The Best Beach in Boracay: Your Ultimate Boracay Beach Guide

Find out the best beach in Boracay and learn more about the other lesser-known beaches that are definitely worth a visit!

Boracay White Sand

For many, the words ‘beach’ and ‘Boracay’ are almost synonymous. Constantly listed as one of the best beach destinations in Southeast Asia, Boracay Island lures local and international tourists into its fine sands and inviting waters. 

As someone who has been to Boracay more than once, I would say the iconic White Beach is the best — whether you’re a first-timer or a regular. Famed for its white sands and world-class hospitality, White Beach is the main beach of Boracay Island. 

But there are also a bunch of other beaches that are just as beautiful. The island has 17 beaches in total. Some are suitable for swimming, while others are perfect for surfing.

And on this list, I’ll share with you the 8 best beaches in Boracay.

Summary of Our Favorite Beaches on Boracay Island
1. White Beach
2. Diniwid Beach
3. Bulabog Beach
4. Yapak Beach (Puka Beach)
5. Tambisaan Beach
6. Ilig-Iligan Beach
7. Lapuz Lapuz Beach
8. Balinghai Beach

1. White Beach: The Best Beach in Boracay

White Beach The Best Beach in Boracay

When someone mentions Boracay, most of us think of its white-sand beaches and sensational sunsets. And the image in your head is probably that of Boracay’s famous White Beach. 

Its turquoise waters and 4-kilometer stretch of sugary white sands that stay cool despite the hot weather make this beach a crowd-favorite. The sea on this part of the island is great for swimming, too, since the water is mostly flat and does not have strong currents. 

If you’re feeling adventurous, parasailing and jet skiing are also available.

The 3 White Beach Stations

This lively beach is the longest on the island, encompassing about half of Boracay’s west coast. It is divided into 3 stations: the posh Station 1, the buzzing Station 2, and the serene Station 3.

The 3 White Beach Stations

Station 1. This station on the northern end of White Beach is arguably the most beautiful. Station 1 is a quiet beach full of luxury hotels and upscale restaurants. Its tranquil and shallow waters are perfect for de-stressing after a long day. 

Station 1 is the most spacious station, too. One of its popular spots is Willy’s Rock, a huge rock with a statue of the Virgin Mary that’s famous for its breathtaking views of the famed Boracay sunset.

Station 2. This station is the central part of White Beach. This is where you’ll find Boracay’s outdoor mall (D’Mall) and seafood market (D’Talipapa). Aside from that, Station 2 also has a wide variety of shopping, dining, and entertainment options. If you want to be in the middle of the action, this is the place to be.

Station 3. This station on the southern end of White Beach is the most tranquil and laid-back. It’s also a popular choice among backpackers and budget travelers since hotels, resorts, and hostels here are very affordable. The sand in the area, however, is coarser compared to the first 2 stations. 

Boracay Station 2 White Sand

Insider Tip:

White Beach is the most popular on the entire island and is often busy as a result. If you want to avoid the crowds, swim early in the morning or early in the afternoon. The beach becomes incredibly packed at around 6:00 PM during sunset, and crowds start to fill the bars at around 9:00 PM. 

2. Diniwid Beach

Diniwid Beach

3 minutes north of White Beach is a nice rocky cove called Diniwid Beach. This secluded shore is perfect for those who want to venture off the tourist trail but still want access to White Beach. Separated from its famous neighbor by a big cliff, Diniwid Beach can be reached through a small concrete pathway. 

This beach has a few private hill villas and beachfront accommodations. Most hotels only have less than 10 rooms, so booking ahead is recommended. It also has a bunch of facilities and nice restaurants. 

Diniwid Beach has clearer waters, too! For some reason, fishes tend to swim in this area more, making the beach great for snorkeling.

3. Bulabog Beach

Bulabog Beach

Bulabog Beach is Boracay’s 2nd longest beach. Its 2.5-kilometer stretch of sand is lined with coconut trees and surrounded by greenish-blue waters. 

This beach is located on the east coast of Boracay Island, directly opposite White Beach. But the two beaches are only 5-10 minutes apart by foot as they sit on the narrowest part of the island (which is less than a kilometer wide)!

Unlike White Beach, though, Bulabog is not at all touristy. It has a casual and laid-back atmosphere. In fact, during its low season, the beach is used as a parking spot for boats. During the windy months of November to April, however, it’s a haven for adventurous and sporty travelers. 

This is the place you should be if you want to kitesurf or windsurf in Boracay. If you want to learn, there are numerous kite schools in the area. 

Keep in mind that this is not the best for swimming since the beach is narrow and plenty of surfers hover across the water. 

4. Yapak Beach (Puka Beach)

Yapak Beach (Puka Beach)

Yapak Beach is also known as Puka Shell Beach since it used to be filled with puka shells. In fact, the sand here is coarser because of the bits of the white seashells mixed with it. This 800-meter long beach is the 3rd longest on the island and the 2nd largest after White Beach.

Located on the island’s northernmost part, Puka Beach is fringed by a hill with a lush jungle. It’s not as developed as the other beaches, but its lack of tourists makes the beach so charming. It only has a few restaurants and beach bars (although food here may be a bit pricey).

To get to Puka Beach, you can rent a habal habal (a motorcycle taxi) or charter a tricycle for PHP100-150. You can also arrange an island-hopping tour from White Beach, which would usually also include a trip to Crystal Cove Island and Crocodile Island.

When you visit the beach at dusk, you’ll be able to spot giant fruit bats flying from the caves nearby.

Insider Tip:

The waters of Puka Beach get increasingly deep quickly. While this is nice for kayaking and paddleboarding, I suggest you stay close to the shore when swimming.

5. Tambisaan Beach

Tambisaan Beach

Thanks to its vibrant marine life, Tambisaan Beach is considered by many to be the best Boracay beach for snorkeling. You can witness a variety of coral species and aquatic creatures just 25-30 meters from its shore. The waters 500 meters from the beach are also recognized by many as one of the best diving spots in the Philippines.

Tambisaan Beach has a jetty port from which you can depart to Crocodile Island. Island-hopping and scuba diving tours also sail off from this port. 

6. Ilig-Iligan Beach

Ilig-Iligan Beach

Located in the northeast part of Boracay Island, Ilig-Iligan Beach is a hidden gem near Puka Beach. This unruffled beach barely has any hotels and restaurants. If you want to get right off the beaten path but still enjoy Boracay’s fine sand, then you must visit this cove!

Ilig-Iligan’s turquoise waters are ideal for snorkeling. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, you can walk to the Bat Caves, where you can see bats and snakes in their natural habitat. 

Private Beaches 

7. Lapuz Lapuz Beach

Also located on the island’s east coast, Lapuz Lapuz Beach has similar characteristics to its neighbor, Ilig-Iligan Beach. What makes Lapuz Lapuz different is just the fact that it’s a private beach. It can only be accessed through Fairways & Bluewater Resort. If you’re not a guest of the hotel complex, you’ll need to pay an entrance fee.

7. Lapuz Lapuz Beach

8. Balinghai Beach

Another beautiful private beach is the small but lovely Balinghai Beach. Situated north of Diniwid Beach, this cove on Boracay’s west coast is accessible during low tide only. 

The beach can also only be entered through the 3-star Balinghai Beach Resort. An entrance fee of PHP500 (which is consumable at the property’s restaurant) allows you to enjoy the beach and the sunbeds provided by the resort. Kids aged 8 and under can enter for free. 

Balinghai Beach

The Bottom Line

If you want to enjoy Boracay’s iconic white sands and world-class hospitality, White Beach should be your best bet. For the best snorkeling and diving experience, I strongly suggest visiting Tambisaan Beach. The surrounding beaches are also worth a visit, especially if you’re planning to spend a few days on the island. 

What are your favorite Boracay beaches? Let us know in the comments section! Don’t forget to also share this article if you found it helpful.