pockets (of course, make sure those pockets are secure!). 

That brings us to the next questions: 

Is it secure? 

I personally like it when I can put a lock on the zipper. Locks won’t stop everyone, but they could prevent someone attempting to do a quick pick-pocket (in this case— pick- ‘beach bag’) job. 

How portable is it? 

You need to make sure it’ll fold flat in a suitcase or carry on. It also helps if stands up on its own. 

Is it comfortable? 

Some bags have those thin, cheap straps that dig into your shoulders when you put not much more than water bottles in your bag. Don’t let it happen to you!

Check the straps, and consider other comfort features before you buy. 

WIth all that in mind, you should check out our list (with descriptions) of the best beach bags for moms:

SCOUT Original Deano Tote, Large Foldable 

SCOUT Original Deano Tote, Large Foldable Beach Bag for Moms

Why We Love Scout’s Original Deano Tote as a Beach Bag

Shown above in “Brooklyn Checkham,” this tote measures 19 inches wide and 15 inches high. On Amazon, you can find it in 6 different patterns total. 

What I like about this one is the size, shape, and integrity. It’ll hold itself together and up; in other words, you won’t have to worry about it falling over or falling apart as fast as others might. 

Even with rolled-up beach towels and plastic shovels, you can count on this one to remain sturdy. You also won’t have to worry about the bottom or the straps breaking due to weight.

As far as the materials, it has a water-resistant, tarp-like material to it. That’s good for keeping some water on the ground from soaking into the bottom of the bag; it’s also great for vice versa, so that your wet belongings don’t soak the outside of the bag. 

There’s a key ring on the inside for you to store those keys of yours, too.

We also can’t forget to mention that the bag itself is foldable and extra, extra travel-friendly. If you get tired of smelling your beach bags, then you’ll be glad to hear how this one has odor-resistant fabric and is washable. 

As far as the downsides, though, we’d start with the handles and the lack of closure. 

While the handles are “heavy duty” and durable, their thin size might not be all that comfortable on your shoulders (especially with heavy contents). We will say, though, that the handles are at least long enough to carry on the shoulder and not just by hand. 

If you want the option to close the bag or even some pockets, then you’re out of luck. This bag is an open-top and doesn’t have a way to separate or secure anything, really. 

Overall, this bag might suit the job of carrying your larger items, like the beach toys, towels, sandals, and snacks.

If you want something to put your precious belongings in, we recommend you find a waterproof pouch. A waterproof pouch won’t give your 100% security from theft, but it will protect the contents from water damage, as this bag is open-topped. 

SCOUT Original Deano - Extra Large Utility Tote Bags For Women - Open Top Beach Bag

Here’s a summary of the Scout Original’s pros & cons: 


  • Durable, water-resistant fabric
  • Large size and sturdy structure
  • Keyring on the inside
  • Burst-proof bottom 
  • Foldable and ultra portable
  • Mold & odor resistant 


  • No way to close the top
  • No pockets or special storage other than main cabin 
  • Its thin straps could make shoulders sore 

Stola’s Extra Large Utility Tote Bag 

Stola’s Extra Large Utility Tote Bag

Why We Love Stola’s Extra Large Utility Tote Bag as a Beach Bag

Now, this bag might earn you the title of “Super Mom.” It has a large, sturdy frame, along with 3 pockets for special storage.

To us, its more rectangular dimensions (22 inches wide and 11 inches high & deep) just seems more practical for real life. You can use the sides for those rolled-up beach towels and the center for the toys and snacks. 

They also offer stylist designs, including floral (below), instead of just stripes and nautical looks. 

I personally appreciate a bag that is stylish and versatile. I would use this one not only for my family’s beach trip, but for the grocery store, picnics, and my kids’ sports events, too. 

Another great thing here— even when it’s wet, its wire frame on the inside keeps it sturdy and upright. However, when it’s time to be stored away or go in a suitcase, you can easily fold this bag flat. 

For smaller belongings, such as keys and cash, we love its outside pockets. They’ve included a mesh one in the center, with another two on the sides. Now, since this bag has such a large size, its straps could be longer. Reviewers attest that when they fill up the bag, they have the bulk of it right under their arm. 

This is something you ought to consider if you have a long walk from the hotel or parking to the water. 

Here’s a summary of the Stola Extra Large Utility Tote Bag’s pros & cons:


  • Ultra durable
  • Stylish
  • Versatile 
  • Extra large size 
  • Easy to clean
  • Collapsible 
  • Stays upright and sturdy 
  • 3 extra pockets in the front 
  • Water-resistant and durable 


  • Straps are almost too short
  • No main enclosure or interior pockets 
  • No lining inside 

Lucazzi’s Extra Large Utility Tote 

This tote (22.75 inches long and 11.75 inches wide) was the runner-up, and for some great reasons: 

Why We Love Lucazzi’s Extra Large Utility Tote as a Beach Bag

Not only do they offer this in some funky, creative looks, but they have more than one purpose in mind for this tote, as reflected in the style options. 

For a large family, this tote easily stores 8 rolled-up beach towels, and it has a sturdy frame and base to hold water and snacks for everyone, too. The company has kept the moms and parents carrying this thing in mind, too. 

The staps are long, with features like comfort grip handles and velcros. This way, they don’t dig into the shoulders, and they can stick together to make the bag more portable. 

Its ultra water-resistant and durable material makes this bag double for a grocery bag. I’m sure we’d all like to be more eco-friendly, as well as comfortably carry up our groceries. When you want to store the bag, its frame easily collapses flat (so, you can put it, too, in a suitcase). 

For extra storage, they put mesh pockets on the sides. 

Here’s a summary of the Lucazzi’s Extra Large Utility Tote’s pros & cons:


  • Semi water resistant and durable
  • Solid bottom and collapsible 
  • Large size
  • Comfort straps 
  • Versatile, for multiple uses and purposes
  • Fun styles and prints available 


  • Straps could be longer, since the bag’s bulk might go right under the arm and get uncomfortable
  • No anti-order material 
  • Could be more water-resistant 

Our Favorite Beach Bag— Miyo’s Mesh Beach Bag (Extra Large)

Miyo s Mesh Beach Bag Extra Large

Why We Love Miyo’s Mesh Beach Bag [The Most]

This bag (about 20 inches high and 20.5 inches wide) is our top of the list, and you’ll see why it’s the near perfect beach bag. Not only does this travel tote include tons and tons of space, but it has all those tiny features that add up to a huge difference. 

I personally like it’s 2 side, mesh pockets, which are perfect for holding drinks. There’s also 2 additional front external pockets for the other essentials. 

The main body of the bag is a light, odor-free mesh that makes perfect sense for a beach bag. I think, though, that my favorite features are its durable, yet comfortable handles. 

They have a cover that makes sure they won’t dig into your shoulders or your hand when you’ve put some weight in the bag. 

For security, you have the opinion to zip the top of this bag, too. 

Mesh Beach Bag Extra Large Beach Tote Bag

As far as the drawbacks, they don’t offer many colors or styles. You’re limited to dark blue, sea blue, gray, and black. 

Another drawback— if you get hit by a wave or caught in the rain, the outer mesh material won’t protect your belongings. So, you might want to check the weather and bring an umbrella to be safe. 

Mesh Beach Bag -Extra Large Beach Tote Bag - Grocery & Picnic Tote Travel Bags

Here’s a summary of the Miyo’s Mesh Beach Bag’s pros & cons:


  • Solid, waterproof base
  • Mesh outside 
  • Lots of pockets (9) and external storage 
  • One waterproof zipper pocket
  • Drink & beverage storage (2, 1 on either sides) 
  • Top enclosure (zipper)
  • Extra durable & comfortable straps 
  • Keychain 
  • Non-perspective pockets for added security 
  • The price (only $20) 


  • It’s large, but it isn’t the absolute largest out there
  • If you have more than 2 kids, you might want to consider a second bag or a larger alternative 

Best Budget Beach Bag— IKEA Large Blue Shopping Bag

IKEA Large Blue Shopping Bag

Why We Love the IKEA Large Blue Shopping Bag as a Beach Tote Bag

If you have a budget under $10 and just want something that holds up, this shopping bag from IKEA has gained a lot of love. People have been buying it off Amazon for various reasons, like for their shopping, laundry, transporting bulky items, and even their recycling. 

This bag is great, since you can save a ton of money and use it for these other things. In fact, you can get 2 of them for about $10. 

Now, you shouldn’t expect this to be a luxury bag with enclosures, zippers, or any real style other than IKEA’s signature royal blue and their name around the straps. 

IKEA Large Blue Shopping Bag as a Beach Tote Bag

For this reason, the bag might make you look more low-key. I seriously doubt someone would suspect you to have millions if you toted this around. 

If you can get over the pride, you could consider this one as an ultra-cheap, versatile option. 

Here’s a summary of the IKEA Large Shopping Bag’s pros & cons: 


  • Ultra durable and water-resistant
  • Almost as light as air 
  • Appealing color that’s easy to find 
  • Double handles (for hand grip and over-the-shoulder)
  • Large size 
  • Can be washed and reused for many, many other purposes 


  • Not exactly a luxury, fashion bag
  • No enclosures 
  • More of a sack than a sturdy, shaped tote 

Pro-Tips for Packing Your Family’s Beach Bag 

Packing for a beach trip can get overwhelming. Even on the most tourist-friendly beaches, you can feel like you’re in a remote area. 

We’ve included a brief list of items you’ll want to consider bringing in your beach bag to make your trip as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. Other than the obvious towels and sandals, we’ve included some things you may have forgotten about: 

Snacks & Water

After all that playing, your kids will get hungry (as will you and your partner). Make sure to pack something balanced in protein and carbs for energy, as well as some fresh fruit to hydrate them. 

However, make sure to have a small garbage collection bag with you!

Speaking of hydration, don’t forget to bring water and, perhaps, even an electrolyte drink. The beach vendors can get expensive, and the family might sweat a good bit. 

It’s best to drink often. When you eat, make sure that you (or the kids, if they eat) take a moment to rest under the shade for 20 minutes or so before they jump back in the sea. 

Cooler or Insulated Tote

To keep your body temperature from reaching too high (and just since it’s nice), you’ll want to consider bringing either an insulated tote or a cooler to keep the waters nice and cool. 

Infant & Very Small Toddler Entertainment 

This could sound funny, but I recommend that if you have a small toddler or an infant, you should bring an inflatable kiddie pool and an umbrella (or a tent). 

Babies will want to have some water time, but you should be able to relax a bit knowing they’re right next to you and safe. You can fill it up with some beach water (so, you’ll also need a bucket for this), and place an umbrella on top to guard the baby from the sun. 

Some toys like a ball and water-resistant animals and a water-resistant bluetooth speaker with their favorite kids tunes will also keep them extra happy. Sun & UV Protection 

If you want to keep from overheating and prevent a sunburn, don’t forget a tent or umbrella, as well as a high SPF, water-resistant sunscreen (and a special one for babies if you have an infant). 

For some style and scalp and eye protection, don’t forget hats and cheap sunglasses. 

Family Entertainment & Comfort 

We mentioned a water resistant bluetooth speaker earlier. This is something handy to have no matter the age. 

Things like a charger box for your phone, chairs, and waterproof pouches can remove a lot of stress. Also, bringing along toys such as sand molds, balls, and kites can turn a trip into lasting memories with the family. 

First Aid 

Even with a staff of lifeguards, you may encounter even some minor injuries that need tending to. Don’t rely on having a pharmacy around. 

Where will you hit the beach next? Mexico? South of France?